Heavenly Messages of Hilarion: The Mirages of the Savior

  • 2017

Whenever a new era arrives, this is accompanied by a large number of illusions that manage to leave the eyes of people completely open, since they greatly surprise them and that is that the followers of the New Age are currently found listening and paying special attention to people who require healing and also are fully willing to provide their experience in order to relieve the person who is at risk.

People who really need help often find it difficult to constantly reject the offer made by the followers of the New Age in good faith. However, these people do not know how to judge these offers of services, since they become convinced only by the words of the Savior, even when they do not understand each of the effects and implications that these services entail.

Beware of false “saviors”

In the sense in which we use the word " Savior ", it is not to refer to any person who dedicates his life or part of it to any of the New Age disciplines in order to provide comfort to people who need help to through the use of techniques that are known as "new." Some of these disciplines could be used under the government of El Salvador ; In some cases it is preferable that people who are looking for help are attentive to what they really intend, although they have to make use of their judgment at all times, in order to avoid being dragged into eternal labyrinths that will not lead them to nowhere.

Master Jesus unquestionably expressed how to use discretion in order not to cheat and waste time at the time he said: " We recognize the teacher for his work ." So maybe you would have to take the time to know a little about what aid, learning and even the direction of your life is about in reference to this New Age . Remember that only the Father possesses the absolute truth, however, being part of his creation, you have within you the own truth about your evolution and also about your understanding and that the Father knows his children and always guides them the most appropriate way regarding the free will they possess and the commitment of their soul.

How can you tell if it is not a spiritual opportunist who only wants to earn money?

Attitude turns out to be the most appropriate way for you to recognize the sincerity of a teacher who could really help you. Does this person live what he teaches to those in need ? Are your teachings the result of your intellect or do you impart them from your heart to exchange experiences with people who need help? When exchanging experiences with that teacher, how do you feel? Do you feel really comfortable or do you feel little confidence in your solar plexus ?

Generally and when something is doubtful, your body usually receives that energy that flows from the other person. The solar plexus consists of a chakra that is in the stomach, which has the ability to perceive the energy that is around it and also has a broad extrasensory perception.

When you are in contact with someone who freely offers to give you a service or who wants to share something with you, you should ask: What do you want to get in return ? You should focus your energy on perceiving that of the other person, feel that sensation that rises in the solar plexus, so you could judge for yourself if this person transmits a feeling is positive or a doubtful one. Look directly into his eyes, to capture if his gaze is furtive, pleasant, conveys tranquility, etc., since the eyes are the door of the soul and you will never be wrong to see his eyes .

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento

MORE INFORMATION at: http://www.messagescelestes-archives.ca/les-illusions-du-sauveur/

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