Ho'oponopono Tools Manual

  • 2014


You recognize that something (no matter knowing what) has penetrated your body / mind system.
You want your inner forgiveness for what that brought you.

You are not asking God for forgiveness; You are asking God for help to forgive you.

Transmute the blocked energy (which is the problem) into flowing energy, reconnects you to the Divine. It contains the three elements that can transform anything: gratitude - reverence - transmutation.
Saying "I love you" over and over again during a conflict (or later) cleans everything that causes it.

It is a very powerful word - tool. Your forces can heal anything.
It is your expression of gratitude, your faith that everything will be resolved for the greater good of all involved.


The "grandmother" of all cleaning tools. Dr. Hew Len said in a recording, that only "HA" breathing can cure depression. The Breathing HA closes psychic portals; It is the inspiration of Mana (Vital Energy), eliminates depression, cleanses the body's energy field, releases spirits still imprisoned to the ground plane.
The process is done like this:
Sitting comfortably, with your feet on the floor and your back straight, you inhale (inspire Divine Energy) counting to 7 (1-2-3-4-5-6-7), as fast as you normally do, without Need to go slow unless you want to. Then you hold your breath in a count of 7. Then, exhale while counting to 7, releasing the air with a “haaaa” sigh. After that, you keep your lungs empty counting to 7, before restarting again. Repeat the process 9 times.

Note: Previously there were 7 sets of breathing that were done, but in a recent Workshop Dr. Len said it is better to have 9 sets of breathing instead of 7.

You can also put the index and thumb fingers of each hand together, forming a ring and intertwining, as the "infinity" symbol. Maintain this position during the process.


The tools are presented below in alphabetical order.


It is a great cleaning tool. The more you take, the more it erases the memories and memories of the inner child and the mind. To do this, you need a glass or a blue bottle. It can be any shade of blue and has to be made of glass (plastic ones don't work). You put it in the sun for an hour, or under an incandescent lamp. If you are using a glass, you can cover the top with a paper (no metal or plastic), but make sure it does not touch the water. This is so that insects and other things that are attracted to this pure water do not enter.
Once you have been in the sun for an hour you can drink, wash with it, cook, take a shower, or put it in the fridge for later. A drop of this solar blue water will purify any container to which it is also added.

This sentence can be used with blue solar water.
“Divine Creator, humbly, I apologize for all our mistakes, resentments, guilt, hatred, pain or trauma, offenses, blockages that we have created and accumulated since the
beginning of time to the present, please forgive us.
Let this water cleanse, purify the offender and the offended of all spiritual, mental, material, financial and karmic ties. Erase from our memory bank the pain and blockages that keep us stuck. Unleash, open, release, and release these unwanted memories.
Transmute these energies into pure Light. Allow the Divine order of Light, Love, Peace, the
Balance, Understanding, Joy, Wisdom and Abundance, which are manifested through the Divine power of the Divine Father, Creator of all Life, Mother, Son in One, in whom we rest and are ... NOW, FOREVER AND FOREVER. AMEN."


Fill up to ¾ a glass of transparent glass and place in any room of your house that inspires you, this will help you clean and erase memories, while you are not thinking about it. Change the water twice a day.
If there is a situation of great emotionality, anxiety and stress, the glass must be filled and emptied several times throughout the day. The water absorbs the negativity and when it is thrown into the pile, vase / pot or toilet, it carries everything bad together.

You can write the situation that worries you on a piece of paper and put under the glass of water. Also the name of a person, place it under the glass, this makes you interact with it from inspiration and not from memories.

Remember to change the water periodically during the day. You can add a few drops of lemon (which, like orange, represents the sunlight of God.


Dr. Hew Len says that using feather pillows cleans memories while we sleep.


It means: Being in the presence (Alo) of the Divine (Ha). When we say Aloha to someone, we are recognizing that that person is the Divine personified. Also the recognition of the Divine in places and things.


To clench your fists overthrows and eliminates the sacrifice of wars. It is about humility with life, learning the unknown, experiencing the peace and humility that humanity has never had. It is about undoing what has been done.
The Foundation of I, Inc., Update June 2004. 6


Memory cleaning tool that can be eaten, fresh, frozen or dried, just ingesting just a little piece. It opens angelic dimensions during the cleaning process and also relieves depression.


Another cleaning tool, which is a kind of flower and can be spoken aloud or repeated
silently in the mind. They erase memories about violence. They add softness and elegance.


It is a tool that will clean anything that has been omitted by other tools (it can also be ingested). It is used at the end of the mentioned day Candy Canes .


Drinking hot chocolate erases manipulative memories that take advantage in relation to two, instead of doing things that are divinely correct. It also releases the memories that can cause violence in the relationship by appeasing things and showing that relationships have to do with love and not gain or advantage.
To make perfect and correct decisions in relation to money. To make the right decision to act in the right and perfect way. So that money does not get in the right decision. Soften the situations to put the right action as a priority.


At all times of anxiety about money use Colibr to neutralize the feeling. Example: that anxiety or distress arises from not having the money to pay a bill, to carry a commitment, apply Colibr in the emotion, think: Colibr !

That tool cuts the affliction, cancels the negative energy of that memory by changing the vibration attracting for you, from now on, prosperity, the joy of the abundance of resources in your life .


To relieve your own and others' pain, physical or emotional. Just think Blue ice when you have burns, cuts, bruises or wounds.
It can be extended to cure or heal nature. Use in pruning or cutting trees, plants and herbs to help numb your pain. Use as many times as you want to help who may be experiencing pain. (People, plants, animals or objects).


Think or speak "delete" to erase memories or thoughts. Visualize yourself by pressing the “delete” key on your
keyboard to see the memory being “delegated” (off) of your programming.


When we go anywhere to do an important procedure, take an exam, face a situation, etc., we say to God: "Dear God, please, come first (or speak first or act first)".


Saying again and again during a conflict with another person (or later), clean everything that causes it and miracles can happen.


Look at yourself in a mirror, to see who you really are, with a love that comes back to you. A deep, deep love comes from there. You look like you really are, and you see the world. You reach zero.

BLUE FLOWER (Bluebonnet)

"Flor de lis is a cleaning process that releases the memories of bloodshed from constant war and slavery to the ideas, places, situations and beliefs that give rise to a constant war."
The way to use it: "I put the Flor de Lis on the situation." Dr. Len


Take a picture of yourself when you were a boy or a girl. Touch it with a pencil or an eraser and repeat the 4 phrases to your youngest "I", being attentive to the inspiration that comes. "Sorry, sorry, I love you, thank you."


Eat a piece of natural strawberry, frozen, dried or strawberry jam, at least once in the morning and once in the evening to remove memories and thoughts about weight. Help in eliminating weight concerns. Cancel memories related to heart issues.


It is about mentally visualizing everything you want submerged in a glass of clear water with fruit inside. The best way to see prosperity and abundance is in nature, fruits are the symbol of wealth, fruits represent the different ways God gives us for our livelihood; the taste, the colors, the smells including the nutritional contributions that have always been the basis for our life. Water is a carrier of life, it is the symbol of cleanliness, purity, health.

The fruit submerged in water is another cleaning tool that is enjoyed with sight, mind and palate. Put in the glass in addition to the fruit the pure desires of the heart, place in it the desires you desire in your life, because it will also be for others who share your reality. Mentally put every desire, every request and look at it in your mind like another submerged fruit. The water cleanses and purifies the desire to make it suitable, perfect and reasonable for the Divine.

I knew about a person who did it and under the glass he placed his accounts payable, his bank documents and for him the results are excellent. Although it is not precisely for the economic, you can use it for what you want, mental, physical or soul health.
To heal relationships, to clear memories of pain, to erase gender beliefs, etc. The background image of the vessel is a vision of DNA, so this reinforces the image until it is in our DNA.


It says "eating the Divine"


This beautiful object made of semiprecious blue sodalite stone, pyramidal in shape, is a Mosalite Orgón (or Orgonio) Generator, Ho'oponopono model.

What is the orgone?
The Orgón is the term developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to describe and use the energy and substances of life itself (vital energy), favoring the energy balance and the vital force of the human being. The Orgón is literally "Life Force", also known as "Prana", "Chi", "Universal Energy". The generator absorbs the Orgón and recycles this energy if it is with the harmful load of air pollution, electromagnetic emissions from televisions, computers, other household appliances, ELF transmission towers (Extremely Low Frequency Microwave) and mobile telephony. The Orgón is also a vehicle for parasitic and disturbing thoughts and entities. This type of Orgón is called DOR (negative orgone, "dead", in English "Dead Orgone" or DOR).
This negative orgone (DOR) absorbed by the generator and rearranged by the quartz crystals placed according to a pattern within the Orgonite, a mixture of the metal filing with resin that is the component that attracts the orgone. The restructured and purified orgone, clean, positive and revilitting orgone is redirected by the crystals and thrown back into the environment.
The feeling of cleanliness and well-being is noticeable to many people, the most sensitive see the blue aura of the Orgón field wrapping the generator. The advantage of these generators is that they are not saturated with DOR like the old orginal accumulators of Dr. Wilhelm Reich that needed to be discharged, and needed a ventilated and clean environment of electromagnetic emissions so as not to become dangerous for the user.

The Ho'oponopono Orgón Generator, in addition to the beauty of its blue stone as a decorative object, can be used as another tool for the practice of Ho'oponopono because it has the capacity of energy transmutation, it can enhance, reinvigorate, the anchor effect previously described. Facilitating the process of cleaning memories by repeating in the Subconscious Mind.

The most practical way is to place the orgone generator on the notebook or envelope (see the PENCIL WITH RUBBER CLEANING tool) and ask the Divinity to clean what is in you that is causing problems and bad feelings, related to what is recorded in the notebook or envelope). Ask the Divinity to clean everything in you that you share with other people that can cause problems.
Think of the keys or password: “Sorry. Sorry. I love you. Thank you ” several times.
The feeling of well-being, of renewal, change of mind for the better, can be amazing. Leave it on for 1 hour.
Important: You are not cleaning to get results.


It is a symbolic cleaning tool to erase memories or produce the cleaning process. It can be visualized, spoken aloud or silently repeated in the mind.
Take a real eraser (or imagine one) and pass over the memories. Dr. Len is emphatic when he recommends that this be done before reading e-mails, messages in forums, before entering online chat; before talking on the phone, watching television, before reading / listening to news, before sitting in a chair, etc.

GOMINOLAS (Jellybeans)

It is a tool that helps erase memories while you eat it.


"Drops of Dew" comes from Alchemy. The day of San Pedro was used by the alchemists who caught the dew drops with clean cloths or rags to use it for noble purposes. It works on everything.
Think of the phrase when you are afraid, scared, threatened, sad or angry. You can think "Dewdrops", if you see someone in trouble. There is no limit to its use. Use at all times.


When we are waiting for the perfect and correct house or the perfect and correct work, we talk to them and tell them that we love them. We do it with love, so that what is perfect and correct comes to us.


HO'O means CAUSE in Hawaiian and PONOPONO means PERFECTION.
HO'OPONOPONO means, "correct an error" or "rectify an error."
You can repeat this key to do “the right thing”.


Dr. Hew Len suggests that if you have money problems, you can try this technique: imagine pouring into a glass and filling the top with orange juice. Imagine placing a $ 20 bill in orange juice (it can be any value; it is the identity of the money, so it can be the $ sign), and leave it in the glass of orange juice. Continue with this exercise and put what you want to clean in the imaginary glass of orange juice.

Why this job? Dr. Hew Len says that orange juice represents the sun's rays (light) of God. So putting the money in the glass of orange juice, we are putting the money in the sun's rays. By doing this, we are cleaning in the money.
Another suggestion that, if you are in debt with credit cards, then you are abusing money. So you have to apologize for the money for abusing him. "I feel money for abusing you, I am sorry for abusing your money identity, I am sorry for abusing you ..."


A pencil with an eraser is used at one end and taps with the rubber on the elements you feel contain a negative charge. This can be a book, a computer, yourself, anything. This "burden" has to do with some memory in you that is presenting itself to be cleaned. This process is very good for accounts, collections, contracts, traffic fines, school books, etc.

You can repeat the cleaning mantra or just touch. By touching on the subject you are cleaning, the release of all memories is activated throughout all generations from the beginning of Creation. Some people make their erasure request simply by using an eraser that works the same way.

You can use a common notebook or notebook, and write the issues to be discussed, and tasks to be accomplished during the day. Put the date on that page, close the notebook and make several touches on the cover asking the Divinity to clean up in you any memory that may result in problems related to the one contained in the notebook.
Think about the keys or password continuously: “I love you, I love you. I love you". This can be an optimal habit to start the day.
There are people who prefer an envelope, instead of the notebook. Leave the notebook or envelope by hand and make some touches or taps with the pencil eraser from time to time, always with the keys or key in mind.

If you are going through moments of concern on the financial side, with late accounts, collections, etc., put these accounts and documents in the notebook or envelope. Give several touches asking the Divinity to clean in you anything that is generating these problems, or that can lead to problems. Mentally say the keys or password ..

Important: You are not cleaning to get results. What you are asking the Divinity is to clean the memories in you that are causing the problems in your life right now. It doesn't matter to know where the problem is coming from, from whom or why. It is difficult for the intellect to open the hand, but with the practice of the Hooponopono you will witness that God knows much better than you what is the solution . And it can provide you with the answer and the blessing that you could never imagine was possible.


Erase anything that is happening, either cutting and erasing memories or putting light on what is perceived as a problem (it is a switch that goes both ways).

Use it to change the climate of any unpleasant situation, conflict or discord for the better. Throw the Divine Light on the moment bringing Peace. Disconnect memories that are being executed in the Subconscious Mind.

LLOVIZNA / say the word)

Clean up problems with money.


To illuminate confusing situations. To find the truth.


Cancel memories, sweetening life.


Morrnah Simeona's Petitions are sentences in the true sense of the Hawaiian word pu-le, a sincere request, not a plea or imploration. These requests are powerful tools of cleansing by the vibration of Divine Light that they invoke.

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as ONE:
If I (we), ____________________, my (our) family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, __________________, your (s) families, relatives and ancestors, in thoughts, words and actions since the beginning of our creation Until now, with humility I (we) ask for the forgiveness of all my (our) mistakes, resentments, guilt, hatred, wounds, traumas or pain, offenses, blockages, etc., which I have (we) created and accumulated from the beginning of our creation to the present. Please forgive me.

Erase from our memory bank, our minds and our lives all the unwanted, all the negative memories and blockages that unite us, tie us and torment us.
Definitely cut, separate, unlink, and release those unwanted memories, blocks and ties. Transmute those unwanted energies to "PURE LIGHT"

Fill those previously occupied spaces with these energies, with Your Divine Light

May "The Divine Order" Light, love, peace, balance, understanding, joy, wisdom and abundance be manifested for us through the divine energy of the Divine Father, Creator of all life, Mother, Son as one, in whom we remain, in whom we rest, and who contains our whole being ... Now and forever. AMEN."

Note: Morrnah Simeona presented the Ho'oponopono process for the first time at a World Convention in Ponolu'u, Hawaii, in August 1980. © 1980 Huna Research, Inc.

“Spirit, Superconscious, please, look for the origin of my feelings, thoughts of… (fill in with beliefs, feelings, memories, etc). Take each level, each layer, each area and aspect of my being from the origin. Analyze it and solve it perfectly with the truth of God.

We travel through all generations of time and eternity. Healing each incident and its consequences based on the origin. Please do it according to God's will from my creation to the present. Fill it with Light and Truth.
With the Peace and Love of God, the forgiveness of myself for my misperception. The forgiveness of each person, place, circumstance and event that contributed to it, every thought, every feeling. ”


Delete memories related to money and abundance.
They say it is the best investment that can be made in life. You can have it in a photo or in front of your house in a pot.


It is a symbolic tool, which is used to erase almost everything. When you encounter an anxiety / stress and conflict situation, you can imagine throwing the fly paper in the air and having all the memories that cause anxiety / stress / problems get stuck. Imagine that the paper disappears, also disappearing anxiety / stress / problems stuck in it.

Just thinking "Paper for Flies" cuts that negative energy.
Use mainly in situations of anger, judgment or criticism of others. "Paper for flies" ignites negative thinking, feeling or emotion before they become shared memories. Instead of getting into an argument, think: "fly paper."


It is a tube of Divine Light that descends upon you. Just thinking of the "Pillar of Peace of the I", you automatically place yourself in the irradiation of the Divinity at that time. Your whole being will be totally protected from negative vibrations. You can direct it to any person or thing to harmonize them with just thinking of "Pillar of Peace of the Self"
It makes you "invisible" in stressful situations.


Saying this allows everything that is perfect and right for everyone involved to manifest, according to God's will. Then you don't need to think about what you should do about it. This is something very brave to do. It takes courage to let go and trust that Divinity will do what is best for everyone.


There is no better remedy and cleanser than laughter. Laughter and smile can clear any situation, no matter how complicated it is.


It helps solve problems of any kind. It is better to do this twice a week before retiring at night. Imagine placing all your problems - that relate to anything: you, your family, friends, grandparents, cars, pets, lively or inanimate things - in an indigo bowl, which is suspended above the center of the Haleakala volcano on Maui Hawaii .
Imagine that everything you have deposited in the container in turn is transformed, from indigo into blue ice, and finally to white. Then, the Divine will end the treatment and the situation will change.


Every time you see something blue, remember Ho'oponopono and say the phrases that inspire that moment.
People or things that cause disturbance can also be seen blue.


(In Hawaiian, "I" means Divinity - the "I AM")
"I" am the "I"
I come from emptiness to the light,
I come forth from the void in to the light,
Pua mai au mai ka po iloko or ka malamalama,
I am the breath that nourishes life
I am the breath that nurtures life,
Owau no ka ha ka mauli ola,
I am that emptiness, that silence beyond all consciousness
I am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all consciousness
Owau no ka poho ke ka'ele mawaho a'e or no ike apau
The "I", the id, the all,
Ka "I", ke kini Iho, na Mea Apau
"I" draws my rainbow through the waters,
“I” draw my bow of rainbows across the waters
Ka a'e au “I” ku'u pi'o or na anuenue mawaho a'e or na kai apau
The transformation of the mind into matter
The continuum of minds with matters
Ka ho'omaumau or na mana'o amen to mea apau
I am the inspiration and the expiration of breath
I am the incoming and outgoing of breath,
Owau no ka "Ho" a me ka ha
The untouchable and invisible breeze,
The invisible, untouchable breeze
I have huna ka makani nahenahe
The indivisible atom of Creation
The undefinable atom of Creation
Ka "Hua" huna or Kumulipo
I am the "I"
I am the "I"
Owau no ka "I"

"Peace begins with me."

This is a compilation of the tools that I know so far. I have gathered them in this small manual to facilitate the practitioners of this beautiful self-healing / correction technique so that they can choose at any time the tool that best applies in each case.
May the Divine bless us today and forever.

Suely da Silva.

“Ho'oponopono Tools Manual”

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