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  • 2017
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Bruno is a male name widely used in Europe and in America. Its origin is Germanic and comes from the ancient German language.

It was the name of the ruling families of Germany during the Middle Ages.

The female version is Bruna, spread in Italy, Portugal and Brazil. Brunella is also used in Italy.

Etymological origin

The origin of the name Bruno comes from the German brun which means " dark", or also "Brown."

Some sources say that it comes from the word of the High German from the period of 700 to 1050 AD, brun which means "shield or armor."

Other meanings attributed to its Germanic origin are: "bright, " "reddish, " "fire."

Meaning in other languages

In French, it means dark, dark skinned.

In Italy, it refers to the one with brown hair. In this country it is also a very common last name.


In the Basque Country language, the way of writing is modified and becomes Burnón.

San Bruno

Saint Bruno of Cologne was a nobleman, founder of the Cartuja order of monks in 1084. He personally founded the first two communities. He was a renowned professor in Reims and an advisor to his former student, Pope Urban II.

The Cartujos Order, which still exists today, is characterized by an extremely rigorous discipline. One of his votes in absolute silence.


Bruno's onomastic is celebrated on October 6.

Name diffusion

In the Anglo-speaking world the name was spread in the 19th century with the novel by Lewis Carrol Silvie and Bruno (1889).

The name Bruno is frequently used in Continental Europe, the United States, Brazil, Canada and Oceania.

Famous characters

A character of today is the versatile singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. Mars grew up in Hawaii, his name was originally Peter but he was nicknamed Bruno at two years of age.


He has a very strong and strong personality, is communicative and very intuitive. He is also an observer, he already likes to know everything that happens around him. He is extremely generous and attentive to others.


It is said that numbers carry the key to our inner personality. Each letter of the first name has an equivalent number. Each number has a meaning, which can become a tool to understand the deepest secrets.

The following describes what Bruno means in spiritual terms:

1- Soul thrust number: 9

People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and give to others by sharing their money, knowledge, experiences or creative or artistic ability.

2- Expression number: 7

People with this name are excellent to analyze, understand and learn . They tend to be physicians, philosophers, scholars and teachers . They live in your mind much of the time so they tend to be calm and introspective . They are often introverted.

His reflexive character and the analysis of world events make him seem distant and sometimes even melancholy.

Thought, examination, research, as well as exclusivity are all characteristic of the expression of number seven.

It is easy to find things that are wrong and correct them, as well as to find the root of all problems.

Bruno is very effective in studying people and has a great passion for things that are unknown.

He is the type of person who can try to study almost anything! You can investigate areas of complex or scientific nature, or even works based on faith or the occult. You may be an excellent instructor .

It is usually very rational and often employs a realistic way of approaching the things it does.

3- Negative attributes of number 7

He has little confidence in himself and can be extremely introverted, which can make him a little self-centered and independent.

EDITOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood.

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