Saint Germain, soulmates

  • 2013

Congratulations and greetings to the beloved Incarnated Souls on Earth, I extend my vibration of Love, Transformation and Divine Magic to support the deep awakening that is occurring within your Being. I AM Master Saint Germain, an Ascended Master and an instrument of expression of the Light and the Consciousness of the Creator. Please know that I am here as a supportive energy, along with many Souls and Masters on the inner planes, to serve and guide you while you make an amazingly magical journey on Earth. A lot of Love is flowing to you and to the Earth; if you allow it, you are truly suspended and wrapped in the most sacred divine vibrations of Love; So there is nothing you should fear or worry about. When you allow yourself to open yourself to the Creator's Divine Light, which means receiving the Creator's Light, everything will automatically flow as if it were orchestrated by your Soul and the Creator, for your joy.

Now many people on Earth are getting high frequencies of Light in their Being and in their reality; this activates enlightened consciousness and understanding; and further verification of the truth. The world beyond Earth is opening for many, while the veils, created by each Soul as separation boundaries, are collapsing. One of the great realizations that are being born is the ability to recognize the Unity of consciousness between each Human Being on Earth and each Soul on the internal planes. With every drop of what you recognize within your being; and with each particle of consciousness that is formed, you are achieving a deeper Unity with the Creator. The desire to experience the Creator that is your truth and your original essence; and to incorporate the Creator into your Being, without ego, blockages or limitations, grows immensely. Mixing experiences with aspects, energetic vibrations and consciousness of the Creator, become natural experiences that you seek every day wanting to develop the connection that is already identified, with and as the Creator. You can look for like minded people, the solitude of meditation, or a moment that elevates your Spirit; but with every moment in which you think you are looking for a small connection and small experiences with the Creator, you are really yearning to become One with the Creator. This is to realize all that you are as a Divine Being in your current incarnation; and let all this be directed to obtain a true experience of life on Earth as the Creator, while going through levels of Creative integration. Creative Integration symbolizes that you and the Creator are cooking at every moment and experience of your reality, so that it continues to grow towards a Divine synthesis of Oneness.

The search for Divine Oneness with the Creator is natural; After all, that is your instrument of passion and willpower to continue your journey on Earth. In your Ascension and in the process of awakening there comes a time when you not only want to experience the Creator by wrapping yourself with energy and Light from within your Being, but your Soul also wants to recognize and experience the Creator within another person. Every Being on Earth has an aspect of the Creator within itself; and then you could perceive that your Soul can recognize these aspects of the Creator, feeling completely loved, supported and in Oneness. This is not always the case, because your Soul wants the physical form that you are to realize the presence of the Creator within everything, almost that your Soul wants to be fed with multiplied Light, through a profound realization of the Creator within another Being. In truth your Soul wants a mirror to be held in such a way that you can see yourself completely in all your magnificence, while also stimulating the personality and ego to release the reins and control that limit the Soul. It may be that the Soul wants a partner or friend of similar vibrations and qualities, or of outstanding qualities that need to be recognized within your Being, to walk both as One. The greatest desire of the Soul is to experience the Divine flow of the Creator; receive and give the vibrations of the Creator. When another Soul is present, then the Soul can truly begin to experience giving and receiving the Divine Love, qualities and self-recognition of the Creator. Through the experience of the Soul being in harmony and balance with another Soul, both Souls can expand their experiences of the Creator by acting as amplifiers of the inner Divine. Although the expansion of two Souls can be intensified through romantic relationships, the same can be achieved in connections of Divine friendship and support. I want to express to you the notion that any appropriate Soul, guided by your Soul, by itself and by the Creator, can act as a companion, mirror and amplifier of your Soul to help further growth.

I believe that the word and label of "Almic Companion" has been misunderstood; and it may be that with the new unity of consciousness anchoring in the understanding and realizations of all, the definition of Commic Partner can now lead to greater enlightenment and truth. In the past, an Almic Companion may have been understood as a Soul of your same Almic Group. All the soul extensions of the same soul group have the same vibration; and their experiences, consciousness and wisdom combine, so that all soul extensions use them. Frequently the soul extensions of the same group do not embody together, because they are with each other crystal clear mirrors; Nor would they realize the difference in information, because they are taking it out of the same well of wisdom. Frequently the Souls of the same soul group connect for a short time in their incarnations, to offer renewed consciousness, inspiration or knowledge. While you can always see yourself in other soul extensions of the same group and experience deep familiarity, you can really experience deeper connections and memories when you face an soul extension or an aspect that comes from another soul group. Frequently the soul groups work together over many lives; then they become deeply linked, their energies entwine on Earth and in numerous higher frequency dimensions. The different soul groups can communicate and get deep realizations through the interaction of their soul extensions on Earth. This means that when you connect with a person on Earth, getting the feeling that you are looking at yourself, then most likely this person is part of your soul group; consequently, in many ways it is more a remembrance of the I or the Soul, a source of inspiration, than a companion. If you connect with a person on Earth feeling deep Love, familiarity; and numerous memories, so it is most likely that this person is your Companion Almica, that is your friend of the Soul or travel companion. To put it more correctly, this person is an aspect of the Almico Group that is supporting your own Almico Group; and with which you have a very deep connection that extends beyond the Earth and to the dimensions of greater unification.

When you are looking for or choose a partner or friend: Do you want to experience Unicity and profound energy integration with an aspect of your own Almico Group, which in many ways you are already exploring within your Being, or with an aspect of another Almico Group that will wake up deepest wisdom of the Creator Universe? A soulmate is a soul that wants to make the journey on Earth with you and act as a mirror of your own energy, while also inspiring and awakening new aspects of you. When you connect with the reality that each person and Soul on Earth is an aspect of the Creator, you realize that there are multiple options and opportunities for bonding and exchange with a soulmate, a soul of similar vibration that wants to support your Ascension and experience the Unity of the Creator. I just want to inspire you to expand your mind, to open your horizons; and realize that at this time there are many soul aspects or aspects of the Creator to support you. Obviously, only the most appropriate Souls will present themselves to be at your service and that you are at their service, but allow this Being to be the Creator's Divine beauty and Love, instead of just experiencing Love with someone who It is from your own origin. In truth, we are all of the same vibration; and we are all Souls of the same energy, Source, of the same Almico Group, of the same community and friendship. The veils of separation allow us to identify more completely, but also lead us along false paths or impressions of the Creator.

We are all existing in a time of Unity; and this also extends to your relationships of any kind, but remember that the Unity perceived in the internal planes may be different from the unity of the Earth.

You can discover that many spiritual terms and understandings of our past can come with different and enlightened understandings, in this New Age of Light, Love and Truth on Earth and in the entire Universe of the Creator.

Always with Love, Saint Germain.

Saint Germain, soulmates

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