Natural remedies for high blood pressure

  • 2018

High blood pressure, commonly called hypertension, is an excess of blood circulation force. Blood must circulate maintaining a certain speed and at the same time exert a stable pressure on the arteries.

Hypertension has no easily noticeable symptoms . If you have more than 50 years and there is a history in your family of hypertension, it is very likely that you have some circulatory problem.

It is advisable to test your pressure regularly and for this you must periodically attend a review with your GP.

Causes of high blood pressure

  • Inadequate feeding Excess salt facilitates hypertension. Also the absence of fruits and vegetables is very harmful.
  • Absence of physical exercise
  • Having bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Other types of ailments
  • Stress

Symptoms of high blood pressure

  • Redness of the face
  • Nausea, vomiting and dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Chest pains
  • Blurry vision

How to prevent high blood pressure?

  • Dramatically reduce salt intake . This includes highly processed products and also avoid adding salt to each dish of your meals.
  • Do moderate exercises with relative frequency . This will help improve your cardiovascular capacity and decrease the incidence of hypertension.
  • Maintain a balanced and highly nutritious diet based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Suppress tobacco and alcohol .

Natural remedies for blood pressure

Horsetail Infusion

Horsetail is diuretic and helps eliminate toxins through the urine.

To prepare an infusion of horsetail it is necessary to put a teaspoon of dried horsetail in a bowl with freshly boiled water. Let stand for two or three minutes and drink several times a day.

Parsley Infusion

Another effective diuretic is parsley and is a good alternative to horsetail.

You can alternately take an infusion of horsetail and parsley and alternate the flavors.

One garlic per day

Garlic has a high nutritional value and is a bulb with antioxidant properties that maintains a better appearance on the skin and stimulates the nervous system.

If you find it difficult to take it whole, you can try to leave it in a glass with water all night and in the morning add a little lemon juice and drink it on an empty stomach.

In this way you will take advantage of the properties of garlic along with those of lemon, stabilize the pH of the stomach and can more easily digest the fruits and vegetables you will consume during the day.

Oat water

It is only necessary to boil water and at the time of boiling add oatmeal in flakes . Turn off the heat and let stand for a few hours.

The next morning you should strain the mixture and do not drink more than 1 liter during the day. Oatmeal contains high amounts of fiber and fights bad cholesterol, so it acts against high blood pressure.

Meditation and exercise

One of the main triggers of high blood pressure is stress and it is highly recommended to do relaxation and meditation exercises to combat it.

Start by concentrating on your breathing as you inhale and exhale . Think only of it while breathing. Go for walks, although at the beginning they are short you will see that little by little, you will feel better.

No butter, No margarine, No saturated fat

It is best to use olive oil when cooking instead of butter. It lowers bad cholesterol and since it is a substance with a high level of acid levels, it is optimal for our circulatory system.

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