When we die we can choose four different paths associated with the astral sphere

  • 2018

The biggest difference between the world of the living and that which comes after death is that after death the outer world of beings is invested in a direct reflection of their inner world. Within the Earth this is not so obvious, since there are many who are living surrounded by abundance and beauty but full of anger and hatred, while there are evolved and sensitive beings living in the most desolate places.

What comes after death? How is that world?

But in the place destined to go after death, the environment of each being reflects the connection they have with their inner sun; so that the more beauty, love and truth there is within themselves, the more resplendent their environment will be.

The inner sun is about what, in essence, is each being, that is, it consists of that eternal and out of time part that each being has inside. At the time of their death, all beings begin a journey back to that part of themselves, the deepest they possess. In order to understand how this trip looks, you must visualize your planet being in the middle of two other worlds, which are the spiritual sphere and the astral sphere, and both spheres are divided into numerous sub-spheres.

The spiritual sphere is about the sphere of origin of all beings, from which come the souls that inhabit the physical bodies; It consists of a timeless sphere which reflects love, light, unity and infinite beauty. Everything of greater value within human beings has its origin in this sphere. It is the place in which the soul of each being originates, it is the home of all beings since they never completely abandon this spiritual sphere, they are always in it.

That is why when you die, what would be a journey to return to this place begins, although in essence it is a process to become aware of what they really are, it is an awakening after the long dream of earthly life.

This awakening requires time, since human beings are not simply able to leave behind all their illusions, feelings and conceptions about the universe and the human being. The human being identifies deeply with his earthly personality, and that is why it costs them a bit to let go of everything they learned on Earth ; This is the reason why their illusions and feelings are reflected around the astral atmosphere to which they are directed when they die.

After death , human beings are free to return to the spiritual sphere where they originated and elaborate their own reality; However, that freedom is at the same time a trap, since a large number of beings do not have internal freedom because they have decided to lock themselves into firm beliefs about good, good evil, the functioning of life and the That will happen in the hereafter.

Other beings are locked in earthly feelings and desires such as anger, addictions and even inferiority

Most of the dreams and thoughts that human beings have are originated in fear, and they end up generating an internal state that is reflected in the astral sphere after death. As a consequence, the astral sphere depends essentially on falsehood and fear, while the spiritual sphere has its origin in truth and love.

That is why human beings fail to perceive that their thoughts are reflected around the astral sphere and, they think they are real. That is the great trap that forms the astral sphere, those beings that reach it remain firmly convinced that their erroneous thoughts are true because they are reflected around them.

It is also necessary to mention that after their death, human beings can usually follow four different paths related to four different subsets belonging to the astral sphere. The conceptions that you have about death and what happens after it are usually fixed by concepts such as karma and punishment ; since within most cultures there is the idea that there is a higher authority that is responsible for punishing those who were evil and will end up in hell facing their karma.

Normally, these types of ideas are formed by human leaders who want to remain in power by opposing all kinds of freedom.

Usually, your doctrine usually takes the following form: We were placed upon you by God and those who do not accept it and follow our commandments will be punished by God in eternal hell or a form m s subtle: We were virtuous in past lives so that in this we are powerful and rich, you were not good in previous lives and now you are unhappy and poor ; but by patiently accepting his destiny you will have a better life in his next incarnation.

This is because it usually works better, from the perspective of these leaders, which is to cause fear in people about their natural impulses, as happens for example, with sexuality.

Their purpose is to make them believe that they are innately bad and therefore deserve punishment, since in this way it is easier for those organizations that claim to know the truth, to keep these beings under their control. And it is that by convincing them of being bad and presenting themselves as their savior, they can obtain all power over them . In this way, if compared to this type of ideas, it could be said that atheism, from the spiritual point of view, turns out to be a great step.

Within the Universe there are no authorities that apply sanctions, there are no Karma Masters who make beings reincarnate, to have a miserable existence or a higher power that is responsible for punishing. However, all actions have consequences ; so that they understand it better, it can be said that being outside in the winter and not carrying something to cover themselves, it will give them cold.

This is no punishment, it is the consequence of leaving without protection

In addition to being responsible for its inner light and its feelings of goodness, truth and beauty, this inner Sun is directly connected to both the inner Sun of the universe and the inner Sun of the human beings around it. And by harming another being during their earthly experience, they move away from their inner Sun the infinite Light .

The return to the light is a personal choice and originates in the desire to return to you and your souls, and it is through that desire that the inner world of human beings softens and allows them to be accessible to your guides, which They explain how to return to the light through love, kindness and compassion.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Gerrit Gielen

Original URL : https://messagescelestes.ca/quarrive-t-il-apres-la-mort/

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