Sananda's message: The abundance of your inner clarity

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, February 16, 2018

I extend loving blessings from my being, while I emit the vibrations of inner clarity. Clarity is the truth of the Creator in action .

Each soul can access and has the ability to deliver the clarity of the Creator. Each soul can embody the clarity of the Creator because it is the essence of his being, there is simply a need to understand and connect with this sacred energy that describes the truth of the Creator.

When you access the Creator's clarity within your being, then you become the truth of the Creator in action. Clarity is seeing, feeling and recognizing an inspiring path that leads to enlightenment and that encourages you to feel that you can easily take the most appropriate action that is required.

Clarity awakens your being.

The presence of clarity is reassuring, purifying and activating for your physical body and your energy bodies, thus dissolving blockages and stagnant energy that may be hindering them in any way.

Clarity awakens your whole being, refreshes your systems and allows you to realize the truth within your being. You begin to explore all that you are, recognize the guide that flows through your being and access the courage to take the necessary steps to be love and the divine in action.

Clarity = Illumination

Illumination is, in fact, the connection with your inner frequencies of clarity.

Many people believe that once they have access to enlightenment, then they will experience clarity, therefore they will understand the guidance, wisdom and love of the Creator and carry it forward. In truth, enlightenment emerges when you access and embody your inner clarity. A pure and simple intention to awaken and embody your inner clarity would allow you to feel enlightened.

“Now I connect with the core of my inner clarity, drawing the Creator's clarity to the depths of my whole being. I choose to experience a continuous link with my inner clarity, enjoying these sacred frequencies that pulse throughout my being. May my inner clarity influence my whole being in magical, beautiful and healing ways. As I access and become familiar with my inner clarity, so I am the truth of the Creator in action, being divinely inspired and guided. It is through the sacred vibrations of clarity, that I experience everything I imagine is enlightenment and more. It is clearly that I act and react like the divine on Earth. Thank you."

Many souls seek clarity, wishing to understand their presence on Earth, their purpose and meaning and yet many of them remain inaccurate, confused and distracted. When they access their inner clarity, they allow themselves to access the core of their being and the vibration that is omniscient. In that way, they bring the truth from their core to the surface to interact in their reality as they focus and cement their truth; in who they are

Perceiving your world

You may feel that the way you interact and perceive your world is incorporated into you as who you are . This is false, within you there are a variety of levels of interaction and perception that you could embody.

The way you see, feel and recognize the world in which you live could change dramatically if you were willing and ready to allow it . Many souls on Earth are perceiving from the surface of their being; This means that they are drawing information that they have received from the outside world since birth.

They have the ability to perceive, create and interact from the core of clarity, that is, from a space within that is rooted, centered, fully understands them and is a transmission from the Creator .

When you see the world from your inner clarity, everything is simple and transparent.

Imagine seeing the world around you from your central inner space of clarity; There would be a deep sense of simplicity and transparency . Everything will be open and available to you, flowing with beauty. It is this inner core of clarity, which has an impressive base and center, in which I, Master Sananda, wish to encourage you to connect . It is this approach that will heal, enlighten and bring back memories.

When I was taught this valuable lesson when I was a child, in my life as a Master Jesus, I realized that when I was connected to my inner clarity, I felt safe, with inner strength and warmth, a sense of my own power and capabilities, inspired to be of service and a deep acceptance of myself .

This was for me the experience of my inner clarity and how it manifested in my being. I discovered that if I focused on the warm and powerful glow of energy within my being, melted into its constantly expanding energy, I would join with my inner clarity, feeling it press and flowing through my being with so much truth.

Take the time to allow yourself to imagine, feel or recognize how the presence of your inner clarity feels within your being when you concentrate on connecting. Realize that clarity is not a result, but an energy within your essence, which is so sacred. Clarity is an incarnation and a center within your being that promotes experiences of divine action and simplicity.

When you seek clarity, you only improve your focus on the vagueness, disorder, chaos and confusion that you may be experiencing within your being and your reality. You are focusing on your lack and your disconnection with the core of your being .

When you realize that clarity is already present within your being and simply requires that you concentrate on its presence, breathing it into your being and reality, embody clarity and focus on the abundance of your being.

If you are experiencing vagueness, disorder, chaos and confusion, then you are focused on the lack of clarity and it would be appropriate to settle more fully in your inner clarity.

Exercise to connect with the abundance of your inner clarity

As you focus inward, allow yourself to imagine a seed that is charged with energy, so much so that it is as if it were on fire . It is creating great radiance, warmth and a powerful presence within you. The fire can be of any color. The seed represents the core of your being.

Invite the seed to activate your inner clarity and let the energy overflow around the seed. Feel or recognize the beauty of your inner clarity. Recognize how it instantly impacts lovingly on your being.

Your inner clarity allows the seed to be planted deep within your being, melting into the energy and source that created the seed and the core of your being. It is as if your nucleus, like the seed, returns to its Creator, uniting as one. You could imagine the Creator as a tree or the essence of everything, whatever seems appropriate to you.

Within your core and the source of your core is clarity in abundance, a frequency that can be described as a color, sound, vibration and sensation. Allow yourself to feel or recognize the abundance of clarity, allow yourself to bathe in clarity while filtering this sacred energy into your whole being and reality . Observe any change or transformation that takes place within your being, observe the divine in action that flows through you.

Keep this focus for some time, until you feel that you are becoming familiar with energy in any way that is appropriate for you.

The more you focus on your inner clarity, the more you will notice your true and natural incarnation of clarity and how positivity transforms the perception of your world. You will notice a new sensation of observing from the inner truth instead of observing from the surface of your being.

It is this experience that will allow you to feel as if you are accessing the lighting .

You know that you are a being of clarity and your world is a place of clarity, this was thought by the Creator.

Let me guide you to recognize that you are a master of clarity.

Master Sananda

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Natalie Glasson (2018) Sananda The abundance of Your Inner Clarity. 02/20/2018. Love has won.

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