Fortunately neither so beautiful nor so beasts

  • 2017
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It is true that it is nice to remember the times when cartoons full of stereotypes and preconceived ideas marked our perception about the world, our environment and our life.

constructive patterns of behavior ...

Of course, this is neither good nor bad, in some way they mark constructive patterns of behavior that, although they are not at first sight, since it is not their intention, they intend to create in a general way awareness of the conception of good and evil or of Cause and effect.

In the case of "Beauty and the Beast" what we must highlight are important qualities such as that no one has intrinsic identity, that is, the ultimate reality does not turn in the direction of dualism, ugly and pretty, sad or cheerful ... turns in address of a multiple and vast amount of perceptions.

infinite shades ...

For example, from white to black we can find infinite shades, not only opposite, that is how we are not beautiful all the time nor are we beasts all the time.

By affirming that we have no intrinsic identity, we understand that, for example, for our partner we can be a charm and at the same time we can be a nuisance for those who do not like us, maybe if we are doctors, the patients who heal claim that we are excellent and those of us who are not a fiasco.

This is how it is that we are an emergence dependent on conditions and circumstances, also subject to the projections of the one who observes us and lives with us.

lucid and conscious…

Of course, this does not mean that we cannot do anything about it, in fact if we are lucid and aware of our surroundings, we can live in a consistent way and reflect what we set out to do. In the opposite way we can also reflect what is not edifying. Deep down it also depends on us.

When we refer to someone as Beautiful, it can be physically pleasing to our senses and socially accepted, it can also transcend behavior patterns such as generosity, patience, honesty and integrity.

When we talk about the beast we mean maybe someone not as physically attractive, possibly possessing destructive qualities such as greed, pride, dishonesty and lack of congruence.

we are dependent springs .

If we think a little, it is not possible to fall exclusively into a category or even all the time, the point is to understand that as dependent arising we are subject to the mental perceptions of others and of ourselves.

The rescue of this point of view is that we can observe the mechanics of the cause and the effect in the sense that if we act in a harmful way we will reap the unpleasant and if we focus on the positive we will be aiming at tranquility and well-being.

In the same way, if we do not want to become beasts, we must not generate the causes, that is, if we do not wish to have unconstructive consequences, we must focus on peace, tranquility, present attention, generosity, patience and kind love. As well as in history, the Beast reaps the result of greed and a superficial life becoming an unpleasant, unhappy and tormented being.

prosperity, happiness and abundance ...

This makes more sense when we observe that permeated actions of generosity have exponential results towards the constructive, Bella's edifying efforts for her father generate prosperity, happiness and abundance.

This is not out of reality since analyzing the studies about karma it follows that this is how it works, the awareness that we will reap what we sow is of vital importance in our daily performance.

Although they are labels, we rescue the general guidelines of action, to guide our behavior of mind, word and body in a positive and safe direction, it is not entirely fantasy, it is in itself determined to take care of our well-being and happiness for this life or following depending on what each of us consider possible. So is.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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