FATHER CREATOR "Message for All Lightworkers

Canal Rocío González, July 11, 2009 Hs. 19:40:01 PM. Colombia Mexico

Love is indestructible, it is the most sublime and powerful manifestation of my existence in you, in each of my extensions that form each of the atoms that form, that integrate all matter and without matter, reason and without reason, time and No time, the concave and convex, the Infinite, the meeting of opposites. EVERYTHING, what exists, and has not existed, the "perishable" and the imperishable, EVERYTHING is part of My essence and I AM EVERYTHING.

It is part of what you come to learn here, to this area of ​​unconsciousness in which you feel conscious; But realize that you are not really aware that you act against the divine laws, the laws of the universe.

You have fallen into a state of separation in which you feel Gods, who can create and dictate their own laws, ignoring the universal divine laws.

You adapt to your craving and need to satisfy the anger of your ego and based on it you deny my existence and break my laws; you act as irrational beings (that's what you call it), because I can't say that as animals, since they (the animals) do respect the divine laws and act and act according to their mission entrusted to balance life on this planet, you do not see any animal killing just for pleasure, or over spaces or disappearing species because they do not like or hinder them NO!, this is too much!

I have granted them free will to act and thereby achieve their learning and evolution of consciousness, thereby bringing an increase in their momentum of personal and overall light, as spiritual and eternal beings and as part of a whole that belongs to Me, more You have gone further. They have determined that it "suits" them for their greater "comfort" and not, and based on that judgment is that they decide to dispose of the lives of their brothers that bother them, even if they are of the species itself.

They have decided to “live their life” with freedom that they confuse with debauchery and when, as a result of their actions (acts) they acquire a karmic debt that you must pay off when from another life that comes to this teaching, they decide that “that is very annoying for you” It is an “unwanted life” and they interrupt it, they interrupt a divine process.

Do you not realize what this represents? If you acquire this debt it is better than assume it now, because later it will be added to other major tests and every time you lose more of my grace.

You ask me And what if it is the product of a violation? And I answer you: Nothing my beloved girl is chance or error, in the universe there are no mistakes, those souls who go through these experiences is because it is necessary and they have asked for it themselves before incarnating to settle some action in which they caused hurt; you must learn that your actions hurt and you must learn to love by understanding that you are all representing roles, roles in the lives of others that will help the other grow.

There are no culprits, there are no damages in reality, only experiences that you must have and overcome to learn that you must not lead yourself along paths that are not of genuine, selfless and unlimited love for all and I repeat every creature that you find or feel. That my love is the "state of grace" that you seek.

And I really tell you my loves, you are not far from it.

The time has come to recognize

The time has come to love without asking, without questioning.

The time has come to ascend.

Come to me, that I wait for you with my soul rejoiced by the reunion of my children, my sheep, my distant parts.

Times are coming that will test your ability to love.

There are times that will require them more than ever to use their capacity to love without making judgments.

Do not ignore my words and keep them in your heart that right there I am in you.

A portal is opened, a “special dispensation” for all my children who, on Planet Earth, are fulfilling their mission, their work, their learning-teaching.

Do not miss it, do not hesitate, do not be confused, that time is coming and there will be no more opportunity until the end of one more cycle; Nothing is denied forever, but now is the time to move forward.

I only have to ask to spread this message and you who read it receive it in your heart that your moment has arrived.

Commit to me that by your side I am and your heart receives.

Now go and take love to your brothers

I love you and I bless your return.

Your Father who loves you forever.

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