Message from Saint Germain: A transition to bring balance

  • 2018

Channeled by James McConnell, July 22, 2018

I’m Saint Germain.

As always, I, and all of us who advise you at this time, are delighted to be with you to share, to experiment, to help you grow . Just as they helped us several times, just as they helped me.

The times you are living now are what you have called, what many have called "the calm before the storm." Well, the calm is already dissipating and the storm is approaching as it has been announced a long time ago. Many have predicted that they would enter this time of calm, of peace, before the storm begins to unleash. You are approaching that storm ... or that storm is approaching you.

This time is calm before the storm.

It's almost like one, and we've said it many times in many ways, 'fasten your seatbelts.' To take a date from the movie The Matrix, it would be better to fasten Dorothy belts because Kansas is about to say goodbye.

What does that mean? It means that Kansas is familiar in their lives . That comfort zone that you have come to understand. Everything they have known in their lives is about to change within that process of change even now. You are all going through this change, this transition. This transition that is leading them towards their ascension, both individual and collective.

It has been said that you, those of you, the lightworkers, the warriors, certainly those within this group, are being prepared to be on that first wave of ascension. They are learning to acclimatize to the energies.

What is familiar in their lives is about to change.

You understand what is happening in the world. But from an understanding, not from the illusory three-dimensional understanding, but from a higher level of understanding . A higher revelation, it could be said. They are seeing it for what it is ... seeing the world for what it is, not just for what it seems.

As you prepare for this first wave of ascension, many of you will cross that wave, you will be part of that wave and then turn around, after a certain period of time, after having acclimatized to those much higher energies . Then they will turn around and help the neighbor to go through the second wave. They will be mentors of that second wave as we are now. As those in the second wave pass, they will turn and return to help those in the third wave. This is how this ascension process will begin and be completed.

After they ascend, they will help others to ascend as well.

All of you are going to be part of this in one way or another. Some will appear to play a more important role and others that seem to play the smallest parts. But as we have said many times, there is no major or minor part of this. Just as there is no major or minor of us, the Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven.

We are all One . We all have our positions, our responsibilities. No one is more than anyone. Can you imagine such a world? No one controls another. You are all there to maintain control among all.

When everything is in perfect balance they will know that they have reached the threshold.

That is what this transition is about: bringing balance . Advance the prologue of understanding, revelations, truth, so that everyone can be released. Find it within yourself now, each and every one of you.

Advance to share, to experiment, to love. Allow yourself to be loved as well as love others.

I AM Saint Germain and I leave you now with the Violet Flame to continue purging all the old negative programming within you so that you can be replaced by the new programming: the new understandings, the new revelations that are n emerging.

May all my peace and my love be with you all.

Saint Germain

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by James McConnell.

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