Environment friendly economy

  • 2015

Our polluted world is full of intangible things that affect our personality, health and lifestyle. The consumerist and capitalist economy has manipulated us and away from our most human part. It is almost impossible to hear the commands of God and the knowledge that resides within us in cities that never sleep, in apartments tormented by horns and ambulance sirens. We must encourage the economy to be more friendly with the environment and with us . It cannot be that we have to pay large sums of money to be able to have a moment of contemplation, pay for spas, inns in remote places and relaxation chambers to be able to meditate and listen to what silence tells us in a world where a sun tax is even paid.

Until when are we going to exploit the Earth as if we were parasites, this is the only place in the universe in which we can live today.
Environment friendly economy

The economy affects the world.

In addition to the fact that we are losing contact with our soul due to technology, we are doing incurable damage to the planet by producing climate change. It is necessary that the organizations of the world understand that the consequences will be present in the very near future and that it is our children who will be affected, if we do not develop an environment friendly economy environment, in which plans to reduce pollution and control of hydrocarbons are developed. How long will we explode to Earth as if we were parasites?, this is the only place in the universe where we can live today. The energies are changing as a consequence of what is happening at the poles.

Many of the consequences of not making an environmentally friendly economy are being noticed in many countries. In Patagonia there are glaciers that have melted in their entirety, areas that showed snow and for years the snow has not returned. Countries that are below sea level have had to fortify and raise their walls because the sea level is rising and can destroy entire populations.

This year 2015 was the presence of the most powerful hurricane in the history of mankind, "Patricia" swept Mexico with a 5+ category. There are species of animals and plants that have become extinct and others that have changed their migratory periods and paths. There are lands where you can not sow more and others where the drought is devastating everything .

We should take care of the planet

We boast about the creation of places like Dubai, an emporium of economics and capitalism, but we do not think of the ecological disasters of building land where there was not before, how that affected sea currents or where those tons of land were extracted. The economy grows and grows out of control despite the large number of international treaties and conventions that have been signed. We are creator beings, but we are destroying without control . We are gods to generate new realities and change ideals, but do not go to sacrifice whole species.

Trends in Environment Friendly Economy.

Recycle, Reuse and Reduce (3R):

European countries are trying to promote an environmentally friendly economy, they are giving a big boost to the recycling and reuse of waste. Industries have been generated that collect garbage and reuse it as raw material for other products, in this way a large part of the volume of waste generated every day in homes is eliminated . Besides, they have implemented the use of biodegradable and ecological bags, thereby drastically reducing the use of plastic bags that cause so much damage to the environment.

Consumers are taking greater importance to the purchase of products made with eco-efficiency, where components are reused and do not generate so much pollution, to boost industries that are making an effort for the environment .

Energy crops:

Due to the pollution generated by hydrocarbons as a supplement to gasoline and diesel, the powers of the world have turned to their economy to develop energy crops for the production of ethanol. This measure is positive because it generates jobs and eliminated to some extent the CO2 emissions into the environment. But we must take care that the economy does not plow with humanity, that it is not only sown for energy purposes but also to produce food for the needy.

AUTHOR: Antonio, editor of the great family of hermandadblanca.org

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