5 strange alternative therapies

  • 2017
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There is no doubt that traditional medicine is not always able to respond correctly to any condition. Nor is it strange that we look for answers in more exotic or unique techniques and places. However, sometimes strange alternative therapies arise that do not always show real efficacy . Are you coming to discover some of them?

Strange Alternative Therapies

There is no doubt that alternative therapies are really useful. Medicine is not always effective, and the treatment and healing of soul and spirit need something else . But we must not go crazy either. Do not accept any rarity as much as they offer it to us as if it were not going anymore.

It is important to check the effectiveness if you offer any of these strange alternative therapies. Whether through internet searches, asking friends and acquaintances or investigating we can find their utilities, origin, history, etc.

However, we do not intend here to discredit the use of any therapy, alternative or not, whether or not it is more strange. We simply inform you of its existence and its supposed benefits. It is up to each one to believe what they want freely.

Urine therapy

The first one we highlight today is called urine therapy. In this case it is about drinking your own pee every morning. In this way, according to those who have tried and defend this technique, it is possible to improve conditions such as asthma, diabetes and even heart problems .

The funny thing is that while this alternative therapy is thousands of years old, no one has scientifically proven it to be useful. It is up to each one if he wants to try it or not, but his followers consider it as very beneficial.

Therapy of the cryogenic chamber

Much more novel than the previous one is the therapy of the cryogenic chamber. In this process the body is suspended in liquid nitrogen to improve its state of health . It is also known as cryotherapy, and it is true that body pain is reduced by subjecting it to temperatures below -85 C. It also increases the immune response of the human organism.

Psychic surgery therapy

Do you think it is possible to perform psychic surgery? There is no doubt that among all the rare alternative therapies, this is among the toes. For this, the surgeon makes incisions in certain parts of the body to remove damaged tissue without the use of instruments or anesthesia, only with the hands . It has many followers in countries like Brazil or the Philippines.

DNA healing therapy

One way to improve emotional problems is through DNA healing therapy . In this case, healing consists in eliminating the negative emotional traces that we have inherited from our ancestors or ancestors. His followers say that he can be cured like this until cancer or alcoholism.

Renaissance Therapy

We also see the therapy of rebirth. In this case we are faced with the realization of meditation and breathing exercises that serve to emulate the time of birth and birth . For experts, thanks to this technique, both physical and psychological problems are reduced. It is a way to free the mind of unwanted emotions.

Interestingly, just as childbirth can be painful and traumatic for the mother, it is believed that it is not so much for the baby . In reality, the child undergoes a much smoother transition, more as if he were receiving a light massage. The real blow comes with the change in temperature, but the remaining process is not very problematic for him, so this therapy could really bring us back to that beautiful moment.

These are 5 of the strange alternative therapies that attract the most attention . Surely you know others that we would love to hear, as well as your experiences if you tried any of these.

By Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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