Signs in your Body that Reveal that your Soul is Not Well, Amazing Biodecoding Therapy!

  • 2017

Do you feel a headache, ailments in your feet, and progressive fatigue throughout your body? Your physical health is the faithful reflection of the health of your Soul . Come with me! I am going to show you what are the signals that your body externalizes when your Soul is not well, and how to intervene it through Biodecoding Therapy; Remember! At all times you should look like a real Being of Light .

Biodecoding, Know when your Soul is Not Well!

... you must try tirelessly to seek your harmony between your body, your soul and your mind .

When you manage to find balance between Body, Soul and Mind, you will have achieved the best intervention strategy on this Path; reality that will lead you to experience, transparent and exteriorize all Light that should flood you.

However, not all people manage to harmonize architecturally and musically their Body, their Mind and their Soul ; Therefore, they have to resort to different methods that will gradually glimpse the current state of their Soul .

Thus, since Biodecoding and Bioneuroemoción is born from Alternative Medicine . What does it consist of? It is basically a proposal that tries to examine, find, and treat the metaphysical origin of each disease and its emotional significance. It means that, when a physical problem was cured without also healing the emotions, the therapeutic task was incomplete.

Imagine you had an argument with your partner, and this one, in the middle of the dispute, hit your nose. You went to a health professional who helped you heal your nose, gave you medicine and made you heal; but what you carry in your heart, in your mind and in your Soul, in relation to the emotions that have not yet been cured and that have to do with your pajero, who will heal them?

Surely, if the integrality of the Person is not cured, in the example I simulated, the discussion will be presented again, and in a second time, the results can be more tragic. Do I make myself understood? Hope so.

Now, all diseases have an emotional metaphysical origin. As well? Simply, all illness is caused by some kind of feeling that did not manifest itself as it should be, bringing as a consequence its projection on the physical plane of the body . The conclusion will be: your Soul is not well, it needs immediate intervention.

There are extraordinary investigations in relation to this exciting topic, however, despite wanting to tell you all the scenarios, it would not be possible to do so, we would have to stay here for many days, me writing you and you reading.

My invitation is for you to personally approach the different sources that talk about the evolution of Bioneuroemocià n and Biodescodificación .

To move forward, I am going to tell you the metaphysical origin of the great majority of diseases, and according to Biodecoding you will have different treatment options. Remember, you should try tirelessly to seek your harmony between your body, your Soul and your mind .

Signs in your Body that Reveal that your Soul is not Well

I will list each signal below, according to the Biodecoding intervention method, you will see how you have your Soul right now!

1. When you are overloaded, the Head hurts

If you allow monstrous problems to come into your life, your head will start to hurt, and depending on the depth of your problem, it will hurt harder and harder. It usually hurts when there are obstacles, when stressful situations are overcome one after another and can no longer stand.

What to do? Take time! Remember that, if a problem has a solution, you can solve it calmly, but if it has no solution, why do you worry? You will win nothing by congesting your mind, your soul and your body ! Avoid worrying unnecessarily, you deserve a great moment of peace, tranquility and serenity!

2. Grudges accumulate in your Neck

As you read it! Your Soul is not right if you are holding grudges, disagreements and hatreds in your neck. Rather, I invite you to respect the other points of view, forgive yourself and forgive those who have offended you.

Normally, and according to the investigations, your neck will hurt a lot if you do not forgive or forgive those who have offended you.

3. Pressure on decision-making rests on your shoulders

If it happened to you, that after leaving your workday, your shoulders hurt, you feel pressured and with a powerful emotional load, you will easily see that your Soul is not well .

Remember that many people can use your shoulders to lie down, it is your part to decide if you continue carrying them or stop carrying them.

If a decision is hurting you and you press your shoulders, try to distribute the weight with other people; Tell a friend, talk to your trusted people, meditate and pray.

4. Low Back Pain, Obsession for Money

If your waist hurts frequently, be very careful! Money is necessary, but it is not the god you should praise. If this happens to you, recognize that your Soul is not well .

I invite you to ask yourself, how much money do I need? How do I invest or spend my money?

5. Fear of love is reported at the top of your Back

When a person feels pain in his upper back, the loneliness and sadness he feels in his soul and in his mind is abysmal. He feels unvalued, he is afraid, he does not feel loved by anyone.

The idea is that you meet people, that you give yourself the opportunity to be surprised; keep in mind that all people do not pay with the same currency.

6. When you miss your friends, your hands hurt

The absence of your friends will be expressed in a strong and constant pain of your hands. Ask yourself, who do I need to shake hands again ?

7. Resistance to Change, Hip pain

Those who have very constant hip pain, may be very attached to comfort. Surely, they are sitting in a comfortable chair that they don't want to leave.

Do not be afraid ! Outside your comfort zone there is an exciting and extraordinary world! Why avoid it or leave it aside? Remember that life's opportunities are in the experience and learning of the world, don't hide!

8. The Elbows hurt their elbows

How often do your elbows hurt? Remember that if your elbows are hurting very often, your Soul is not well .

There is unproductive stubbornness, in which the person simply refuses to listen to the opinions of other people. They are observed crossed hands and with annoying deep pain.

What to do? Please avoid covering your breasts! Leave them free for your emotions to flow.

9. The repressed desires are manifested in the ankles

I invite you to ask yourself, what has tied you? What things do not let you move forward? Why are you imprisoned?

If you feel pain in your ankles, surely there are realities in your life that are not allowing you to show yourself as you really are. Go ahead and don't be more tied to chain shackles .

10. Jealousy is reflected in your Calves

If you feel that your calves are hurting you, you are suffering emotional overloads, signaling that your Soul is not well .

El Rel jate !, Rel jate !, trust the people you love and trust you. Ask yourself, what exists in my mind, my body and my Soul that does not allow me to move forward?

11. If your knees hurt you are self-centered

If your ego is large, your knees will fall from pain, they are not capable with this weight so large and so harmful.

Reflect on your self-love, and on the love and respect that other people deserve from you.

How did you feel about reading ? I hope that there have been concepts and experiences to apply in your life.

… You will win nothing by congesting your mind, your soul and your body! Avoid worrying unnecessarily, you deserve a great moment of peace, tranquility and serenity!

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor in the Great Family of

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