Cosmic White Brotherhood Message: Eliminate your burden through updating and evolution

  • 2019

Hello friends of the Earth!

The heart rate of their beings accelerates when we talk about the eternal Divinity on Earth. We are the initiates, the representatives of Heaven on Earth and we suggest to their fleshly bodies that they show courage and fighting spirit. You have long distinguished earthly peoples.

Today you descend to the low frequencies of your world because you are afraid of finding the sacred on Earth . Return to your country houses, to your cathedrals of light because far from the cold and hail you can already find the glow of your inner master; he who proclaims his independence strongly and clearly against earthly shadows. You need to be driven into a world of lights, magic and fairies where you will be the delegate of the land of light, of the knights of heaven and of Earth itself.

Today you have entered into mental information that prevents you from projecting your future, to express the divine nature of your true being . You need to strengthen your forms of light, grow in independence to recover the psychic and emotional authority of your authentic being. We are now aligning the low frequencies of your individuals with those of the new Earth to elevate them to the sacred dimension of the heart and allow them to find a new state in matter.

We enter quantum fields of evolution and solar configuration of level 1, which will allow you to delay your evolution in the time that passes from your guides to move freely, serenely and consciously towards your future ways of existing.

Some of you still need to shed the old coats of your past lives and rise in vibrational frequency to find a better state . The forces of the order of the universe are in charge of the great change on Earth and are aimed at all men on the planet. Ignore the judgment and begin your divine paths of evolution with the joy of the heart and the peace of the soul.

Get up and radiate your divine love for the new Earth . The lights of this world fulfill their improvement contracts ignoring fear; they will recover the integrity of their real being in contact with the beings of the Earth that help them rise to the sacred dimension of the heart when discouragement or doubt is recorded in their souls.

The path of life in the inheritance must be revealed to someone who shows perseverance and determination in the matter . Do not give up my dear friends, because in the heart of those who fight for the authenticity of their being is the path of the soul, of their higher consciousness that will help them claim the sacred and awake form of their spirit to be authenticity on Earth.

We have been fighting against the forces of the shadow during endless times on your beautiful planet . Today the time has come to update your divine plans for your prosperity. His rise to the celestial part of his being will allow him to find the creative impetus on Earth in contact with the new joy of a life of light in matter. The sacred condition of your soul leads you to fulfill the powerful progress contracts that are yours.

You must evolve as a free, conscious and responsible being for who you are because as a member of the sacred on Earth, you must be wise to apprehend your new life in it. Close the doors of the old world and return to your new life of light, which wisely awaits you beyond the mountains.

Sincerely, the beings of the earth have spoken.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Stéphanie Bruneaux

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