The Disciple's Way

  • 2017

In Portuguese the original.

Channeled Messages of the Masters of Light

When a disciple has awakened his spiritual Sun in his plastic sanctuaries, his entire internal physical structure undergoes gradual transformations until culminating in a more definitive equilibrium at all levels . The transformations are of an energetic nature and reach all levels of matter, as well as all levels of physical consciousness, that is, conscious and unconscious.

What a disciple must do in the different transformative stages is to ask about their actions, habits, vices and affective behaviors, their ideas, their concepts and prejudices, in order to make better use of the process to get to know and renew .

In these stages, the disciple lives in conflict with himself, searches within himself for answers and does not always get rid of them to assimilate them. At this time, he must turn to the Masters and spiritual companions who assist him, and humbly open his heart to them by exposing the network of feelings that block him, because the Master knows his disciple and has the mission. To free him from all ties for his spiritual development. The Master knows well how to create conditions for his disciple to detach himself from his own difficulties.

Every disciple who pretends - with sincerity of soul and spirit - to serve the Light, must not close within the cocoon of personal pride, because he is not perfect to, just, travel the luminous path that was destined for him. Every disciple is a constant apprentice and must humbly recognize when he needs the help of his companions from other plans or from specialists in the physical plane . It is no use being a doctor of yourself if the disease in question needs several specialists.

Who closes in himself prevents that all the answers that come from the soul and the spirit reach the conscience, losing the opportunity to evolve because he lives within the restricted fringes of rational understanding. Everyone who serves the Light on the physical plane always needs the help of the Beings of Light to better identify the directions he must take in situations that involve an inner renewal, and he must learn to ask for it.

The disciple who does not want to renew little advances in the Hidden Path, because, with the passage of time, the individual blockade will not allow him to glimpse the new horizons that will open for his path.

Of the worlds of manifestation, the most complex is the physical plane due to the split between the mind and the body, the intellect and the spirit. In this split, humanity, in general, created very superficial values ​​for its evolution, and through those values ​​it is that the personality was formed, that is, it is completely empty of real purposes within the true evolution of human life. But these superficial values ​​- and even the behavior patterns of human beings in general - are very primitive and end up creating consciousnesses totally conditioned to childishness, blocking in all ways the true maturity of the personality. Thus, no human being can be judged so conscious to balance only the values ​​of the soul and the spirit with the values ​​of the personality, because the primitiveness of the physical consciousness does not allow it. Only he who has an open heart and who is able, sincerely and insistently, to seek the union of the soul with the personality and the conscious connection with the Master, facing all the internal transformations that are necessary for true union, can achieve goal.

The candidates for disciples, for the most part, like to deceive themselves by believing that by contacting the Beings of Light, by having been called, they are in greater balance than the others who were not contacted. But as I said, it is only a crude illusion, because many times they lose the possibility of being the chosen ones, since they do not manage to lead their own steps.

This message is an alert to all the disciples of the Light, because many world transformations are yet to come, and we know that many disciples when it comes to assuming a mature position before their true spiritual tasks emotionally recede and will be stuck in their blockages, without conditions to fulfill what will compete, due to the emotional shock to which they will be subject. For this reason, we alert to learn from now on to recognize your own emotional weaknesses and limitations, working gradually and transmuting them to consciously eliminate them in the name of greater individual and spiritual internal expansion.

I send you the necessary loving energies, so that you can open your internal understanding channels.

With all my universal love,

Master Lanto

Message from the Book "Mensagens dos Seres de Luz - vol I"

Authors Henrique Rosa and Lourdes Rosa

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of


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