Truth Revelations by Master Saint Germain Channeled By Natalie Glasson

  • 2013


channeled by Natalie Glasson

June 30, 2013

With Love, while I unfold my energy towards you, I express the Truth

that has been taught to me in my own spiritual growth process

and of awakening the Creator within my Being.

I AM Master Saint Germain; it's always a very deep honor

connect with your energy and tell you about the truth.

Often there are many layers of fake

interpretations in the fabric of the Earth,

of Human existence and consciousness.

Talking about the Truth allows many false interpretations

that hide you from the Creator be dissolved and erased forever.

Search within your Being for the vibration of Truth and

project it into your reality to experience it,

It encourages you to consciously know the Creator during your time on Earth.

With conscious knowledge, many limitations collapse

that you perceive as true, allowing unlimited new ideas and inspiration to form.

When we talk about Truth, especially on Earth,

there is an element of competition and survival that arises from the interior of many people.

This is simply a misunderstanding of the knowledge of the Truth.

As you are aware, knowing something is often interpreted as understanding it completely,

frequently containing a confirmation element.

Frequently there is no way to confirm the Truth, nor the Divine Wisdom,

neither the Creator Consciousness; but in each Soul there is a knowledge that acts as

Guiding light, source of empowerment and stimulation.

To know the Truth is to feel it; and feel it without really understanding it,

nor need to understand it.

A spiritual knowledge of the Truth

It is very different from an intellectual knowledge of the Truth.

Often it may seem as if you are weak if you admit that you do not understand

the Truth or the Will of the Creator,

but this is a beautiful space where you can enter and get access to a deep stream

of freedom from within your Being,

which offers enormous expansion and connection with the Creator.

In many ways, it's as if you abandoned any

form of control you can have over the world, over your reality or over your Being,

entering a space that allows you to really experience the Truth of the Creator.

Frequently revelations of the Truth of the Creator will arise and form within you

as a feeling, it can be even like the most beautiful aroma that is incorporated into your whole Being.

Frequently the Truth will arise as an energy within your Being;

You may not be able to express this energy,

but you will notice and recognize his freedom and familiarity with the Creator.

Such integrations and consciences of Truth cannot be interpreted verbally,

due to the fact that you are considering the Great Source and energy network that is the Creator

and trying to describe its vastness in a few words.

Even as Ascended Masters

We often have difficulties to share or inspire the Truth within your Being.

We often reflect:

How does one explain the multidimensional, expansive,

omnímoda Presence of the Creator to produce recognition?

Entering a space of freedom and expansion allows inspiration to emerge.

I want to share with you that if you frequently find yourself

in an experience in which you don't know the answer to a problem or

you’re unsure about what your next step might be,

that you allow yourself to enter a space of freedom and expansion within you.

Being happy and breathing the vibration of freedom and expansion allows

the Truth of the Creator arises and forms in your conscious knowledge.

Sometimes it will form as the most understandable inspiration;

other times you can send the energy to your external reality and to the situation,

to solve everything you need complexion.

When you experience a situation in which an answer is needed;

and you just can't understand how it would be beneficial for you to react, at that moment

you exist in a limited space within your


You are restricting and obstructing your magnificent Internal Truth.

This could be due to circumstances, or your beliefs;

but entering a space of freedom and expansion within you,

you can have access to the Truth that is always flowing,

especially between you and the Creator.

To discover your space of freedom and expansion,

allow yourself to meditate on both freedom and expansion within your Being,

asking to discover a refuge within you that contains both vibrations.

You can discover an area of ​​your body, or a sacred space

like sitting by the sea or in the vast forest.

So, this is a space to retire

when the Truth of the Creator is required in your reality.

The process I share with you stimulates your empowerment and flow

Divine of the Creator within your Being,

raising your energy vibration and dissolving all limitations

of your reality, for all your actions and all your understanding

they are extracted from the abundant Source of the Creator; and not of the mind.

All Souls on Earth and in the internal planes resort to the same Truth,

wisdom and awareness of the Creator, bringing this sacred energy to creative expression and interpretation.

The vibration of the Truth in each Being is also the same;

it is the interpretation of the Creator that allows very different teachings,

expressions and discoveries of the wisdom of the Creator.

Your interpretation is born through the pre-established goals of your Soul,

of the anchoring dimension of your mind and of the beliefs to which you cling.

This means that there is no wrong answer or expression.

nor correct when it comes to the Truth,

but only the vibrations

and the inspiration that are appropriate in the present moment.

It is important that you keep in mind that you are constantly interpreting

and expressing in new ways the will of the

Creator, as you recognize the great expansion of the Creator within you.

In 2012 great focus was placed on Unity and Uniqueness,

encouraging everyone to recognize themselves unified with all aspects of the Creator.

This had a very powerful and essential purpose; it was to build

the connections of Light or networks of Light between all aspects of the Creator,

consciously strengthening the greater whole of the Creator.

Then every Soul and every aspect of the Creator can appeal

to the great wealth of Divine Consciousness,

wisdom and truth, to be served in the New Age.

This in turn offers you more responsibility, because you have more access

to the source of Divine energy and wisdom and to the sacred knowledge of the Creator.

It also means that all of you experience and create flows

towards the Source of the Creator

and towards the awareness of the dimension in which you exist.

Each Soul becomes an expression of the Creator,

but also in a decoder or energizer of the Creator.

Your ability to consciously feel the vibrations,

the energy and consciousness of each Soul,

especially in your dimension, it is magnified.

You are no longer just pleasing and serving yourself,

but you are magnifying and nurturing all aspects of the Creator,

especially in your dimension, through your physical reality.

If during meditation you experience a deeply settled Love and peace,

these sacred vibrations flow to everyone's consciousness

those with whom you are connected

and towards everything that is the Creator.

If someone else experiences pain in their reality, this vibration

It could be felt by you on a visible or invisible level.

Many of you have been asked by your guides to separate you

of the general consciousness of Humanity,

expressing deep change Love;

this means that you have connected with another well of consciousness,

frequently of a higher vibration;

Or you might have put your focus on one dimension

different within the Creator Universe.

You will always have in you an element of influence of the well of consciousness

with which you are connected;

and your vibrations too

they will serve and feed the well of consciousness.

Often people connect with certain wells of consciousness

because different wells of consciousness

they contain different specific truths;

through connection and focus on the unit,

one can merge with the Truth that is necessary

while also participating in valuable wisdom.

During meditation you can ask to become aware of the vibration

of the beautiful superior frequency of the well of consciousness or

dimension of consciousness with which you are currently connected.

Ask to experience only Love and Divine Truth of the highest appropriate vibration.

You can also ask if in this consciousness there are certain truths that should be revealed to you.

Allow yourself to sit in meditation with this approach,

being aware of any vibration,

inspiration or sensation that may enter your consciousness.

At every moment, Souls are bringing the Light of the Creator's Truth

from the well of consciousness with which they are connected,

improving the knowledge of the Truth within his Being.

Allow yourself to be open to the revelations of the Truth.

Along with this understanding,

It is also important that you be aware of your own thoughts, judgments and actions.

With the acceptance that each and every aspect of the Creator

they are unified in Oneness;

and that you are also connected to a well of consciousness

that is feeding your spiritual awakening,

Any negative energy you believe can have an impact on everyone.

Imagine you were judging someone,

the vibration of the judgment that you would create would not only be sent to that person,

It would also have an impact on all Souls.

This can be hard to understand,

but imagine that every time you have a negative thought,

or a negative emotion or expression from your Being towards another person or towards yourself,

Your loved ones are being attacked by the energy you are experiencing.

If this happens and you will notice the suffering of your loved ones,

most likely you would put great focus on altering your thoughts and actions.


and that with the desire and focus of greater energy unity among Souls,

You also need to take responsibility for the energy you are creating

and putting in the World, it has an impact not only on you, but on everyone.

This is why we ask you to focus on Love

as often as you can.

The energy unit on Earth

It is and was necessary to create the Age of Love on Earth.

The unit allowed all energy networks on Earth and

within each Being

were healed so that everyone could

open with Divine opportunity to the Divine flow of the Creator.

With more and more energy networks on Earth and

within your Being opening to the vibration of Love

can flow with greater abundance,

the momentum for creation builds up

and experience of Absolute Love on Earth.

We exist in a space of freedom and expansion

to admit the revelations of the Creator's Truth.

With love, Saint Germain.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.


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