El Morya: "When you want to do good, your world changes"

  • 2019

Channeled by Linda Dillon, February 16, 2019

El morya

Greetings, I AM El Morya, El Morya Khan, Mahatma, brother and friend. And yes, I am pleased to take a step forward and embrace them as ascending and ascending, becoming and becoming angels of light and humans of love.

We have waited a long time for this change, for this ascension, for this discarding of the old and the embrace of the original. They may see it as something new, but it doesn't matter. What is important, what is essential, my dear friends, angels of each ray and each light and each sound, the point is that you are embracing, yes, my passion, my purpose, my will, which is the will to do the good

This ascension is the embrace of the original.

And it's as basic and fundamental as an operation rule, a state of being, and it doesn't matter if you're a servant in the kitchen, an employee in the gym, the head of a nation, a businessman, a geologist, a doctor, A doctor.

Nova Tierra and the most essential piece, from my perspective, of what it means to be a Nova Being, is that they have changed from the will to dominate, from the will to control, to the will to do good in each breath, in each word, in every action, in every environment, in everything they do, including and starting and ending with their beloved Self.

They have the will to do good.

This addiction, this addiction that has been based on falsehood, illusion and the old third paradigm, this addiction to domination and control comes to an end . Because it has been, not only an illusion, but an aberration, and could even be said, an abomination.

So often there has been this individual and collective human desire to control, to control actions, moods, the hearts of others and also, to control oneself . It is a brutal and unkind way of thinking about yourself, particularly at this juncture, since you are welcoming, calling home, integrating the beautiful mosaic of what you are.

Can you imagine what it is to invite someone home, pretend that they are opening their arms and then say “come in, because I will control you, I will mold you and I will tell you what to do and how to think and how to behave?” It is cruel and certainly not love .

The desire to control and control must be left behind.

And it's true when they interact with others, whether it's a man on the street or the Queen of England, and yes, I use that example specifically, and they say, “ I want to control our circumstances, I want to control your behavior, I want to control the results because I don't trust… "

Yes, it is certainly a matter of self-esteem and self-esteem, but it is fundamentally a lack of trust. You do not trust yourself, you do not trust the other, you do not trust the universe or the Mother or her beautiful Plan, so you will try to control others and the results, behaviors and circumstances.

Where is the confidence in this and where is the trust in the Mother, the Father, the One and her incredible divine being, her ascended being?

Therefore, I am here, not as a distant teacher, I am here as a benevolent teacher to help you in this movement to master the will to do good . Because when all of your focus for yourself and for the entire planet, for everything in your life, is simply to do good ... and don't pretend you don't know what that means, you certainly do!

When they want to do good, in goodness and gentleness, in strength, in prudence, in compassion, and definitely in joy, then their world changes, the vibration, the vibrational rate, the frequency of the collective It goes from zero to a thousand at night in the morning. That is when we are talking about the click, the collective click of the ascent, because when they are in good, when they are in trust, when they are aligned with the heart speaking, listening, doing, then everything is done .

That is the creation of the Nova Tierra . Yes, the institutions, the cultures, the building, the care of Gaia, the plants, the rivers, the trees, everything is part, it is not an attitude, nor a belief system, but the fundamental state of being anchored in the hara, anchored in the heart, the solar plexus, the feet, the hands, the head.

The Nova Earth is to be anchored in the heart.

When they are there, then it is done and the flowering, the sweet flowering that we have waited for so long, believe that because they have been in it for a few years or a few days Cadas is no time. But the good news is that now is the time!

And so, I take a step forward, cheerfully, but with a strong determination and willingness to help them in the anchoring they are already there for the most part, but they don't always accept it . Then, it is not only trust, it is the knowledge that they are already anchored in who they are and how they act in the will to do good. It is the fundamental truth of who they are because they are of the One and the One is yours !

Therefore, I will lead you once more to the promised land, to the land of milk, honey and love. Call me. Walk with me I am with you. Go with love. Goodbye.

El morya

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of hermandadblanca.org

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2019) “When You 'Will To Do Good', Your World Shifts” El Morya. https://counciloflove.com/2019/02/when-you-will-to-do-good-your-world-shifts/

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