The Hathors: history and concepts

  • 2018
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The Hathors are not native to planet Earth but were the most important and main mentors in the schools of the mysteries of the Left Eye of Horus.

In ancient times, they were always with us to help us and show us the path we should follow to develop our consciousness and balance our earthly existence. They have always loved us with great affection and they still do and profess it.

Who are the Hathors?

Hathors are always willing to allow us to delve into the knowledge that propitiates our advances in the search for clarity and overcoming.

We could not see them again because our consciences became increasingly three-dimensional and we could not respond to all the teachings they gave us. They remained alien and apart, while we as human beings advanced and progressed in our existence as a species.

It is now, having grown internally, having reached the necessary levels, that we slowly begin to see them and communicate with them all again. With great intensity and broad clarity we get all the original concepts that have sustained their beliefs from beyond all times.

It is the effort and deep understanding of its principles that will make us gradually approach its teachings and precepts, to increase our connections with the cosmos .

From where they come?

The Hathors are beings of the fourth dimension and come from the planet Venus. For us it is impossible to see them in the world of the third dimension of Venus but if we harmonize in the fourth dimension we can find a wonderful culture full of light there, which only awaits our effort and attention to discover it.

They guard our Solar System and all the surrounding areas and because of their fantastic conscious intelligence, the greatest and most illuminated of the entire system, they manage and protect all the life that opens under our Sun. They watch and protect all life and everything It blooms and thrives in this Universe.

And they are protectors and defenders of our Humanity to the point that if any foreigner wanted to enter our solar system without their permits, it would be blocked in our defense. He would not be allowed entry. Whatever power the intruders displayed, they could never overcome the immense cosmic power of our protectors.

Any foreigner who intends to enter our solar system should consult with Venus before continuing his trip. Hathors must access all information to extend permits.

Hathors are beings of immense love and that love is at the level of Christ consciousness. To communicate they use vocal sounds and their big ears stand out. They possess absolutely no darkness. They are beings of pure light. They are loving beings.

Dolphins are quite close, in their communication systems with the Hathors. Dolphins use a sonar for almost everything and the Hathors use their voices.

We manufacture machines designed to light or heat our homes and the Hathors use sounds through their own voices to obtain those results.

Many statues with faces of the Hathors could not be found because of the systematic destruction that the Romans made of them. They believed that they were some kind of demon or evil spirit and few were those who have survived those times.

What are the Hathors like?

The Hathors measure between three and five meters high since they are in the fourth level of consciousness. They have been helping the people of the Earth for a long time and always under the influences of Love and their portentous knowledge of sounds and their propagation.

In an initiation in Egypt, in which great enlightened masters participated, the Ankh synod was created and this became one of the first of the Great Pyramid and eternal s communication symbol.

The Hathor produces a sound that is made without pauses and can last up to an hour. It is used primarily for the healing of the body or the restoration-compensation of Nature.

The significance and scope of this healing technique is similar to when we say the Ohm and we have to breathe at the same time.

The Hathors learned to make sounds without stopping, taking the air through the nose, then taking it to the lungs and returning it, consciously. To the mouth, closing the air circle.

This ceremony was carried out by them for our protection. We had not reached the necessary level of knowledge to be able to exert that energy and they took the initiative to protect us forever.

The initiation of Ankh's sounds was one of many aids we received from the Hathors throughout our existence as humans.

Testimony and transcendental message of the Hathors

We are the Hathors and we come in Love and bring the sound of a new dream of reality to your Earth. If you are ready to begin the construction of a new world, we invite you to take a trip of the mind and the heart, to join us.

At any time they can do it but now is when you should listen to us. Listen carefully and bring your spirits closer to beliefs.

We Hathors, we are your older brothers and sisters . We were with you for eons and for a long time during your evolution on the planet protecting you and observing your progress. We are now with you and will be in the future. In Love we are Brothers and Sisters of Light.

Our nature is energetic and interdimensional. Our Access Portal from our universe to yours is through Sirius and from there we eventually move to the entire solar system and the etheric kingdoms of Venus, where our attitude of light, projection and protection of life is required.

In ancient Egypt we worked, transcended and communicated through the Goddess Hator and also later, we made contact with some Tibetan Lamas that were in the early stages of Buddhism as a religion.

We Hathors are what you call "ascended civilization" but we are a group of existing beings in a specific field of vibration, a little higher than your average.

We vibrate at a speed and a faster rate than you but with you. We are part of the Mystery and part of the Love that unites and holds the entire Universe together and we know what we are doing, and we have already done it in the past.

We have grown and evolved just like you. We have been ascending towards the Source of One, of All That Is . We have grown through joy and suffering and now we are a little higher on the spiral of knowledge and consciousness than you. We have the protection capacity you need and we offer them with all the Love of the Universe.

Here we are to offer you all that we have learned as good friends, mentors and fellow travelers along the way that will inevitably lead us to fully remember and for all Eternity to All That Is.

We are not your saviors. We are your brothers and sisters who offer everything we know. But we offer it freely, without pressure. You can take it or leave it. That will be your choice.

The widespread belief that one can remain in lethargy and unconsciousness to achieve something desired is simply madness. You have to take responsibility for yourself and you will have to make endless changes. The hope that something or someone saves or comes to save them is definitely unreal.

Ascension is a complex and continuous process of self-knowledge, and achieving mastery for all levels requires the union of all those levels of your existence, in order to reach the higher levels.

Goddess Hathor

Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of music, joy, female love and motherhood.

It was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of ancient Egypt. She was worshiped both by royalty and by ordinary people. In the paintings of her tomb she is represented as the "Lady of the West", celebrating the dead in the next life .

The cult of Hathor is prior to the historical period as well as the roots of devotion to the goddess and therefore, very difficult to trace.

Hathor is represented as a cow goddess with horns, among which is a solar disk. Hathor may be the goddess of the cow that is represented very early times in Narmer and in a dynasty 1 stone that suggests her main role as the Goddess of Heaven .

Offerings of fruit and figurines similar to the Venus figures were found in some temples of Hathor.

Hathor was also associated with drunkenness and fun since it was one of the results of his festivals. Hathor priestesses traveled around the cities, singing and dancing while civilians received their blessings.

Seen in Tomkenyon, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood on-los-hathors

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