Cranial chakra opening. Beloved Mary

  • 2015

Beloved girl I am Maria

The crystalline frequency of Lemuria brings to you new memories of DNA

Specifically the presence of new electromagnetic fields in the aura. They are being recalibrated in the last hours.

You are in the most beautiful process of emotional union

All your emotional body, opens to new dimensions, so you have the feeling of seeing beings who died long ago, being more united with other creatures of the planet or remembering mythical lives that you are not certain of their existence, rather than legends or art, such as the Hyperborean civilization.

Now at this moment, the authentic cellular memory of internal registers, of your own being, is opened, so that you can redirect all that information gradually .

It is not an opening between planes, it is your opening to other planes, it is the union of the realities present in parallel of your own existence to which you had not had access until now.

This opening has a point or chakra, called the cranial chakra located on the right side of the pineal gland and on the left, so you have felt so much activity at the cervical level and sinusitis the previous days

This farm also speaks to us intensely of the universal memory in you. It is the one that regulates the energy of the space that surrounds you and the own return establishing a balance between both.

This little triangle. Formed between the pituitary, and the two cranial points on the sides of the pineal, it is the internal vehicle that allows them to establish an order and link with all their emotional DNA.

The opening is natural, they do not need anything in particular, just the will to continue walking in their personal purpose and in the balance of all their bodies and this triangle will enter into resonance with the crystalline core of Gaia. Allowing them the orderly expansion of consciousness and moving them away from collective egregores or sublimations of mental creations, which they are taking for granted.

Beloved children of light, all of you inside have great and wonderful children of light that help you to co-create your realities after breaking down the barriers of the mental body and healing your inner child.

We are very proud of your great evolutionary leap, the planetary transformation is a beautiful event that we are all attending and in which we all vibrate and live and learn with you. Thank you for allowing us to attend this moment of universal inflection.

And thanks for opening your hearts again beloved brothers, a hug from the sun of Alcyon, beloved Mary.

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Channeled by Elsa Farrus

Cranial chakra opening. Beloved Mary

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