Dream about death what does it mean?

  • 2019
Table of contents hide 1 Before investigating the meaning of dreams about death, it is important to clarify some questions of the dream process. 2 What does it mean to dream about the death of a relative or a person? 3 What does it mean to dream about the death of oneself? 4 Dreaming about death and its relationship with sexuality

Dreams have been of interest to the great mystics, and some wise since ancient times. Already from the biblical genesis we talk about the work of Yosef, son of Jacob, who when analyzing the dreams of the pharaoh, managed to escalate to important public positions within the Egyptian civilization. Also, Aristotle in his Parva naturalia emphasizes the study of dreams, but it is not until Freud that he acquires a scientific character. In this way, it is not surprising that for the old political leaders, (as in the case of Alexander the Great), they used dreamlike interpreters that helped him discern when and how, he had to conquer new lands, depending on their dreams. However, what does it mean to dream about death?

Before investigating the meaning of dreams about death, it is important to clarify some questions of the dream process.

Sleep is a physiological process, of homeostasis of the organism, and is configured from two main phases, namely: 1) No-Mor phase (not rapid eye movements) which in turn has 4 phases. And 2) the MOR phase . The phases of the first are:

  1. sleepiness that includes: decrease in alpha waves, and low amplitude theta waves.
  2. Light sleeper: Theta waves.
  3. Deep sleep: theta waves and any presence of delta waves.
  4. Very deep sleep: presence of delta waves.

From the latter, the MOR sleep (or rapid eye movements) is accessed and it is there, where the dream phenomena arise. These are purely psychic productions .

In this sense, dreams have a manifest and latent content . This means that the dreamer manufactures his dreams by replacing his wishes with symbols, in order to access inaccessible content and complete his psychic process with the help of dream metaphors. But what does it mean to dream about death? there are several senses and meanings to answer this question

What does it mean to dream about the death of a relative or a person?

Dreaming about the death of another person, indicates a manifestation of the drive of tanatos, this is conflictive, so it could indicate in the dreamer, the desire to destroy an object, circumstance or person, in order to dissolve ties with others or the world It is a clear indication of latent aggressiveness towards the person or object that dies in the dream .

Being dreams, a very particularized process, it would be necessary to analyze that other objects are expressed in reverie, for example, if you dream that a relative dies, it could indicate a repressed anger against him, or with actions, attitudes that dislike the dreamer, so that he wants to disappear and break with what bothers him of that family member or person. It is vital for the dreamer to ask himself : What desire do I die or change from person to person? What anger or aggressiveness not expressed do I have against xoy?

What does it mean to dream about the death of oneself?

If the person constantly dreams of dying, he could indicate that he wants to change behavioral patterns with which he does not feel favorable, or operational, but does not know how to change them; producing anguish This dream could be the signal of the unconscious psyche to begin to transform and destroy the uselessness in the self.

However, dreaming about death may indicate a trait of depressive disorder, and the desire to self-destruct, or return to an inorganic stage, that is; a desire not to continue existing anymore, or to return to previous stages of psychosocial development. For what it is convenient to review: How is my emotional life? ; Have I gone through strong circumstances that threaten my integrity? Or figures in which he deposited hope, love, and dependence have disappeared?

On the other hand, dreaming about death can mean signs of a possible dysthymia, and loss of the meaning of existence, so it is recommended to review how my joy lives in me? Have I lost the sense of living? What do you want to die or change inside me? What situations of myself do I want to change and transform? Before what circumstances of my life do I lose my strength, my sense, and feel victim of people or situation?

Dream about death and its relation to sexuality

However, the drive of tanathos, is opposed to the drive of eros, which in turn is the drive of life that is linked to sexuality, creativity and art. As far as dreaming of death could indicate dissatisfaction and repression in this dimension. In this sense, dreaming about death, invites the person to ask himself, do I feel full in the way I enjoy my sexuality? Does it distress me to practice the exercise of my sexual function?

Author: Kevin Samir Parra Rueda, editor in the big family of hermandadblanca.org.

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