7 Ideal colors that best suit you for each day of the week

  • 2017

Chromotherapy uses the power of color to bring benefits and well-being. Discover how to use different ideal colors that best suit you for each day of the week and see how they can help you manage our emotions and energy.

7 Ideal colors that most favor you for each day of the week to bring benefits and well-being

If you do not know the meaning and potential of each color, check here which is the best color for each day of the week and so you can enjoy its benefits and the pattern No vibrational energy for each day :

1- Monday Red or White

Usually, people start Monday with the spirits down, possibly due to lack of energy. It often causes the desire to stay home under the covers. To have more energy and willingness to start the week, you should use a red- colored garment. It is a stimulating, toning color that brings good mood and fights depression.

Do you wake up in a bad mood on Mondays? Then you can also bet on the target. He is neutral, pacifying and will help protect himself from the negatively charged energies that his colleagues can disperse without ill intent.

2- Tuesday Orange

To add more value, and more movement for your Tuesday, it would be best to go for the orange color. This color is vibrant and helps avoid fear and insecurity in people, so if you are starting new projects, with this color you will find solutions to problems, you will make important decisions and you can easily face new challenges thanks to energy of this color

3- Wednesday - Yellow

Yellow is one of the ideal colors that most favor you on Wednesday. It is a color that works for the mind and intellect. It goes very well to increase concentration, discipline and concentration at work or study: So visit your closet and take a yellow blouse, or also opt for accessories in this color.

4 - Thursday - Green

Green is excellent for Thursday, as this color offers a balance of anxiety relief for the arrival of the weekend. It also promotes self-esteem, relaxation and gives strength and balances the emotions of everyday life.

5- Friday - Blue

On Friday they already have a taste of weekend in the air, and the anxiety about the arrival of the Sabbath is intense. Many people have also put a lot of energy into their last day of work to rely safely. We are ready to go to rest, so blue is a great idea, since it brings calm, peace and tranquility to the day.

6- Saturday - Indigo

Saturday is the preferred day for many people, so a bright and meaningful color is advised : indigo. This color touches intuition, purifies the environment, provides protection and most importantly, recharges energy. If you are going to spend the weekend with your love, it is recommended to use the color pink to stimulate affection and communication in the couple. If you are interested in going out to conquer someone, wear red, which will stimulate your seductive side.

7- Sunday - Violet (Purple)

Sunday is the day of rest, to relax the body and reflect everything that happened in the week ... and of course, and prepare for the beginning of the following week. Therefore, the best will be the violet color, which is the color of spirituality, self-knowledge, which emphasizes inspiration and meditation in search of the inner self.

Energy is important to be and feel balanced, so stimulating it will give us many benefits and increase our vibratory pattern, so select the ideal colors that best favor you To have a good time.

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