Spiritual diagnosis for light workers

  • 2015

The spiritual diagnosis is one of the five sections that make up the clinical pedagogical history of the disciple and allows us to determine the relative age of the soul.

The vital history of the soul, the aspirant, is the story of his response to the applied energies, or his rejection of them. Small units of energy are impelled to make contact (impact) with large force fields (planes). Depending on the intensity of the impact, this will be the response between the unit of energy and the field with which contact has been made and, similarly, the quality and vibratory activity of the attracted and grouped atoms of matter. In this way, these will constitute a temporary form that can be seen externalized (body) and be relatively tangible and act as a way or means for the soul to get in touch with higher forms and expressions of divine life. The more intricate the organization of the body and the more complex and perfect the response mechanism, the more clearly the age of the soul will be defined. The soul has no age from the point of view of time, as humanity understands. It is immortal and eternal. Before the soul passes the kaleidoscope of the senses and the drama of the external phenomenal existence; but through all these events that happen in time and space, the soul always maintains the attitude of the Spectator and the Observer who perceives, observes and interprets. However, the age of the soul determines the state of perception. This is what we look for when we apply the Bender test to a preschool child: determine that the mind conforms to the laws of perception.


Five periods of crisis signal the transfer of soul life from one race to another. The liberation of the soul occurs when it has carried out the work of saving matter by using it and integrating it into forms.

  1. The coordination of the physical, astral and mental natures in a merged whole. In a racial sense, such coordination is taking place in the Aryan race, and the process will end (for humanity) when the sun enters the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, just as it is now entering the sign of Aquarius. This coordination is developing rapidly among the advanced members of the human family, and should be the goal of training all adolescents between fourteen and twenty-one.
  2. Coordination begins between soul and personality; the soul focuses its attention on the astral or desire nature. It is the immediate task of the aspirants of the world today, and it will be the goal of the race that succeeds the Aryan.
  3. The coordination between the soul, the mind and the brain, excluding the body of illusion, the astral. This is the peculiar goal of the world disciples.
  4. The coordination that must be established between the soul, the purified personality and the Hierarchy. It is the goal of the Apprentices of the world today, and that of all those who are between the first and third degree of learning. This culmination is finally reached in the third degree ceremony called Transfiguration.
  5. Coordination between soul, personality and spirit. It takes place through the Hierarchy of Souls. This process is carried out after the third degree of learning.

The first criterion to take into account to make a spiritual diagnosis is the conformation of the causal body.

The Flower of the Self represents the light of the soul, it is the heart center of the Spirit, analogous to the human heart center. It is symbolized as a flower with nine petals that keep the jewel inside the flower.

The key to the mystery of the 777 incarnations is hidden in the three rows of petals. The figures do not indicate the exact number of years, are only representative and symbolic, and are intended to give the idea of ​​three cycles of variable duration, based on the septenary nature of the monad in manifestation.

First. The 700 incarnations. It refers to the opening of the outer row. It constitutes the longest period. The initial vibration is slow and heavy and millions of lives have to pass before the exchange of energy between the Ego and its reflection, the lower self.

The idea of ​​a centuries-old septenary must be carefully reflected and, as always in every occult theme, the idea of ​​triplicity must also be taken into account, together with a synthesizing period, a summary of the triple coordination:

3 periods of 3 tens

90 years

1 period synthesizer

10 years

Repeated seven times.

X 7


700 years

Each cycle (again figuratively) vitalizes one of the petals more than another, having a definite effect on each one.

Second. The 70 incarnations. It refers to the opening of the middle row. Much can be learned if it is a question of understanding what hidden means that some initiate (like the Christ) sent his followers in groups of seventy, two by two. These seventy incarnations are mainly concerned with developing love in personal life, the evolution of the astral nature, based on the recognition of the pairs of opposites, and the balance of both by love and service.

Third. The 7 incarnations. They are the ones that are passed on the Path of Probation. It is an interesting period in which certain things take place that could be described as follows:

The two outer rows of petals are stimulated in a new and special sense through the conscious act of the probationary disciple. Until now, much of the work has been done according to the common laws of evolution and has been done unconsciously. But everything changes when the mental body goes into activity and two of the will petals coordinate and the other one activates the vitality and opens.

The fire or energy of these two rows begins to circulate through the atomic triangle, and when this happens, it marks a very important time; The dual work has culminated in both the inferior and the egoic personal life:

On the Path of Probation, the ray of the physical body must be subordinated to the powers that emanate from those selfish rays that flow from the outer row of petals of the Flower of the I, the petals of knowledge. On the Path of Discipleship the astral body is subjugated by the ray of the soul as it flows from the second row of petals, those of love. On the Path of Initiation, and until the third initiation, the ray of the mental body is subjugated by the force of the slaughter petals, which are in the third row of p talos Thus the three aspects of personality are subjugated by the energy that emanates from the nine petals of the Flower of the Self. After the third initiation, the entire personality, composed of the three aspects, becomes sensitive to the energy of pure electric fire or life, as it flows through of the closed capullo that is in the heart of the Flower of the Yo .


The second key point in the elaboration of the spiritual diagnosis is to determine if the Lightworker is a physicist or a mentalist, if he is still following the doctrine of the eye or is expressing the doctrine of the heart.

The Doctrine of the Heart governs the development of the mentalist; The doctrine of the eye - of vision - governs the mystical experience. The doctrine of the heart is based on the universal nature of the Soul, conditioned by the Divine, the ONE, and implies reality. The doctrine of the eye is based on the dual relationship between the Soul and the Personality. It involves spiritual relationships, but the attitude or recognition of the opposite poles is also implicit.


The third point to take into account in the elaboration of the spiritual diagnosis, is the progress achieved in the tissue of the silver cord. The period covered by the conscious fabric of the silver cord extends from the final stages of the Path of Probation until the end of the third degree: The transfiguration.

The thread of life, the Silver Cord is, as far as man is concerned, dual in nature. The thread of Life, proper, which is one of the two threads that constitute the Sutratma, is anchored in the heart while the other embodying the principle of consciousness, is anchored in the head. The threads that man creates are three and, with the threads fundamentally created by the Soul, they constitute the five types of energy that make man a conscious human being.

The utility of the five diagnoses of the light worker is to come to understand what they are:

  1. His soul ray.
  2. Your personality ray.
  3. The lightning that governs his mind.
  4. The lightning that governs your emotional body.
  5. The lightning that influences your physical body.

When he has achieved this fivefold knowledge, he has fulfilled the Delphic mandate: "know yourself", and his pedagogical medical history is complete.

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