Message of John the Baptist: place yourself in your divine center

  • 2019
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This time we bring you this beautiful message of John the Baptist, channeled by Jahn J Kassl: approaching each time to the highest level and returning to the glory of God - your first residence and at the same time, the highest of all.

“I am Juan Bautista, and I will stay with you until the end of time and the limits of eternity!

John the Baptist. Mosaic of the baptism of Jesus in the Neonian Baptistery of the city of Ravenna, Italy. Source: Pixabay

Beloved human brothers,

We were born on this earth to finish something we started a long time ago.

It is the end of a long journey, which many of us are fighting at this time, and the reason why many of you were born at this time.

This ending includes, nothing more and nothing less, than its realization in God .

This message speaks of the easiest way to achieve this, although it may not be the easiest for many of you.

John the Baptist says: live in the center of the divine

In essence, it is about placing yourself in your divine center and living an honest and simple life.

Then, you will have done everything possible to return to your creator at the end of time.

Focusing on the divine means being aware of your motives and making sure of the reasons and causes of your actions.

"If you notice contamination somewhere, resolve it until you are internally clean, so that your mind does not need to remind you of any negligence."

You will be focused on the divine (which means centered on yourself) as soon as you treat yourself and your surroundings with attention at all times.

John the Baptist: it is necessary to set foot on the ground

This means having both feet on the ground while directing your energies to heaven and connecting with God.

Located in the center of the divine.

This is what is known as "being grounded." If you are aware that way, a true life is the logical consequence, and everything becomes simple as well.

An alert mind, a person awakens, avoids everything that is complicated and always goes directly to the solution. Anyone who lives his life consciously will always experience his own inner light that shines through the darkness; either inside or outside world.

Stay tuned in life

Today it's about being attentive in life and being attentive to yourself.

Feel what weighs on you, get rid of it, feel what brings you joy and enjoy it.

That way you constantly approach the divine . Lack of honesty or the contamination of thought, emotions and actions cannot prevail for a long time, because they are recognized prematurely, eliminated and dissolved.

If you have reached this level in your daily life, the time has come to open yourself to your fellows and be sure:

People will find you, because through your transformation you are a light on the horizon. You will be seen and recognized, as you have seen and accomplished.

Today it is about living and acting from this center of divinity and certainty. Then nothing can defeat you and every bitter cup will pass.

The importance of your own frequency

Be yourselves, truthful and simple. The more people reach this level of consciousness, the less effective will be the attempts at pressure and manipulation in this world.

Rise above the low frequency energy fields by creating a new vibratory field around you in the way I present here.

The importance of your own frequency

Your own frequency is what matters today! The more conscious and sincere you are, the higher your baseline frequency will be.

If you lie or cheat yourself, you will deceive and lie to others and others will deceive you and lie in the same way .

So break the chains of self-deception and be honest. Everything else will follow by itself, and you will find yourself in the flow of life.

This is the only way to save the world, because before you achieve great success you must succeed in small things. Before converting to another, you must have traveled the path of love and truth, the path of awareness.

Expand your awareness

What I have presented here is simple. And to facilitate it also, keep in mind the following:

Start little by little. Expand your awareness wisely. Do not challenge yourself too much or too little. In this way the joy and amazement for your achievements will not stop appearing.

You see: working to become aware is simple and easy. Now all you need is to decide to do it, and I think to say YES, I WILL! Is the best option.

I am with you and I remain with you until the end of time.

You are loved as you are. Why do you often want to be someone else? ”

John the Baptist . "

Spanish translation by Fanny Zapata, editor and translator in the great family of

You can see the English translation of the original message here:

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