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Kuthumi sings: It has been a long way, to get from here to there. It has been a long time but our time is finally here. I can see the change in the wind right now, nothing is in our way, and we will not let them press us anymore, no, we will not. Because we have gained faith from the heart, going where the path leads, we have gained strength to believe, you can do anything. They have gained soul strength. No one is going to bend or break us, we have gained faith ... faith of the heart.

Namaste for everyone there, my friends and my family and you here. How perfect is this. Welcome everyone, I really asked to have this time, half an hour, to talk to you. To talk about beautiful things. Things that concern the heart, that concern the soul and things that also concern all these beautiful things and changes that have been happening here on planet Earth. And you are part of that!

Applause for YOU

But before I address any of that I want to take a minute to applaud them from the bottom of my heart. To applaud them for the steps they have taken, and also for the things they have done, for the courage they have had to create your lives in the way that will be from now on. I can't tell you enough, because otherwise this good friend of mine, Adamus, would kick me back to Venus.

Oh, what an amazing time we are. I really hope that applause takes you to a place where I want to take you. A place of hope, passion and beauty. Because I have a very special and very simple message to share with you all today. I will not give you information. God knows that Adamus has been preparing his notes for days and is taking out a little of that paragraph and adding it to it and then calling me and saying: “Oh, Kuthumi, can I say this? Can I say the other? How do you Do you say to someone when you want to tell him that he is an angel? ”And I answer:“ Well, can you tell him or can you make love to him, because what else do you do with an angel that is not making love with him? ”So here I am, to make love with you, and doing it today I want to talk to you about, and remind you, what you are doing here on Earth, you beautiful, beautiful souls. I want to remind you of the real reason why you came to Earth.

I will call this little segment as Life with Kuthumi: soul essay. Because that's really what you are, again I can't spoil Adamus's message for you, but I want you to know for a long time now, we have observed you. We have also walked with you and created, as everyone knows, the right path ahead of you, next to you. And so, for a long time, for a few years, it was that one, two, three steps were created in front of you, and even if you thought about a futro, even about all these things that you call potential future and agreements and quotes and things for the style, there really was no room to create those quotes and many of them just faded into the air.

A beautiful perfume was created every time and that perfume is called frustration. A perfume of Kuthumi. Because you know, my dear Angels, that it is allowing frustration to move through your bodies and through your lives in the past years, that you have really done the impossible. And do you know what they have done? Every time this frustration about the future came to you, those few steps that were before you began to recede, to recede.

And so I allowed them the frustration in your lives, I said, "Let her come", because every time I took them out a little bit of the right path that was created in front of your feet. Adamus told me, "This is going to be difficult." Very quickly they fall into the abyss, and I said, “when they do, they can fly… They can fly!

Your Own Creation Power
And so it happened, my dear Angels, that the path was set back and back and back and recently it was that it changed to no longer give us the ability to co-create the path with you. There is only one person who is taking the precise steps that you put in front of the other foot, at every moment. And that is you.

And they needed to be applauded for that. Because you have to have that courage, to allow in your lives that energy of frustration without really knowing and fear, as well as maintaining that level of trust, and I know that they did not always have that level of trust at all times, and that is good. But to maintain that level of trust anyway, on your best days and really keep having that ability, when frustration comes, to respond with love; Well, that's just adorable. And that's why I call them my cheerleading Angels (refers to groups of people, dressed in bright colors, who cheer on their team and supporters with chants and choreography; they are usually women. Very popular in high school). And so they are.

They are the cheerleaders on earth, I called it soul trial just a minute ago but I could have easily used the name of cheerleading. What else does a cheerleader's energy do, when they look at this great team, there on the field, playing their true game of life and throwing football around, are the cheerleaders, jumping up and down, up and down, and those are you.

Of course, you are more than just those cheerleaders, they are also the schoolchildren, the teachers and also the messengers. But since yours is a message of love and joy, I will call them the cheerleaders.

The path is no longer being created in front of you, nor those two steps that many have been talking about in all these years. Again, you are fully responsible for that creation and I see many of you, lowering your feet where there is not even a ground under where to support you.

And, my dear, dear souls, you are learning how to fly

Today you are in a special moment of time, you are entering this amazing space. It is not only the space that is around you, but also a space that is happening within you, and finally this expansive energy is playing. Something that is real is being talked about. And again I will not go into that.

But I must tell you something. Since you have basically been here on earth, and many of you do not know why you are here, but as you have been on earth anyway, you have controlled nothing. Let everything go; release it, even if they think they don't, and they will have created something new. Something that will be shared with everyone, and therefore you have been rehearsing what it means to be a human angel on this Earth. And that is much more amazing.

Seeing you go through the rehearsal process and see you stage all those scenes and librettos for yourself, and then see that the librettos don't go. Looking at that with the perception and the point of view of true joy and enjoyment, and then allow themselves to rewrite the entire scene once more. That is what I call courage. Also what I call magic.

They are showing the World of Magic

For what else is a magician who for someone who takes something that does not work, or not there yet, and changes it into something that does. That is magic and that is why these souls have been on planet Earth, rehearsing this for years. From my perspective, of what I am seeing every day, I take you to your pretty little beds, giving you a little kiss on the forehead, two on the cheeks and two more on the other cheeks down there . Every time I do, at least a part of you goes to bed with passion.

Why the passion? Even though you often feel empty, somewhat annoying and somewhat unconscious, when you go to the dream state, what you create for yourself and the rest of humanity, is this huge space where all the souls, who rest in bed, come together. So they really acted on the trial process they went through. Doing so, all those very serious souls around you, go to the theater and watch them taking something home when they wake up. It may take time after time, night after night, but they remain watching them act.

How often are you not told that when you watch television, watch movies in the cinema or go to the theater, that you take something that you begin to apply in everyday life. The media have been doing it all the time, they have been showing them new equipment, sets, and things to sell that are suddenly in your lives, buying without knowing why. All that you buy! Correct? So this works the same way. Basically you put new energy products there, every night a big buffet in the theater for many as it shows.

And I notice how the rest of this land is building courage to take the same steps. Now I want to tell you something that everyone already knows but I will repeat it: in what they are moving, to the life they are moving, it will only work completely when they allow all kinds of attachment - which includes judgment, because judgment is also an attachment, it is a very strong bonding energy that can be closed with a pin in you and the one you judge and with whom you are bound for lives, at least in the old energy - to let go of all those ties, including the judgment on power systems and old energy corruption, and all those words they have for that, if they can leave it completely - in fact they are allowing themselves Become better models and actors for all that. Because then they are seeing that you do not judge them and that is why it will be easier for them to observe the game that you are staging for them, night after night.

And I will tell you that recently, what I call "they" - and we all know that there is no "them", but those who are not now on the path, at least in the same place where you are - "they" in They are actually beginning to take note of you and your essay in an awake state of reality. So it is never happening at night and that is beautiful. That is why they sometimes have the feeling that they are more observed and those things can be a little difficult to get rid of, but it is wonderful. It's good.

Do you stay or leave?

That said, I want to tell you something else. I know that I visit you every night, I know that I am with you, and you also know that I am with you. Two nights ago I was with you again. But it was a very busy night for me because I wanted to connect with all of you at the same time. And now, from many perspectives, there is no time, but it takes a lot of work to really connect to the same linear moment with each and every human being, animal beings, plant beings, mineral beings and etheric beings on earth. So I took a stick, put a request and asked the cheerleaders, the souls in rehearsal and everyone else: do they stay or leave?

Because you see, there were a couple of openings in what they call the other side of the veil or the other side of reality, for those who actually return to the energies of life to work from that angle. There were a couple who really did it, so if they have supposedly suffered any kind of "loss" in your lives in the last few days, then they know what really happened there. It was those souls who returned to work with you, from that angle and that is good news.

But even better news is that at the same time, since you are watching or reading this with your cute little human eyes, and listening to it with your pretty little ears, you have decided to stay. Oh God! I have decided to stay, some say, and yes, they want to continue in your little drama about "this is my last life on Earth." No, no, because after hearing Adamus' message today, they will see that it is becoming your only life, here in the field of experience. And you have chosen to create something really amazing here!

For what I want to thank you my beloved, beloved ones. I thank you for allowing me to connect to you, these past two nights, and really go through this process with you. Now, to those who decided to leave, I have guided them. And so his departure was truly a celebration. I took care of the balloons; There was cake and lemonade. I made sure it was really a celebration.

And I know that some of them are out there right now, listening to this and the tears are running down your cheeks because they realize what has been happening to those they loved and have left; please know that you have taken good care of them. They are already in the process of true delight, true reconnection to their own totality. And that is beautiful.

True Delight

But you will also go through a process of true delight now, while these last steps that you have been taking were already taken in your own creative power, I hope you feel encouraged by this. I hope you really know that nothing can ever go wrong, that you are truly safe and that you are fully loved and that, indeed, my sweet friends, is my only message for you today. I have no complexity to share with you. No new information, at least not really, to share with you. And what I can say is that it has been a long way, go from here to there, but they have arrived.

I know that Adamus will speak next and I invite you to open up to his message. I invite you to move to a state of total awareness, as you go through his message because he has something to share with you that is going to shake your pretty little bone, and that will change your reality by turning it on its head. And I will still say, while this is upside down, returning to a vibration and a state to which it really belongs. You are the angels, the divine humans on Earth. Please rehearse well, make all your scenes a beauty, as it becomes more real to you and more important than you can really understand.

Know that you are loved, blessed and that we are here for you, and that even though you are now in your own creative power, we will be your friends and brothers and sisters as we go with you to a field where we can truly become equal. And from there to the realms of the fantastic. So enjoy this fantastic trip and know that we are one. A heart, a mind, a body, a soul, an Ish, always.

They are dearly loved, thanks for listening to my humble words and now let me, as I leave this body, go to your souls with the following song:

How could anyone ever tell them that they were anything but beautiful,
How could anyone ever tell them they were anything but everything,
How could someone fail to warn that your love is a miracle,
How deeply they are connected to my soul,
How could anyone ever tell you that you were anything but magicians,
How could anyone ever tell you that you were less than everything,
How could someone fail to warn that your love is a miracle,

How deeply they are connected to my soul.

Kuthumi loves them,
And so it is.

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