Witchcraft and Hexes: Discover its dynamics and Meditation to end them

  • 2019
Table of contents hide 1 What are magical practices? 2 What is the dynamics of witchcraft practices? 3 What are the most common witchcraft and sorcery practices? 4 How can you protect yourself and put an end to witchcraft, sorcery or "evil spirits"?

Hexes, sorcery and witchcraft have almost always existed and accompanied the human being. The use of magic to the detriment of third parties has already been reported since the time of Mesopotamia, the Egyptians, the Greeks and even in the biblical texts. Magic, in fact, is a dual property (egotic region), based on the set of symbolic-cultural beliefs and practices that have had great strength in many ancient civilizations, as well as in modern times. She is used for various purposes, among which could be the use of hexes against others.

What are magical practices?

They consist of a series of practices, formulas, and rituals where the practitioner or magician, tries to discover the mysteries and control through said rituals; The external and internal nature. In this sense, it aims to make an arbitrary leap from the subjective, and inter-subjective, plane to the objective plane or vice versa. But does this really have a place?

Indeed, magic, witchcraft and curses, have a meaning when you think of a series of meanings inherited from ancestral experiences, which define a significant for the psyche, both collectively and individually, permeating the unconscious through Images and symbols This makes it easier to understand why the mysterious reasons of those who believe in this type of practice (where superstition has a great preponderance), since the symbol links the instrumental-empirical with the spiritual, man with the cosmos, the causal with the "casual" and synchronicity.

In this esoteric dimension, there are various practices, ranging from those of purification, harmony, healing and elevation of spirit, to those of pacts with entities, riddles, manipulation and curses on others. It is here where the famous witchcraft intervene, with the figures of the sorcerers (as) or sorcerers (as), which are the personification of the paternal archetype in its negative or terrible sense . Also foreshadowed in the ancient myth of Cronus (or Saturn), who devoured his children for fear of being overthrown.

What is the dynamics of witchcraft practices?

In the magical practices the psychological The pulse towards someone Finally, using a discriminative stimulus (be it an object, -e .: talisman, or the famous voodoo animal or person). This pulsation is born of a lack, or lack that produces a state of tension, which seeks to be solved through its object . (This is also very common in idolatry ).

Hence, the sorcerer who curses is a person with a perverse profile (if he is aware of what he does), or of fallacy (if he is not aware of his actions), whose children's needs were not met by his caregivers, becoming himself as a terrible father or with a medical nature . Depositing and discharging his anguish in the other (and in the objects with which he binds), to create the links he needed, but of course it is in a negative or obscure way.

Thus, for example, it is not surprising that the origin of the evil eye is envy . That is to say, a person is envious of another, and unconsciously, he transmits with his evil eye his feelings of inferiority, anger, destruction, sadness and helplessness ( states of tension ) to the person ( object ) who envies. ( end : wish intensely with anger, that the other does not have what I do not have).

Now, it is very important to clarify that whoever practices witchcraft and curses, controls within a setting and through rituals, a series of symbols that have been configured with a significant essence, so there are a part of human psyche that responds to this type of signifier by unconsciously identifying with it. This could be explained by the retention of ancestral experiences lived as myths and legends by subjects immersed in social activity. By remaining in a parallel way, in the musical footprint of the personal and collective unconscious: a series of imagos that are activated and function with certain rituals (character of obsessive neuroses).

These Imagos, or archetypes transcend the conscious self itself, so that in turn, primitive experiences are transmitted, from figures, mythical stories, prayers, rituals, suggestions, hypnosis, etc., which are based on to symbolic language as the deep level of the (psyche). In it, the experiences inherited from the human and prehuman species are accumulating and articulating. This is what Jung called, the collective unconscious. Jung (cited by Cloniger 2003): He described the collective unconscious as inherited, contained in the human brain structure and not dependent on personal experience to develop. It can be described as printed circuits in our brain (p.80).

Such printed circuits could become the famous archetypes and allegorical figures that influence or have a dominant suggestive power over the "I". For example, this can be observed in the phenomena of conversion of the possessed, in a session of spiritualism, where it would be activated (or -contested-) from a ritual; the dissociated psychic fragment . (This would fall into the category of unspecified somatomorphic disorders, according to DSM-5, so the relationship between these phenomena and conversion hysteria should be investigated)

In short, all this praxis of witchcraft and spells, (with their ritualistic rules and laws), is handled by the representations and forces contained in the unconscious and all the symbolic material stored throughout its intersubjective history. Being also, the praxis of a person who opens windows of the unconscious, but who, for sure, can ignore many questions of the human soul, and harm both himself and others, if it is not known to channel these forces.

What are the most common witchcraft and sorcery practices?

There is a wide range of magical rituals, witchcraft, and hexes, which depend on the region and culture of those who practice them and their intentions. However, among the most common and in which others are often harmed (if used for malefic purposes), are:

  • Necromancy
  • Divination, or spurious oracles (like the ouija )
  • Invocation and agreements with mythical entities.
  • Santeria
  • Spiritism
  • Shamanism
  • Enchantments
  • Santería Venezolana (curious and systematic mixture. Born from the combination of voodoo, indigenous indigenous magic and Christianity . Product of the colonization process, used even at levels of social spheres for unconscious manipulation). If you want to know more about this topic: see the attached video about the field research carried out in the mythical Sorte mountain .
  • Theistic and Laveyan Satanism practices
  • Wicca (control of elementals and nature incorrectly or deviantly)

It is interesting to note the following: to a large extent, people who perform these practices of witchcraft, sorcery or curses; they hide an archaic rivalry with the father (symbol of the phallus, of power) that is extrapolated; -for the homeostasis of his psyche- in a manly attitude that can become hostile, narcissistic, in an abuse of power, or in things that frighten society (hence the independent character of the feminist woman - who competed against the figure of the man - was crossed out as a witch during the middle ages, represented as the imago of " The phallic woman ", flying on a broomstick - and therefore they were burned, for fear of what was unknown)

How can you protect yourself and end witchcraft, sorcery or "evil spirits"?

How I interviewed all these practices depends on the unconscious identification of an archetype. And paraphrasing Spinoza, "a passion is overcome with a greater passion ." In this sense, an archetype is overcome with a more pure and powerful archetype. Such arche is found in the Bible, encrypted in the Hebrew language (which is a sacred language) and practiced in Kabbalist meditation. There is a divine name that ends with witchcraft, curses, spells or "evil spirits" that come from others, in less than 5 minutes . For this it is necessary that you perform a kabalistic meditation with the following name: Resh ( ר ), Het ( ח ) Shin ( ש ). Since Hebrew is written from right to left, it would look like this: רחש

  • First, you should sit comfortably, with your palms facing up on your thighs, your feet parallel to the floor and your back straight.
  • Then you will close your eyes
  • Breathe 3 times deeply, from the nose to fill your abdomen, feeling how all your muscles relax and all tensions dissipate. With each inhalation you will feel how the body is filled with pleasant sensations and with each exhalation you will feel how all the unpleasant tensions and sensations go away.
  • Then you will visualize a star of David or maguen David (shield of David) of brilliant gold color (brighter than the one in the image of this section). Promptly, project yourself, your image imagining yourself as white light within that star.
  • Later, once inside the shield or maguen David, imagine and feel, that you go up a ladder to another higher dimension that connects with your purest part.
  • Immediately, you will see another gold-colored star of David in front of you. This will put it in front as if it were a movie screen, in which you will see a movie that covers the entire visual field.
  • Once being inside the maguen David gold and having another that acts as a screen, you project on it; the Hebrew letters (resh, het, shin from right to left) : white.
  • As the letters are immersed within the maguen david, they will continue to light them as if they were a fire of a candle, at the top of each letter. Then, each fire intensifies to unite with the others and form a single flame. This fire goes up the top of the star of David in front of you and comes out through its white peak, forming an arc that connects with the tip of your star of David and enters it.
  • Once the arc of white light (which comes out of the star of David that acts as a screen, penetrates your maguen David), penetrates your brain and illuminates it completely. Then this light with the energy of the letters already activated, descends to your heart and illuminates it.
  • In this way, once the heart is flooded by the white light that contains the energy of the letters; Go down to light up your liver.
  • Then it goes back up to the heart by lighting it, and consecutively it goes up to the brain by lighting it. Immediately, it goes back down to the heart, and to the brain. This is done faster and faster, as if the energy is agitated.
  • Once this is done, the light is fired strongly by the skull, specifically the cranial sutures (or what is called the on fontanela in babies), radiating light by the top peak of the maguen David that permeates light and energy throughout your body and being, from head to toe.
  • Finally, take three deep breaths, and return to the here and now, gradually feeling your body.

It is recommended to watch the attached video, where Master Gozlan plays the shofar (a Hebrew instrument) that purifies the psyche against witchcraft and curses with greater amplitude.

Author: Kevin Samir Parra Rueda, editor in the big family of hermandadblanca.org

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