Sanat Kumara: Protecting You And Setting Limits Is More Important Than Ever

  • 2019

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, January 8, 2019

Do it before interacting closely with someone and whenever you plan to go to public places full of people.

Sanat Kumara

Greetings dear! I AM Raj, I AM Sanat Kumara, possessor of the Planetary Logos, teacher and implementer of the Universal Laws, your beloved brother and family.

It is a pleasure for me to come here today to speak to you and to be in communion with you, with these new and wonderful You . I love you and these New You, but we understand that you don't have many instructions on how to navigate these transition times.

The new you is emerging.

I would like to help you have a smoother and more pleasant journey despite the slew of chaotic energies that revolve around you. And yet, while they have to immerse themselves in this world that is changing so fast and where fear seems to be screaming in everyone's ears, I know they are asking and praying for answers on how to keep a high vibrational position constant.

And they ask me: "How are we going around the world, living our lives, but without being from the world?"

I understand his dilemma, because they did not have a previous experience of being reborn as an ascended master in form and then re-immersing themselves in the third dimension, with a slight but significant change in their awareness of who they are.

In previous lives, the old way in which they had achieved ascension was isolating themselves from the world and giving up everything they had so as not to be distracted or tempted to the old superficial ways of living.

And that was a way of life that many of you remember easily, because it was a clear shortcut, black and white, but nevertheless, a very arduous path to ascension to return to the heart of the One. Those memories are serving you well, dear hearts, to maintain its course and direction of light.

But this time they have decided to do it while they walk through the chaotic energies. For some of you, this happens while you are still processing some central issues that remain to be resolved. It is not more difficult than that past, this individual ascension trip, nor is it easier either, is simply different.

Your ascension journey is through chaotic energies.

This time, as in their previous lives, they need to constantly maintain awareness of where their energy field is traveling and how intensely they focus elsewhere instead of remaining completely in their loving hearts.

That does not mean that they are not seeing, interacting and communicating briefly with other beings in their daily trips, in their work, in their recreation or simply in their being.

But can they really feel and see what the intentions of others are?

Are you setting clear and strong limits on each level of your being, while at the same time keeping your hearts open and bright?

Very often we see them giving love and opening completely to the close members of their soul family, as well as to the more distant beings that cross their path. Thus they become vulnerable to the less loving energies that many send them consciously and many times without knowing the consequences.

Protecting yourself and setting limits is now more important than ever!

Do it before interacting closely with someone, especially if they are empathic and healing, and every time they plan to go to public places full of people.

Keep your hearts open and turn on your light, because your love is strong . When your whole being is full of loving energies, there is no other thing that does not vibrate the same, even if you try to stick and affect them.

But when they focus on that of less vibration than love, which can happen during this period of transition, then they tend to lower their vibration, even if only in a few few parts of yourself, thus becoming vulnerable and attracting negative energies .

When that happens, take a quick action, and while aligning with the Law of Love, the Law of Repulsion and the Laws of Constance and Continuity, say a clear and firm No! . See and feel these energies coming off and coming out of this powerful new you.

When you feel that negative energies are approaching, reject them with a powerful No!

Dear hearts, this applies to the close and sweet members of your family when they tend to diminish their defenses, even when they feel there is some disturbance and discomfort. In the old ways, you have allowed those energies to come to you and have even taken them as your own to process and transmute, because you love these sweet souls and feel that you need to solve all your problems.

But they have lowered to their energy level and thus lowered their own vibration trying to help and comfort them. No more! This does not show love for his sweet being, nor for all others.

This New T requires honoring soft and constant self-esteem and maintaining high levels of integrity.

Call me, dear ones, when you need it, because with great delight I come to help you. Congratulations. I am always with you and closer than ever!

Goodbye for now.

Sanat Kumara

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SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2019) Sanat Kumara shielding and setting boundaries is more important than ever.

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