Message Archangel Anael: Human beings and the energies of empowerment

  • 2018

Greetings, dear beings of Light,

I am the Arc Anabel Anael and I am very happy to have the opportunity to communicate with each of you. There is a great deal of energy within the Earth in these moments of changes that you are experiencing and despite the fact that you usually move in so many ways, that sometimes it is a bit difficult for us to make a follow-up, they must be aware that each of us is seeing the way in which they have managed to move from impotence to empowerment, in order to move forward and go far beyond what they know so far .

They must adapt to the main operating system of the Earth

At present, a large part of human beings are moving directly towards the energy of empowerment, deciding to take their lives into their own divine and creative hands, leaving aside the idea that there are other beings that are in positions of power, which and probably could take care of that for you. You all have each of the necessary tools to achieve it and now more than ever, you are being driven by catalytic circumstances.

For a long time, you have witnessed the change that other people around you have experienced and even many of you have come to consider that natural catastrophes are a sign that accounts for the beginning of a new stage. However, in these circumstances, the energies of empowerment are usually around them, waiting until they change their consciousness about them, while inviting them to know themselves as they really are, that is, powerful beings of Light and Love, which want to be able to experience and appreciate a positive change, as to the way in which each of the human beings that inhabit the Earth, currently lives their lives.

Each of you are the agents of the 1st line, as long as you don't just hear this message

In addition to this, they must take the necessary time to understand it through their divine consciousness and they are already sufficiently prepared to tell the world that they are beings empowered both by their own will and by the powerful energy that lives within them, to change your old world and create a new one, a world in which everyone lives as brothers who love each other unconditionally and where there is no hatred between you, a world that potentially exists within each of you.

In the same way that they have the necessary materials and tools within their daily life to erect a building, they also have both the tools and the materials within their spiritual world to create a new Earth. However, they need to be inspired in order to take the precise steps that this work requires, so they must be aware that in this case, the action is more about a will, a desire, an intention and even a need of concentrating

Each of the human beings who are prepared and willing to commit consciously to the powerful energies of empowerment, will be responsible for building the path that will lead humanity to the new Earth. This message consists in the invitation we give to all of you brothers, so that you may become one of these leaders so necessary for the ascension of the Earth.
I, Archangel Anael, am with you at every step, in order to guide you along the way.

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