Message Mother Mary: You must give up to evolve into the sacred dimension of the heart

  • 2018

Giving up your selfish desires will allow you to evolve into the sacred dimension of the heart of your true being and find joy and balance in your life. The mental and moral conditioning of humanity weighs heavily on balance.

While you ask to be elevated to the sacred part of your soul, the psychic part of your being asks you to free yourself from the dark forces of the old world. The force of celestial attraction drives you to choose divine forms of evolution fairer for you; however, the force of the earth's attraction pushes you to act in accordance with your psychological and moral conditioning that puts the order and the law of Heaven on earth in imbalance.

You confuse what must be done with what you need to be seen or understood. You have aligned yourself with the vibrational frequencies of the new Earth without worrying about mental conditioning to be deprogrammed and to be able to easily work on matter.

You still cannot accept the reality of who you are. Your involution programs prevent you from going through the stages of emotional pain or discomfort necessary for the quantum reprogramming of your body of light into your body of flesh.

The strength of your condition depends on your willingness to accept the reality of who you are. You share energy flows of negative thoughts through your mental conditioning .

Accept to cross your fears, enter areas of non-rights where you will be freed from your mental illnesses and your alienating morality. Only by accepting to live the reality of who you are, will you become separated from your mental conditioning.

The reality is that few are willing to go through the anguish of suffering to descend to the depths of their being, release their negative mental burdens and rise to the sacred dimension of the heart. Your evolutionary programs proclaim incessantly the joy of living, however, you forget to go the way of the heart and mental liberation to the detriment of your physical, psychic and emotional well-being.

Receive more exchange of love and compassion to help you cross your underworld and reach the sacred dimension of the heart of your true being. The origin of all your sufferings lies in the inability of your being to love.

The pure heart mocks adversity, emanates a solar fire power of divine love that keeps it in balance. Learn to shine your golden light of divine love in the world, before worrying about your own state of being.

I invite you to adopt healthier behaviors towards you and the world around you. You were born on Earth to live the divine plan that is inherent in your true being and that invites you to grow in the path of evolution that is yours.

The divine plan developed by your true being and your light guides, was designed to lead you to a greater acceptance of what truly helps you evolve into the sacred dimension of the heart of your being.

The evolution of your soul towards the expression of the Divine on Earth, of unconditional love, is the only objective of your incarnation on Earth. Get out of your lower mind and go to the sacred dimension of the heart.

Accept living periods of discomfort in your life to redirect you to the paths that are most suitable for you, to evolve into a better state of the Earth.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Stéphanie Bruneaux

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