Message of Mary Magdalene ~ Honor yourself, to the essence of light that you are - Part One

  • 2017

Channeled by Lea Chapin

Greetings, my beloved, yes, it's me, Maria Magdalena.

I come to tell you, Dear, that Dear Mahri is here with us, she is celebrating the moment when you celebrate her life with you today. She is standing here smiling and rejoicing, and is very happy to be free of her body. It is very painful for those who have been left behind, but it is a great celebration of life, and a celebration of the spirit when one returns home . And so, she sends you her love, she sends you her gratitude, for your desires full of love for her, she says she is truly free and is very grateful for your loving thoughts and your concern for her.

Today, our message is about life in the most complete essence of your spirit while physically residing in your physical vehicle . Many remain confused about their way of life and why they are here on this planet. But from the beginning of time, the time they were born, until the end of their life cycle, and the day of their physical transition from their physical body, should be a celebration of their life . To honor the gift called life, to honor the spirit that lives within you.

I ask each one, if they wish, to breathe deeply and begin to connect with their spirit, connect with the essence, fullness and richness of who they really are . A powerful, powerful spirit that has chosen to come to this Earth plane, many times before, to live in a physical body and celebrate this gift called life. Today we ask you to truly begin to celebrate your life, while celebrating the life of your Dear Friend Mahri, and all those who have gone before you, all your friends and family, and even acquaintances and also your ancestors, and all spirits who have come to prepare the way for this true period of ascension .

Honor yourself, honor your beautiful spirit

And so, I ask you, Dear Ones, to breathe deeply and feel the power of your spirit, the strength of your soul, feel the essence of the light that you are, and honor yourself. It is what Mahri is telling us and telling you, please honor yourself, honor your beautiful spirit, live in wealth and fullness and never look back, never look back, never look back . Feel the excitement of their lives and how they are contributing their beautiful light to the world.

Know, Dear Children, that this is a moment of great importance, since each of you is holding this frequency of light for this planet, not only for her to ascend, but for all to rise to the higher consciousness, to ascend to the complete mastery, being the teachers, those who show the way, the educators, the messengers of the light that you are. Each of you is a shining diamond, dazzling with its brilliance. And so I ask you on this day to remember your brilliance, remember the power of who you are.

You are love and you are light . And today, when you meet in the celebration of your friend Mahri, you should know that you are family, that you are of the family of light, and that each of you is shining and contributing to the whole, contributing to the energy of the Ascension of this planet and all creation. Do not allow any form of negative thinking to slip into your consciousness. Simply understand that while you hold the highest vibration, you will attract all that is yours .

Can you visualize yourself as that brilliant diamond light particle? As if you were looking at the sky and seeing a star? You are as bright and dazzling as the brightest star in the night sky. Can you start to feel it and realize and honor yourself?

It is what your Dear Friend Mahri did while living her life, shining brightly, living in the essence of her beautiful spirit, bringing love and joy, kindness and generosity to the hearts of so many .

And yes, Dear Children, this is of great importance. May you truly live from your spirit and honor yourself. You have not always been taught to appreciate yourself or love yourself, but I ask you today to do so. To keep you in high esteem and love yourself, to honor yourself, to thank you for choosing to be here on this Earth plane with all the challenges you have left, you have stayed to hold your light, and to be in The shine of who you are. You have chosen to keep the frequency so that others can shine and show the way to others, helping others to move forward in their own ascension process. As you can see, each one teaches one, each one leads one.

You have taken the hands of your brothers and sisters, each of you has done this, awakening your spirit, awakening your soul, awakening your consciousness, awakening the true essence of your being.

Each of you is a beautiful spirit, no matter how you decide to express it.

And so, each one of you has influenced another, as many of you know, Dear Cecilia was a catalyst for me to wake up, many years ago. Observe, Dear Ones, the power that each of you has. What they bring is to be honored . Even the smallest of gestures, the friendliest of gestures must be honored, their kindness, their generosity. Always hold the frequency of what we call pure love and integrity of the soul within your heart . Pure love and the integrity of the soul within your heart. What does this mean? It simply means, Dear Children, that you have allowed your beautiful sacred heart, your passionate heart to be your business card, the vibration of the signature of who you are. We will always say they are wrong for the side of goodness, and they will never be wrong.

As you see, dear, it is what many do not understand. That their current civilization and population have difficulty maintaining the frequency of pure love, integrity and goodness, because many are threatened by their human companions . What a sad day to fear other human beings, all of you are beautiful spirits, each of you is a beautiful spirit, no matter how you decide to express it.

And so, Dear Children, it is an honor to be on this planet, Jeshua and I feel this with every breath of our life. And we don't take anything for granted, especially after Jeshua survived the crucifixion, and even before. His recovery was very difficult, and even at this time, we continue to honor the power of our own spirit, and the essence of our being . And so, Dear Ones, today while celebrating life, celebrate and live in the fullest essence of your beautiful spirit as rich and as fully as possible.

To the gifts that God has given you, please ask them now to advance, all the beautiful gifts that God has given you, ask that these gifts now begin to be magnified, the gifts you bring to the world to share, allow them to step forward and magnify yourself so that you have clarity and strength and understanding and the power to share with the world the gifts with which you were gifted at the time in your incarnation. Many of you are teachers and healers, you are powerful souls and spirits, sharing your light with the world. A beautiful essence, all united by what we call the energy of pure love.

Invite your spirit to show you the way

When there are moments in your life that you ask yourself and questions yourself and your life, please, Dear, invite your spirit to show you the way. We know that these incarnations can be difficult and confusing. But it is the mind that causes the confusion. Always connect with the essence of your heart, connect with the essence of your soul, connect with the essence of your beautiful spirit. That is the force that guides you .

It is truly regrettable that they have not been taught to take advantage of their spirit. Your current civilization does not honor the spirit . And yet, dear children, I say that this is the essence of who you are, it is time to live in the fullness of this essence. Can you remember a moment, or perhaps many moments, in which you were upright in your power, upright in the essence of your spirit? Can you remember what you felt? Call it again, and again, and again, and again. This is a very, very powerful day, celebrating his life and the life of Dear Mahri, who lived in the essence of his spirit, and honored his life, and lived fully, with joy in his heart, with gratitude, with tenderness. mercy and kindness to others.

And so, Dear Ones, when you are against an obstacle, a struggle, we ask you to make your way and invoke the power of your spirit . You are not limited, Dear ones, I know that we have talked about this many times before, and I am repeating it again. It is simply your mind that limits you, there are no limitations in your life, only those that you think there are . And because you cannot mentally find your way out of the situation you are in, it does not mean that you do not have the power and that your spirit cannot help guide you. Listen, listen to the calm and soft voice from within, or maybe listen to the loud voice from within, listen, everything is your guide, everything in life is your teacher. Every live expression is there to show you, which you may not understand.

And so, Dear Ones, consider this, and I will repeat it again, please consider this, that you have the power of everything you don't understand, everything you feel limits you, you have the power. And I repeat this again, please consider this. Who have the power of everything they don't understand, they have the power. And they may ask, or say, that “it's time to get out of my own way. It is time to get out of the box I have gotten into, the limits and limitations that I have placed inside my own psyche. ”

Remember that all things are possible, all things are possible. As you enter yourself, your soul, your spirit, all things are possible. And I tell you, Dearest One, never underestimate the power of who you really are, you are the living expression of God.

And you are powerful and dear souls.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina Cobelli, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Lea Chapin. (2017). Mary Magdalene ~ Honor Yourself, The Essence of Light That You Are. 07/24/2017, from Love has won Website:

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