Message from the Divine Mother: For a creator, everything is possible

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1! It is a feeling alive within each one! That is why today I invite you all to welcome and recognize this trust 2 This is really something so true! Only my dear children should be encouraged and decide to open up to trust 3 They should give themselves the opportunity to move forward in life, leaving behind mistakes and sufferings 4 Feel the power of Life and use it to change the world, remember that as creators you don't have limits, so the power of life is within and will guide you

Greetings beloved children, it is I spoke, the divine Mother, the Mother of Light, the Mother of all Creation and of all Life within this dimension. Today I wish to take advantage of this divine window of time and share with you some of our knowledge through this sacred space of light, love and harmony .

I invite you to open your hearts in a very special way, that is, having confidence; I invite you to reconnect with the Divine Trust that each of you has had within you from the moment you were created to inhabit and experience all the existing Universes. That trust has always been found within you, so you don't need to look outside to feel it.

! It is a feeling alive within each one! That is why today I invite you all to welcome and recognize that trust.

Understand that this divine trust is like a frequency, a vibration that has always been with you and has never left you. They carry it with them from the moment they made the decision to come to experience in this dimension . That is why they are here today; that is why they are able to hear their hearts and finally say “Yes” to this great adventure that involves recreating their life on a new basis, which consists of the Divine Confidence of their interior, which has the capacity to open all the doors around you, like the door of abundance, of unlimited things, of unlimited energies, of access to everything you want, etc ...

Today I send you a sacred and divine invitation to say “Yes” to the power of trust and the light that is inside of all of you. We invite you to open that magical door that will allow you to have endless possibilities to achieve everything you have always wanted not only in this world, but also spiritually.

This really is something so true! Only my dear children should be encouraged and decide to be open to trust

Dare to feel this moment; Dare to feel and live the experience of being in front of yourself, in front of your full potential and in front of the life that is within all of you. Do you want to say "Yes"? Then say "Yes" and accept that power within you in order to reactivate your memories and awaken your divine consciousness . In doing so they will be able to restore their memories about who they really are beyond the physical body they have in this world, beyond space-time continuity, beyond anything they are able to imagine.

A belief consists of an energy that is alive, which is part of you and keeps working for every second in the course of life, of your life. Each belief they possess is about something like a self-consciousness, it is about a life within this world; the world of their perceptions, the world of their creativity, the world of their imagination, but above all, the world of their lives.

Similarly, each belief turns out to be active and loved, since it is not only alive but also has the ability to create. Each consciousness communicates with the universe, in order to attract events, people, animals and everything that surrounds each of you, so that you can be in the same tune and wavelength that all those beliefs that they have. That is why, my dear children, that at this moment, they are given the opportunity to reject each of those beliefs that turn out to be heavy inside, do they decide to reject them ? Be aware that in doing so you can bring back the memory of ancient times, that is, emotions, wounds, feelings, vows and everything that is not present with you at this time.

You have to choose, my dear children, leave behind everything that does not allow you to move forward, everything that keeps you in a feeling of sadness, fear and suffering, leave behind those frequencies that do not allow you to feel your heart and the connection you have with life, allow yourself also to have the opportunity to feel the inner connection you have with the wisdom that the source has inside, feel the connection they have with their power, which consists in the real power of life .

There must be the opportunity to move forward in life, leaving behind mistakes and sufferings

With love I say these words to you, several of you think that perhaps it is not possible, that it is so simple. They think that it is necessary to work very hard and with substance to be able to heal the wounds of the past, to leave aside beliefs and energies that do not allow them to move forward while being inside. However, you should always keep in mind the words I will say next: “For creators, nothing is impossible! for the creators who know and accept that they are creators, knowing that within them they possess the true power of Life Nothing will ever be impossible! For them there are no limits.

Nothing is impossible for you, the power of life inside gives you the possibility of making the impossible possible. For your imagination, your dreams and your life there are no limits, since you are life, you are the maximum embodied power within this dimension and you are in this world with the purpose of experiencing, living, feeling and being that power.

By recognizing and accepting that you are the power of Life, you will be able to use your physical body within this dimension in order to evolve, expand and be part of the creation of a new world, of a new planet Earth, of a new energy that guides the beings of this dimension, an energy of Love and Compassion that allows their brothers and sisters to reach peace and know the true purpose of their life in this world.

Feel the power of Life and use it to change the world, remember that as creators you have no limits, so the power of life is within you and will guide you

Today, I invite you to free yourself from your prison, that illusory prison of false beliefs and realities where you are unable to see the truth. You are fully prepared to receive the maximum energy, to awaken your divine consciousness and open to yourself a world of possibilities, where you can use the power of life within you, in order to change the reality in which not only you, but also your brothers and sisters live within this dimension. Dare to do so and transform the vision you have about yourself and about this dimension. Each of you is part of the greatest perfection of the Universe, which is embodied in this world because of its decision to be in it.

I say goodbye, blessing them and thanking them for opening their hearts to this message.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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