Message from Master Djwhal Khul to the Indigo Children about the Seven Fundamental Rays of Creation. Channeled by Wistancia

I greet both you and your sister. And this is a story about you. I will pass this entire session to a teacher who is not in a body but was once in a physical body. Then he ascended from Earth and had no need for lessons to return within a body and learn. For many who live on Earth are learning and refining many things that help them know and "be" more. All life is always expanding everywhere. He became an ascended teacher, which means teacher, and is still teaching. He teaches from another "level of Creation." He is completely wonderful, and he will speak great, and he will talk a little about you and talk with love and about love.

Please get comfortable and sit with me.

Put your attention on your breath and feel life in you.

Feel your breath going through you like a small needle. Or feel it like a small temperate wave of an ocean that moves through you.

If you can locate and follow it, follow it gently into your heart. You can imagine that a soft rainbow of feathers is carried by the wind and floats inside the chamber of your heart. Follow the rainbow inside your heart, which moves it and carries your own breath.

Feel only your heart.

Did you know that your heart is exactly like God's?

Did you know that when you were created, you were like a spark, like a point of fire that came out of the energy that created absolutely everything? When the spark jumped and began to spiral in all levels of Creation, it also reached Earth. And in all that time, if there really is time, You left God with the same kind of heart, with a creative heart. God is the creator and you have a creative heart, like the one we call "Mother / Father God."

Did you know that your true mother and your true father is GOD?

And even if you had an earthly mother and an earthly father, you have had many bodies and many fathers in each of those lives and in each of many places in this Universe. Did you also know that there are many, many, many, many universes? And although you can be called "young", who you really are is not young. You are not old. Your body may be young, but your soul is very old. Your REAL I is a spirit that enters a body to learn and improve. Often a spirit also enters a body to give something to others and needs a vehicle to move, like a car, which is the body. Maybe you came to Earth to hold a mirror and reflect something.

Anyway, your true parent from the beginning of time is Mother / Father God.

Please relax and let Djwhal Khul talk to you

Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor.

You have the energy centers in the crown and also in the soles of the feet.

Let us invoke the Elohim, the Angels and the Masters so that they are present here.

The Elohim build all large structures, such as solar systems. These powerful beings create the worlds. We are going to invite the Angels, we are going to ask you to build a beautiful golden dome on top of you so you can sit inside. Feel safe here. We will invoke the planetary Masters who work with the Rays and we will invoke the 7 precious rays to come, stay and dance with you. There is a great spiritual government on the planet Earth where there are great houses for each of the seven rays. Certain teachers are the leaders in those houses.

Let us now invoke the wonderful colors of all rays. You can see the colors of the rays that are far away or those that are closer to the planet. You may see many different color unions.

Imagine that your heart is a beautiful underground cave full of light. Please come inside and imagine a magnificent gold suit, paint it. Then imagine a violet chair located in the center of the room with another chair in front. Go and sit in the chair. Your feet automatically touch the cushion that is there, in the shape of a white bird called Paloma. Get in, get comfortable and close your eyes.

We will ask Djwhal Khul to come, sit down and talk to you about the rays.

Djwhal Khul speaks to the Children

Well, I bless you, dear ones. You have traveled many different planes (of existence) and many lives on your Earth and beyond. You are like a little time traveler. You are the one who has to be honored and loved, for you are a divine child of God, and yet living on Earth is not always easy for you, but you have chosen one. You chose to be present on Earth at this time, and you asked to be able to bring an approach that may be a little different. In other words, the focus on Earth and the perspective of many of those who live there, what is expected of you by many and what some want is NOT the focus, is it not? You have a different gift to bring to Earth, and you are a Indigo Child. You may not be an indigo child like the others; You are a variation, because they are not all the same, perhaps you have brought your heart to you, the need for the truth and the need for beauty. Perhaps you have brought the sensitivity - indigo who only wants to exist with love, wants to move and create love. Perhaps you have brought the artistic perception of an Indigo, or even the Great Intelligence or the Great Scientific Calculations of an Indigo who is at home with computers or complex devices.

There are things you have to learn and things you have to teach

This does not make you better than others, nor does it make anyone better than you. You are all of God, it is like a giant garden, there are many flowers that grow in this garden. The seed from which your personal flower sprouted has come from far, far away and yet it has sprouted in the garden of the Earth, so you have to know that you are in the right place because you are here. You need to be here. There are things you have to learn and things you have to teach. You need to be here. So don't waste your time dreaming about leaving. Because in your dreams, visions and those that will appear soon, you can see and glimpse other worlds; They are worlds in which you have lived. That does not mean that it was a mistake to come here. Well, you have come here to open your heart. Even if it is in a very special way from the point of view of some of the Earth.

And I will not tell you all the things you will do, because you are a flower that grows in a vine. And what does it mean? It means that you grow intertwined with others and that there will be others who will come and join you. And you will grow together. And you will find others who are like you, and you will not feel so alone.

You have come to build a new society

In the deepest part of your being, you know why you have come here, for your heart knows it. You have come to sow a New Class of Being. And that goes against society, because you have come to build a new society. You have come to become a builder of a new approach and a new society. It is as if there was a prism and you came to polish one of the colors of the prism. But I tell you that to carry out what you have come to do - your work, your gift - it is important for you to honor the other colors of the prism. And it is important that you get a certain balance in your world so that others listen to you, so that you can learn about many things, so that THEN you take out your gift and others listen to you. And they will not always understand you, but you can understand them, interested, more or less, a little in all the things that are important to them, and they will not be afraid of you, you will not discourage them and they will approach you. And they can see your gift. You can share with them those things that you create, because you have not separated from them.

It is important that you learn something about everyone, so you go to school.

And it is not that you should separate from any other, but that you bring the gift of Unity and Integrity. You may be a golden strand, but there are threads that are silver and other strands that are white, green or gray. And you have come to take a needle and join all the threads, not to be superior or inferior, or to stop listening to your heart, but to win your heart and ear; for others to see your work and listen to you, it is important that you learn something about everyone, that is why you go to school.

You already come with a gift and you have a purpose: it is to restore beauty on Earth and focus on Divine Femininity, and Divine Femininity springs from you as a source; much beauty and harmony flow, because you are all harmony and love. Where there is no harmony, you do not understand it, where there is no love, you do not want to be, and where your heart does not understand it, your mind wants to go. That's why you have such intense dreams. That's why the force of love is so intense in you. But if your stem has to grow and strengthen, taking out leaves and branches like flowers of light that are, it is important, since you are planted on the surface of the Earth, that you understand something of the Earth, that is why you go to school, to understand some things that you may have chosen not to be with them for a long time. But do the learning and learn something. Why? So you can talk to a lot of people, so you can share your gifts with a lot of people, so you can love a lot of people, so you can share your gifts with them and learn from their gifts.

And that does not mean that you will lose the wonderful gift you bring.

You are different, but you are also the same

You are different, but you are also the same, because everything is united. He created Everything: every flower, every bird, every planet, every universe, every little dog, every little human being and every little angel. The Creator of All bashed a strand of unity through everything so that everything moves together. In your Earth it is not so easy to see the strands, they seem invisible, but they are not. Everything is united.

Please, dear indigo child, be honest and love yourself

So, please, Dear Indigo Child, be honest and love yourself, and perceive that you are honored in Heaven, as you will also be honored on Earth. There is also unity there. Heaven and Earth are really one, Everything is really connected, you will see it very soon if you still do not see it.

Earth is like a small school. You may not like school sometimes, you may not like Earth. But honor her, please. Perceive that it is alive, it is not just a big ball you walk through. She is alive, all her small parts, even when you walk on top of Her Great Body, she is conscious and growing, and she is, in some way, in her own school of development, of expansion. It is spinning through space and doing many things, giving you shelter. She is one of your mothers, because she feeds you. Its elements are in your physical body, and its lands, although depleted by Humanity, give you food to eat, and its waters give you drink.

The Rays come out of God who created Everything. And they are small different colors, like streams. When you draw a sun sometimes you put lines that come out of the sun. If you return to the original sun that created and gave warmth to everything, you will have what is called God, and the lines that come out are like the rays.

Each ray represents a fundamental part of God's personality

You have a personality and God has a personality.

Each of the rays represents a fundamental part of the personality of God.

Now all who walk on the face of the Earth, although they are Spirit, have a body that surrounds them. If you are here, and you are, then you are here to perfect living on Earth, living on Earth and being able to unite the personality of God with yours. The personality of God has 7 fundamental points. And you have to have them too.

Some are very intense within you.

God has 7 points of light that are the personality of God.

You also have those points of light. You have to have them because you are a Child of God. Well, some are very, very intense, and others are not so much. They are there, but they are not so intense.

While on Earth, it will be your choice to try to embrace them all, invite everyone to your life.

If you do that, you will be very balanced and you will bring a certain harmony, a certain melody to yourself and everyone else.

People call this working with lightning. Work with the personality of God. It's putting together a rainbow, all colors and saying, "I want to work with the whole rainbow, not just a few colors, let me work with the whole rainbow."

When you work with the whole rainbow, you have a whole rainbow around you, and you have a great prism of light that has all the colors. This is unity. This is integrity, and it feels very full, this is Fullness. This feels like God. God is UNITY and INTEGRITY

This will be fun, because I'm going to talk about the 7 rays.

The seven rays

The First Ray is about Power. The Power of God is like a great breath that moves Love. And when Power is moving to Love, then everyone feels a lot of Faith, because there is nothing to fear. How can you be afraid when so much love has entered you? Fear is the opposite of Love. You are not afraid when you are full of Love. You are protected and safe. This kind of power that comes from a Divine Source has the strong predisposition to move forward. If God wanted something to happen, you could say it was the Will of God. It was God's intention to make that happen. When what you want is aligned with what God wants, then you can say that your will and God's Will are aligned. The First Ray of Power aligns the two wills and makes them one. When one is aligned with the Intention and Power of God, one has the feeling that all is well and there is no fear. After all, God's way is always the way of perfection and truth.

The Second Ray is about Love. It is love through the heart. It is that wonderful wisdom that comes from the heart. The heart that knows what it has to do; who only knows love; the heart that wants to teach it and wants to share it. He wants to give it. And you serve the Light in this way. He seeks to walk a path of Truth, planting seeds of Truth for others even when he is eating the fruits of Truth along the way. You want to learn to become sabidur a . Wisdom of the heart. The heart that knows how to love. This ray always wants to spread something. And here you are a teacher. You work from the heart and want to provide love to others. You want to understand everything through the Eyes of the heart. There is a radiant glow that is like a magnet. This ray is about love, teaching, growth with the emphasis of the heart. It is about building a circle that will awaken all humanity to love. He wants to allow others to open the love valve now. If you need a little more energy, call the First Ray to push you and help you do the things you need to do. The Third Ray could come and help you find a way to integrate that love. Can you imagine a bowl or bowl that you can fill with water. Love is like water, and the vessel is like the Third Ray. there needs to be something that contains love for others to use. If there is a cup there, then you can offer a cup of water to someone.

The Third Ray is the Intelligent Activity of God that says: `` Take Love and take Power and unite you, and then create something tangible, something that has form. And I will change the world through these ideas that arise. This ray takes all kinds of wonderful ideas and builds things. It's like building a house and laying a good foundation first. The plan is to move Love and Power forward, but you need a plan to do this. The Third Ray gives you the action plan to bring Love and Power to the world. It has to do with the strong mind that creates movement to produce something in the world. It can be said that it is love in action.

Rays 4, 5, 6 and 7 leave the Third Ray . Did you ever see a scheme with the capital letters A, B and C in school? And you saw that under letter A were numbers 1, 2 and 3? Maybe you saw it. This is how the Third Ray is. The Third Ray is intelligent; Use mental light to make things happen. As in a scheme. It uses many ideas, then from those ideas and from the activity of creative imagination come 4, 5, 6 and 7, as in a scheme.

The Fourth Ray is the ray of harmony and Purity. It is very creative. He is very sweet, loving and affectionate. It comes to bring purity and hope, to bring the full heart and the Divine Mother. Some indigos have a lot of strength from this ray. It is difficult for them to be where there is a lack of harmony and purity. Hope is very important; when hope disappears, a deep sadness appears. They want to see restored love everywhere and can look around and not see the love they want. This can make them sad. Here is the artist. This ray is totally related to beauty. What you want is to put the whole world on a pedestal where it is perfect and everything is harmonious. And although the fourth ray can feel like a rope-shooting game, there is a rope and there are children on one side looking, there are in the middle and there are also children on the other side pulling. The Fourth Ray can make you feel as if you are stuck in the middle. You want it to stop and be the same on both sides. You want it to be the same on both sides. It is here that you love animals, colors, water, earth and butterflies. It is here when you project life into everything. It is here when the energy of restoration comes to restore purity, so there is much change, because life is reflected in the change. It is here that the painter, the dancer and the one who sings for all, is an expression of Joy and Love.

Then comes the Fifth of the Rays, which is more scientific . Some Indigos have the energy of the fifth ray very strong, because it supports them, giving them a great concentration, like a horse that wears blinders to be able to concentrate well and not look around. It concentrates only one thing at a time. This ray is scientific and has mental strength. It is the ray of doctors who have to be very concentrated when they operate in hospitals; They can't be looking here and there, not when they have someone under their scalpel! This is the science of healing the body, mind and spirit. It is also related to being able to remember many things and numbers by finding out what is true and what is not. It's like looking for gold and being on the right track: if a strong gust of wind blows, can you stay focused even then? The Fifth Ray continues even if the wind blows. He is very strong because he wants to find the answer and will not stop until he does. This is the ray that unites science and technology with the Spirit. Please think of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, they are very oriented and focused.

Then comes the Sixth Ray, which is like a source of love from which devotion emanates. The personality of God has power, love, a strong will, faith, protection. It also has activity and things to do. It also has purity and harmony. It has a great concentration to be able to do things and carry them out. Now he shows devotion and reverence for life, God and the Masters. This is the Sixth Ray, it is the ray of loyalty. It is like a guardian angel who says: “I will be with you, and if others leave you, I do not, because I love you and it is my mission to be loyal, to be faithful to you. And you can count on me, you can rely on me. ” This is forgiveness and peace, which are also part of the personality of God. He wants to take care of others. It is relying on God and the Masters and also let your friends rely on you and count on your support.

The Seventh Ray is totally dedicated to Freedom . Freedom is from a person who is full of God. Why? Because God's freedom makes all blockages and frictions disappear. Freedom wants to remove the big rocks from the river. In the River of God there are no rocks that stop the water. There are no rocks, and that's fine, it's like God. God is freedom The Seventh Ray takes everything on the road and transforms it into something else so that the current can be restored. The Seventh Ray wants victory. He wants to unite Heaven and Earth, and he will do it in a very organized way, he organizes it so that freedom can appear, step by step. Imagine someone standing, strongly, on Earth, and their hands reach to the Heavens. They are on Earth and at the same time they are in Heaven, because they are working with both. They make everything sacred and practical at the same time. They follow the rules and laws because the Universe has rules and laws that make everything go well, but what they want is victory. This ray sets the rules to follow so that everything can be broken and changed. So that everything can be transformed from one thing to another. This is called Transformation.

All the lightinings need each other

All the lightinings need each other. They are like 7 friends who go everywhere together; They want to be together. Power is not good without Love, because when power is without love, it becomes domination. Have you ever been with someone who intimidates you, gives you orders and is aggressive? That is power without love. Fear arises when there is too much power and not enough love.

But love needs power, because if there is no power, then the little boat stays still in the middle of the ocean and doesn't go anywhere. Power is like an engine that moves the boat.

And the wisdom of ideas and activity that comes from the mind, takes the power and love to do something in the world of forms. Now you need to make your way in the world of forms, so that something can be completed and finished. The Third Ray accompanies us all the way to the finish line. It is like a small battery that keeps everything running and working and working until the job is finished.

Remember, Wisdom without Love is quite cold. He needs Love to give him warmth, and he needs Power to move it and make sure that it is wise, (just as God is wise), to make sure that it is prepared by following God's Will. So that it is not I, I, I, but it is God who is making everything happen.

All the lightinings need each other.

And all the rays that come out below the Third Ray also need to be together. Harmony needs Peace. The Harmony that wants to balance everything can sometimes feel that it has no peace. He wants to call his friend, Paz. And Peace wants Freedom, and wants to follow the steps to get Freedom. Sometimes you want to organize something and be very focused. Sometimes the concentration needs to be there, so that the mind is constant, so that it can learn something and understand something else. And Concentration needs to have Purity, Harmony and a Divine Purpose, or else it would be very arid and not fun. God is to enjoy. Being in JOY without Peace may not help anyone. Think of those who have their nose lied in books all day and don't have time to watch a bunny jump or see the color in a flower. Because they may be a little trapped in the mental and need to integrate the heart a little.

Any of the isolated rays may be unbalanced and be too

Any of the rays without their friends, may be unbalanced and be too much. The heart and the mind have to go hand in hand. So, dear to be, honor your heart because it is full, honor your mind too, because it is full. They go together. The mind follows the heart, let the mind carry the same rhythm as the heart

Translation: © José Manuel Piedrafita Moreno

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