“The Consciousness of the roses of Gaia” Workshop of personal work and self healing, in Barcelona 2 April 2017

  • 2017
The conscience of the roses of Gaia.
Workshop of personal work, and self healing with the roses of consciousness.

The awareness of the rose, is a work whose origin dates back before the creation of the planet, thousands of cultures and thousands of years of healing with roses, is a fact. Both the physical ones, such as those of consciousness and the etheric ones. That is why we, like many other channels, join the Brotherhood of the Rose, with this workshop, to give tools, with which to work, consciously.
The brotherhood, of the rose, is not a physical group, it is a plane of light, which together with the golden brotherhood and the white brotherhood, help us heal different bodies and consciences, in us.
We propose a reconnection workshop, with that level of consciousness, and with a single objective, that of self healing.

The workshop facilitates it:

Sonia Coll: Elsa Farrus: .com.es / https: //www.facebook.com/ReikiPracticesAndAscensionalWork/

This time we joined to share what each one received separately but synchronously, as exercises, for everyone, whether we are men or women.
The exercises are individual groups, and can be repeated at home, as well as apart from the meditations and exercises, we will teach to channel each one, with their guide, in that plane, to then be able to work at home, independently. With his theory of support.
It is a one-day workshop, which includes the material work, of painting our own healing rose, after the practices and thus being able to take it, in the form of a painting.

It is a reconnection workshop, with one of our consciences and with our creative capacity.
It will last a whole day, next Sunday, April 2, in Barcelona. And the schedule will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The workshop includes the material, didactic and artistic. The price of the workshop is 80 euros, please reserve in advance for room rental.


Elsa Farrus 647104840 //
Sonia coll: 646 140059 //


- Alignment of connection with the inner triad, being of light, personality or physical self and inner child.
- Conepto of the healing roses and share the channels of the brotherhood of the rose
- Solar initiation or meditation, to align with the magenta, golden frequency and roses of Gaia.
- Share and analyze results


- Work conscientiously with our own rose and personal guide, in a learning to channel for ourselves
- Artistic work.

Thanks to all of you, we are waiting for you next Sunday, April 2.

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