The energies that come to you alter your vibrations, just like all your physical settings

  • 2017

Dear brothers, there are certain days in which it seems that time passes very slowly and they become long, just as there are certain nights in which time passes so fast that they seem very short. However, it is necessary to know that time is nothing more than an illusion.

Time consists of that path that guides you from one point to another, both pre-existing within the multidimensional and infinite space that makes up life, which is basically love. You are an integral part of this space and it is that inside this dark and dense essence, a black hole is created through which a double light emerges; In the same way as the rainbow, this light has several colors, frequencies, floors and / or dimensions. Through this arc, going from one to another dimension, means crossing a strip within the frequency scale.

Stop, for example, in the violet stripe: What does it have that makes it so important?

Simple, violet is in the middle of blue and red; the blue color corresponds to the sky, while the red one concerns the earth, which means that the purple allows both the sky and the earth to be connected with his soul, in the same way that the green connects them with the physical plane.

Time no longer consists of some element through which to give explanations, instead, it is a tool to understand everything that has been presented to each of you for years and that you have to remember, finding yourself updating at all times. At the same time that your physical body allows the new frequencies to be integrated into it, it is possible that for several of you, the pains occur especially at the level of your soul. The old wounds reappear, those that go back to a very old period, mainly that of Atlantis and these reappearances could lead to confusion, fear, suffering and even guilt.

In these cases, they have the opportunity to say: "Father, forgive them, since they did not know what they were doing"

Your faults, if there is any fault, should not be redeemed, they have already been repaired and sublimated, since all of you are impressive sidereal beings. You are respected and greatly admired far beyond the loneliness you seemingly go through, since you have returned and have chosen to incarnate within this world in order to give heaven the opportunity to fulfill the prophecy. We can say that the myth becomes reality and that it is being updated today on earth, so it is time to manifest the truth, so that you also have the possibility to enjoy of the immense joy that comes from seeing that the prophecy is fulfilled.

Now they are free to go home and allow other beings to continue this journey

All those energies that come to you change your vibrations and, consequently, also alter all your physical configuration and that is that your perception of everything that happens around you is linked also with its vibration levels. Likewise, the three factors: consciousness, vibration and perception are linked together in a coherent way.

Consciousness is at the same time the source and purpose of experience, while vibration consists of life and perception is about knowledge. The perception of each of you is fully compatible with the physical environment in which you are now; However, this environment is altered due to the effect caused by the passage of your solar system through this region of the space known as Faja de Fotones, which ata a galactic equator really.

The vibrations increase as a result of this step and their perceptions adjust immediately and automatically to this vibrational change, which produces the corresponding change of consciousness. These changes are already being appreciated by your senses, unconsciously before they happen; nevertheless, your brain is not yet able to interpret them in any format that is compatible with the psychic abilities that they possess, in fact, the filter of their minds is a mirror in which their consciousness is reflected; the mind is really a prisoner of memory and has the ability to face the unknown.

Letting things go and putting your mind blank will give you the opportunity to have a new perception about reality, in this way, the perceptions of each of you will adjust to the new frequencies, without your minds trying to interpret them Thus, consciousness will reveal the new content about the reality that is offered to them and in which they now find themselves. The main conditions, such as the suppression of the mental filter and subconscious perception, trigger a 3rd term linked to consciousness, and in this way that their bodies anchor the new frequencies, at the same time their consciences are responsible for perceiving them without any kind occurring. of interpretation by the mind.

It is possible to perceive the separation of consciousness not only on the outside, but also on the inside, this is because you start from your physical consciousness in order to try to perceive that which is not physical. However, the physical senses do not have the capacity to reach a non-physical dimension, which by nature is "subconscious."

In you, the human beings, the subconscious is contained within the water and linked to the neurovegetative system; their bodies are formed and contain 80% water, so each of their organs are completely submerged in water, this is the reason why all kinds of subconscious information is usually perceived immediately throughout the entire body, unlike the central nervous system, which needs information to be transmitted from the head to the feet and vice versa.

Water turns out to be fully compatible with air, which is why the water inside you communicates directly with the outside of your bodies, through different processes that allow you to transmit energy, processes that we will not detail now because you already know them and all through the chacras, the sweat and some other emanations that are still unknown to them. Until now, what they manage to perceive from the outside is directly reflected in the water inside, since this is the seat of consciousness; However, the current "change" that is being generated in your consciousness consists in transferring this seat that is inside your physical body to a much more subtle one linked to your energy body.

However, for now this process of change is experienced by you through an alternative form, which takes place mainly during the night, while you sleep. Since at that time, your consciousness is projected on a different dimensional frequency outside your physical body.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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