Joy, peace and love, a single breath of divinity

  • 2018

Greetings brothers. It has been possible to channel many of the energies and vibrations responsible for ascending to light all those who dream of being part of eternity itself. The reason lies in the trust and faith that many of you have placed in God and in divine forces.

Of course it has not been an easy process, however, every effort has been worthwhile at all times . The thresholds would have been exceeded, making the vibrations a functional mechanism to raise all the brothers who had reached their time.

The powers of God are part of our vibrations, that is why acceptance constitutes a key point in the process of ascending into the light . Let's try to address this point and the rest will be progressive. The powers of God are used to make a connection to divinity. This constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the highest instances of wisdom and eternity. If you allow these changes, you will be able to unlock your organic composition, making a much more powerful being from inside to the outermost. Only in this way, as warriors of light, curious, explorers and with judgment, can they go as far as they intend.

If you manage to open your doors, joy will come to you in less time than you expect

It is important to make a new path, since the traditions that illustrated the path of the ancients would have been left behind with the passage of time. Hence the need to reaffirm the path for those who wish to enter the path of light . Thus, it is up to us to tie ourselves, from all our senses, to the lifting process to turn it into each and every one of our moments.

It translates into a lifestyle, to meditate and to breathe joy . This is how this theme is translated, in trying to understand earthly affairs as a mechanism full of codes that should not become the central axis of our destiny.

It is the message that Elthor, the so-called dragon, has to offer us. This one addresses us as the new dragons of tomorrow. Its mission is to find those who will be responsible for fulfilling the tasks as new dragons of the divine kingdom . Its purpose is to emancipate those who have long rejected the words of divine warriors.

Reborn is your goal for dragons that are now part of the old lines of light. Many of the humans that ascend to the light will be able to become dragons, being able to obtain the ability to see through time, the lines of light and different growing planes.

We must let our energies flow, so those who are destined to become dragons will eventually be part of such an important group. The energies are underlying, therefore, accepting them and letting them out can be a bit complex. We must not despair in this process, for nothing will be more pleasant than becoming part of the cast of divine light .

There will be a difficult terrain, full of obstacles and challenges that only those who are willing to assume the light as their destiny can overcome. Both humans and dragons, both divine and spirits have had to immerse themselves in this very important challenge. This implies becoming part of the divine force, for which it is important to make as much strength as possible. There will be nothing more immersed in us than wisdom and disposition, otherwise the alternate feelings could cost us the pass to divinity.

Becoming a dragon is not easy

They are admirable, majestic and unique beings. They are unstoppable forces that have gradually become part of the relief and fauna of the divine terrain. Those who assume this roll are made of one of the most important responsibilities of the kingdom of light. They must preserve the future of divinity, of the land that belongs to those who leave the earth. Dragons are the shelter of all divine entities, they will increasingly belong to the sky of the majestic and the elevated.

Many become exhausted in the process. It is natural, because humans are not infinite beings of energy. It is a characteristic of the underworld . The limits are given by the biological and not by the spiritual. From the latter it is important to highlight that humans are also spirit, therefore, it is important to learn to use our spirit to guide us on the path of light, making us increasingly elevated towards the light.

If you get tired, try to continue so you have to lower your pace a bit. The spirit will be the one who guides you, who guides you and who gives you the necessary strength to move forward

The key is to fly, to rise as much as you can through your breathing. Remember, it will be peace, love and joy that allow you to become a being of light, therefore, you should not ignore these forces. Make them part of your life and do not allow them to block at all. Do not put aside your strengths, allow yourself to reach the top from the innermost: Your feelings. Do not forget that you are, rather than human, a being of light destined to pass to divinity . Earthly life is nothing more than a trial path where you must do everything possible to show that you are able to accept the light in your life.

It will be love who allows you to cross all the obstacles that arise in this so-called path to the light. With it you can delve into the most complex challenges, reach as high as you can imagine and continue to do your best. Do not forget, that he will never forget us. Love is the greatest force in the whole world, therefore, one of the main components of earthly life.

Joy will be the reflection of love inside you. She will be part of your glow in the darkest moments . She will allow you to forge each and every one of the centimeters that constitute your divinity. Rise with your joy and no one can against you . Brother, today is the day to give yourself to joy. Today is the best time to be part of this adventure so necessary for you, for your wisdom and for your inner power. Today is the time to enter the light and reach the deepest.

Peace will be the prize for conceiving love as the most important and primary part of our spirit. We will have to tie ourselves as deeply as possible to our feelings to be part of a world full of peace and divinity . Only then will it be possible to ascend to the goal. Peace is the state of those who have managed to go far. Peace will be the mechanism that will raise the powerful to their most important levels of divinity .

The light awaits there, next to peace and joy. Love is the resource to function, brothers. The moment is near.

Collective Arcturian, Elthor and Hadas channeled by Galaxygirl

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Arcturian, Elthor and Hadas collective channeled by Galaxygirl


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