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  • 2011


Question: How can I heal? Can I do it on my own?

Answer: Kryon - What is the cure? First, always focus on what is the most masculine area that needs healing, and in each family it is the father who needs healing. Always, always, always is the inner world we are dealing with. Because straightening your life in the outside world is almost impossible. First, everything is in the inner world. Everything in you is vibrations of light and energy. Whenever possible, work with the father. Find a way to stay energized through meditation or exercise - see that you always have enough energy in your body for this job, because light and vibrations in your body are energy. What I want him to do is put that light in the dark spaces of his body and release what is not working.

Watch yourself and your life carefully and see what works and what does not work, and depending on how you seem to see your life, you will need as much energy as possible. He cannot dream bigger than is possible and push him and expand his energies towards the outside world. The first step of healing is to accept your situation and then go inside, because you are divine, you are like God, who made you in His image and He is the great creator and therefore you are. But, when you are hurt you create a reality with a wound in your outside world. You need your energy, not to fight the outside world, you need all this to solve your inner world.

Therefore, it is to see where the creation of what you do not want is, and it is to see where you are going to create damage in your life - what you do not want in your life. Where there is anger and fear and sadness. These three basic energies are what are holding you back. Within any of these three energies there is always the inner child, which will lead you to a problem! And so that the whole family constellation is creating a negative reality. Within you is the constellation of the whole family, which are a reflection of the solar system, the sun (Father-Sun inside) is the total sum of all your parents, the earth (Mother-Earth inside) is the total sum of All your mothers, and the moon, the moon is the inner child. Your brother Mercury and your sister Venus, your uncle is Saturn and your aunt is Jupiter.

It is necessary that all these energies come into balance - and somehow putting them in balance is putting light on them. Then put light on your aunts and uncles and especially your mothers and fathers. The most important really is your father because all your family constellation within you is, of course, more masculine, and if this masculinity does not heal then none of the family members can be well healed: it is the masculine, which sustains the feminine . His father will hold his mother in a feminine space. But his mother is also masculine to the child, so that the healing of the child or the mother does not make sense first, it is necessary to heal what is more masculine in the first place. It is not a matter of importance, it is a matter of order. When transporting products to the market, for example, the horse and carriage are as important as the rest and are useless without each other as well. They are not in competition, they are two parts of a functional whole. However, the horse goes ahead of the cart! And the father must be first.

Always start with the father. Start this way. When you go to bed at night, start sending love to your father, your genetic father, or send that love to that part of you that is your father. He must come to realize that the purity of the good God he invokes to heal is actually a true model of the constellation of his entire family, heals.

There are two main parts of this God and the first part is the father and all the male attributes of the family. The second part of God is his partner, his wife, the energy of Sofia, which naturally represents the female part of the family. These are the two most important energies you will invoke to heal. The masculine of the father's side within you will bring the structure, and the feminine will then bring healing. So it is to begin, invoking the energies, feeling the energies, and feeling that healing happens.

Healing is always better between two people, through debate and mutual contemplation. But you can do it alone, doing it yourself demonstrates something very special: pure intention.

Question: What exactly are the applications of the energies of apology and forgiveness - is it necessary to apologize or apologize to a living person? Is it a matter of learning patience, since this healing process takes a long time?

Answer: Kryon - The amount of time you take, this is a journey that everyone is on, and yes, it takes a lot of time, more or less depending on how much they have to heal and on how your father is in the unconscious Remember however that you have chosen your parents, who opted for this experience. In doing so, it is clear that everything will work out. It is beautiful to see yourself getting bigger, look back over your shoulder and look at the past and see how much it has grown and evolved. The fastest way, and really the only way, is to start with the father. This is how he is - if he heals his father, then it can be said that all female aspects, unless real harm is done, will heal as well. If he heals his mother, she will heal the child who will heal the other aspects of the family, and the entire constellation will be cured.

The feminine is different from the masculine, which flows. The feminine is like the river and the masculine is like the riverbank, so if the healthy father allows the other parts of the constellation to fall into their proper feminine roles, everything else It depends on the father being cured.

As far as the inner part and the outside world are concerned - do not worry that no one in the outside world performs this process, once you have truly forgiven these people from the outside world, or they will fall into your place or they will go out of your life. You will feel pure and complete, and resolved in those relationships.

The apology happens internally, it is an energy that they allow. Don't judge the energy, just allow the energy of the apology to flow through you and in the one who is upset or in what is going on negatively and always include your father in this process. No matter who is to blame for what is happening, see that the energy flows through you to your father and then to the problem, and then in the rest of the constellation n family. This is an internal job. There is no need to go out into the world and apologize to this or that person. They probably have no idea about what they are apologizing, they might even have forgotten what you were upset about. Forgiveness is an energy that flows, so let it flow into the problem.

If you are very hurt and you are angry with God, allow the energy to flow back to God and recognize that you are angry with the world and with God and let the forgiveness come on.

You will begin to feel soft and loving and will be complete, while allowing the apology.

There is always a wounded child in the midst of everything negative that is happening living in a dual reality, which has created the problem along with the rest of his family constellation in the world of spirits and that brings you trouble to work through these three dimensions of the Earth. They agreed that this should happen and agreed that their entire family had to be injured or that there was a certain level of unconsciousness for this to happen. Then it happened and he did it as perfectly as he prevented in the spirit world, but unfortunately everyone around him had to be unconscious for this to happen.

The apology is to take away the blame. In Spanish it is Excuse me (ndt: in original Spanish), to remove from the middle in German it is entchuldingung to remove the fault. No one is perfect, but no one is guilty, everything is as it should be, so the apology will allow to flow to the lost and once made then then love can also flow into what the problem is .

We always say, a problem is the absence of love, which always begins inside, you are like the projectors projecting your reality in the world, the problem is darkness, put light in the dark space. Once they treat him with him, he will never come back. That is what they want.

If you try to solve a problem in the material world, then it will be a long time and a lot of energy, and even if it is solved, can you be sure that the problem inside has also been solved? No they can `t. The only way to solve it is to solve it inside by putting a bright light on the problem.

Question: What are the steps to connect with the energy of 2012?

Answer: Kryon - Yes, my dear, this is an interesting question ... with some different possibilities ... the real energy of 2012 will be to create your reality from love. There are four great energies, love, anger, sadness and fear. Anger, sadness and fear hide their lessons in them, and the secret is to resolve these negative emotions and get it through their lessons, as we have explained before. One of the things that will help you, dear ones, is to listen to the previous channels where we bring the audience to the energies of 2012, connecting to that energy.

The Evolution of the Human Spirit

In February I will train twelve people in Costa Rica. The course is called The Evolution of the Human Spirit, and students will learn about how to conduct private sessions after the Kryon Healing Method. This is something that has developed in more than 15 years of Kryon channeling and, as a result of my deepest understanding of Kryon's teachings, specifically about the solar system and the human state. It will focus on self healing and then that of others. It is a philosophy that is based on truth and that is very important, it is a form of healing that really works! Simply, it is a process of bringing light to one of the dark spaces.

As Kryon says: We are here to teach the proper order to heal, we are here to teach the philosophy itself, we are here to teach the truth of your existence, the truth of who you are ... and the truth about the way you are living. We are here to lift the veils and explain the signs and show them the way to heal ... and the way to heal others.

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Kryon Teachings - February 2011 Report

Channeled By David Brown - South Africa

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