We are committed to stopping the terrible nuclear threat on your planet.

  • 2018

We are committed to stopping the terrible nuclear threat on your planet. Some of your leaders will make you believe that nuclear energy is now completely under control.

But that situation is far from being so, due to the little control of the nuclear condition of several countries driven by bellicose fanaticism and the disruptive deterioration of Russia's nuclear arsenal and the countries of the former Soviet bloc, the risk of the global nuclear holocaust seems more real than ever. Machines that can destroy the entire planet are stored inside old places where maintenance is almost non-existent, safety rules are ignored and where decision makers lack wisdom or discernment.

Andromeda Rex, one of the highest Spiritual Authorities of the Intergalactic Alliance, sheds new light on this issue and exposes the risks that humans face today . They refer not only to the physical existence of the planet but to the survival of the soul of each of its inhabitants.

Message of the Cosmic White Brotherhood

It is disastrous for a soul to face radiation resulting from a nuclear explosion. Spiritualists tend to believe that etheric bodies are brutally separated from the physical body and easily cut off any link with it. That is not true! What reaches the physical body during nuclear irradiation also affects non-physical bodies.

It is even the soul that can be affected in the most serious way : whatever its political or military justification, any nuclear aggression is first and foremost an attack on the souls of others. Nuclear effects first affect the auric envelope of the individual. Depending on the distance they are at the time of the explosion with respect to their point of impact, the auric envelope can be irreversibly mutilated or even annihilated. Those energy fields that are affected, die very quickly, not so much from the radiation that is obviously a poison to the organism, but because its divine center is destroyed.

It is the true Light of Life that allows the connection between the dimensions . This light or energy is parallel to the gold cord. What is the gold cord? The golden cord is inside the silver cord. It is imbued with a golden energy vital to the human being, because it is the energy of the Light that descends through this cord that keeps each person alive.

When the physical body is destroyed, life continues. The soul is simply released by the silver cord, except in the case of nuclear death, because then the cord is broken and cannot be used to migrate to another plane.

Whatever the size of the person, life is only energy. That energy is distorted when certain factors disturb it. Any nuclear explosion and subsequent radiation cause distortion; This distortion leads to abominable suffering on the soul level. Because the vital energy disintegrates simultaneously at different levels of consciousness and then they will have to be treated one by one. It takes a lot of attention and patience to realign a soul, reintegrate it in the normal way.

We have already had to deal with these cases on Earth several times. The effects of these destructive rays have been felt elsewhere in the solar system . However, as soon as the galactic councils pronounced the ban, all other planetary systems adhered to the clauses imposed by their edicts, after seeing the terrible consequences of these rays at the soul level.

Your planet is now the only one that still does not comply with these galactic agreements . Different rival factions now have nuclear weapons and we fear for the people of the Earth. But we can only intervene in case of imminent threat of total nuclear destruction and only on the condition that your own Planetary Hierarchy specifically invites us to do so.

However, we are committed to ensuring that no atomic explosion can raise radioactivity on your planet beyond a certain threshold. Radioactivity already propagated by military or experimental explosions is more than catastrophic and it is sad to have to point it out.

There is no reason to fear anything about future events!

Any nuclear activity should stop quickly on Earth. It is the greatest crime against humanity that can be committed . There is no sure way to dispose of waste from nuclear facilities in different parts of the Earth if they use plutonium or other radioactive substances.

The development of these nuclear facilities is a monumental error . If they continue to feed nuclear war projects, we can stop it. We even have the power to prevent someone from pressing the trigger button of an atomic weapon.

When the Great Council met to discuss your planetary situation, our hearts felt very heavy, since the forces of evil and darkness are rooted on Earth.

Dark beings want to exploit the current situation of the world, in order to produce chaos and disorder in the Earth Family, which would result in a considerable loss of life at this level of evolution. n. Many souls would be deprived of opportunities for growth and eliminated from the Radiation of the Father, whose intention is simply to fill the Earth with Love and Grace.

The final idea is to put humanity into slavery and completely subject it to the domain of a few, destroying free will and the right of the human being to choose his path.

That is why we have the authority to intervene, stop, break and annihilate these maneuvers destined to enslave souls. The spiritual Hierarchy has decreed that we have total freedom to act in this regard.

It is evident that a diabolical brain prepares these incessantly renewed incidents, these military actions and these incessant disturbances that agitate your world. We are observing the Beast and know perfectly the purpose of its plan. However, many karmic debts are still in nations that must be reconciled. That is why we keep moving away from conflicts whose preponderant factor is a karmic debt, until the Great Law triumphs.

But we will not let the fate of your planet break. The Intergalactic Confederation Forces will intervene as soon as necessary, and men will be warned that their aggressive actions cannot go beyond a certain point.

Everything that exists on the planet shares a common etheric substance that permeates the atoms. It is through this substance that the Force of Life flows that connects all creations and all creatures to each other.

Therefore, no atomic explosion is allowed without our agreement! We, in the Fleet, cannot prevent you from fulfilling your destiny, that is, taking your planet to its transmutation point, but we can see how you move forward.

We closely monitor most military offensives, and conduct a detailed examination of karmic patterns on a case-by-case basis. When certain situations deteriorate, karmic law makes it possible to expect a resurgence of nuclear activity, but any desire for uncontrolled destruction can only precipitate our intervention under the aegis of the Universal Law.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Andromeda Rex

Original URL : https://messagescelestes.ca/nous-nous-sommes-engages-pour-endiguer-la-terrible-menace-nucleaire-sur-votre-planete/

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