Muriel sends us a message: Make love and don't make war

  • 2017

We exist in a beautiful dance that is vibrating throughout the planet Earth. We are the ones who are attracted to other people and also to the circumstances in which your energy is listening. Our energy is about everything that we think, feel and believe in a conscious and unconscious way and that is that we are attracted to all the things we are capable of loving and to a lesser extent, the things we are afraid of. We are people who are attracted to us because that is how we want it and we are chained in an energetic way with all the things we hate. We are all attracted because this is how we expect it, and we are tied to everything we believe.

While most people are always worrying about the state of the world, we can be able to see magnificent vibrations of love!

Billions of people are able to help and quietly help other people, hug all their loved ones, can save animals and provide care for the elderly. Love can be found in the laughter of children, in the tranquility of those who are silent who can give thanks to life, in the appreciation of nature and also in the meditations that are silent. Love exists in the hearts of those people who are able to listen with patience to the others of those who wait patiently in line.

Love exists in those people who are able to express art and also in those who are able to create technologies to provide help and to help the human race. Love, my dear friends, is in every corner and wonderful news is that it is expanding!

Let's look everywhere. If we are able to search, we will find nature and the meditations that are silent

There may be love that tries to arise under the feelings of anger that we have, of sadness and also of pain. When we find ourselves in all these spaces, it is when we most need our own tenderness, love and compassion. There may be love even in souls who are more fanatical, the most prejudiced and also in those who are most hateful. In fact, they disturb the most evil acts on planet earth are in deep sadness, so they are people who need prayers.

These people need us to whisper in the intimacy of their mind and heart and to tell their souls, “ you are loved ones . You forgot it. You want to love You forgot it. You are the master… ”Those are the words we have to murmur.

What are we concentrating on the friends we love most? Because it is with your attention that we are able to change the world . Do we want to be able to insist on the love in the world and the love that is buried deep inside the people who are hurt? Do we want to concentrate on being able to celebrate those people who are able to practice love and to be able to pray people who are not able to do it? Or will we fall into the feeling of hate, fear and despair? We are able to choose, as an old motto says, in your land, in each breath, "make love, not war, " and with its collective choice, the world will respond.

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