What is Panchakarma detoxification

  • 2018

You may have heard about the effectiveness of alternative remedies for your conditions. In this sense, they have told you about Panchakarma detoxification, but you don't know what it is or what it consists of, as is logical. So, take note, since below we bring you everything you need to know about respect so you know the many healthy benefits of this technique.

All about Panchakarma detoxification

Well, when talking about Panchakarma, we are referring to the traditional way of detoxifying both the body and the mind . Through this process, rejuvenation is favored. In short, it is a great method to preserve health, youth and vitality.

The value of this practice is to offer a systematic treatment that cleanses toxins from the body .

These toxins are found in the cells, hence you have to look for powerful effects to get rid of them. For that, what is done is to use the same thing that the organism uses . That is, sweat glands, blood vessels, urinary tract and intestines.

Ending toxins thanks to Panchakarma detoxification

Panchakarma is thought to end toxins very efficiently . And it is that the accumulation in our body is such that this method is very efficient due to the high degree of development of these toxins.

During the Panchakarma process, a substance known as ama is removed . This is a byproduct that is formed in the body and causes improper digestion. In addition, it makes it heavier.

The effect it has on our bodies is to block our system and damage our tissues, promoting possible diseases.

To do Panchakarma therapy properly for several days or weeks, you have to take a special diet with herbs .

With these two components the starting gun is given to loosen the housewife . Thus, the digestive system can eliminate all this toxic substance from the body.

In this way, the person begins by eating a series of special foods and taking herbs, oils, etc. All this also includes a series of therapies that act in a complementary way . These therapies allow relaxation between Shirodhara, Ayurvedic and Swedana massage.


Those who do not know what Shirodhara is, say that it is a unique treatment in which a great massage is performed . A hot oil made with herbs is used. It is applied through the thin Spicket both on the forehead and in the sixth chakra. It is a therapy that serves to purify the mind and reduce anxiety.

These types of practices are known as Ayurvedic massages . It is a dance where professionals dance and in which the hand is placed on the body of the person receiving the therapy.

Through this massage, what is done is to mix the oils with special herbs . These herbs serve to loosen the housekeeper and restore normal digestive system. In this way, it not only cleanses, but also calms the organism.

Ayurvedic massage can be given in two ways: alone or through the Panchakarma . When the whole housekeeper is back in the digestive system, what needs to be done is to eliminate it directly from the body.

You see that this Ayurvedic therapy is of vital importance to obtain a healthy and healthy organism . Without hardly any contraindication, the benefits are very numerous so that your body is in full power.

Seen at Ayurveda School, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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