White cosmic brotherhood: How to integrate the exponential vibration of your divinity?

  • 2019

The vibrational elevation of humanity and its planet must not be denied. Everything is changing rapidly . Many of you are now vibrating at high frequencies, leading you to a cellular transformation that acts directly on the structure of your DNA. Currently, the majority of the planet is working with two genetically encoded DNA chains at a subtle level and whose filaments contain multiple vibratory codes. On the one hand loaded with their beliefs, fears, doubts, blockages and on the other with gifts, divine attributes, karmic impressions and actions in the universe.

All gathered in a membrane of crystalline energy that surrounds said filaments and that has the ability to memorize information on an energy map. Gradually the codes with spiritual connotations are released by it to communicate them to the physical DNA replacing the old ones. Your DNA strands are reactivated by opening towards the higher consciousness that leads you to the vibration of unconditional love and spreads across the planet.

You enter the consciousness of 'I Am' and instantly at the level of your sacred heart, in the Christic vibration. The memories released produce a vibrational magic that allows the transformation of your genetic codes into a higher dimension. Your behaviors will evolve, you will understand that any impulsive reaction; even for a desire for justice you will move them away from your inner center; losing not only serenity, but your physical body will not vibrate with balance.

"The world changes if you change"

The time is approaching where one will work with all the divine powers. They will guide you to distinguish events differently. You will find how to regenerate yourself and you will shudder receiving the benefits of the universe. It is an important internal work that will help your evolution . By contacting the higher dimensions, your sensory and intuitive perceptions will develop further. Innate gifts will gradually wake up and manifest. Occasionally you will have flashes of awareness, visions about your past or future lives.

From the vibration of the 1 humanity is moving towards the vibration of the 3, the most perfect and sacred figure of the sky, because it contains the energy of the trinity, but also the exponential vibration of the triple flame ( divine love, wisdom and will ) that is lodged in the deepest part of your sacred heart from the origin of your creation. As human beings awaken to a higher level of consciousness and at the rate of their evolution, the primary virtues of these three flames revive, regaining strength and purity until they find their original divine energy and potential, which together with the awakening and the Expansion will lead you to a vibration of love so pure and intense that it will show unlimited compassion for everything on your earthly plane.

This vibration will move you to wisdom and knowledge. The energy contained in the flame of the divine will will give you the impulse of the right action and you will recognize in yourself the vibration of power that gives you access to your divine powers. You will find the memory of who you really are . You will use your co-creator gifts in consciousness, and you will recognize yourself in all the splendor and magnificence of your divinity. Everything unites. The energies are vibrations of consciousness. The vibration of your I Am is in line with the crystalline, solar, planetary Christ and the one who lives on Earth.

Pure and powerful energies will be declared in the universes, as well as the resurgence of luminous entities that will transfer lessons. ' Live in letting go. Be transparent with you and in all areas of your life . Observe yourself in your own mirror, in your behaviors'.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Sally Solara

Original URL : http://www.terrenouvelle.ca/integrer-la-vibration-exponentielle-de-votre-divinite/

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