Message Master Saint Germain: The vastness layer of the violet flame

  • 2019

The layer of Immensity represents the celestial vault; All existing constellations are symbolized in it. When you meditate, pray or ask to be guided where you need to go, always call your guardian angel, your guide, the Lord . An astral journey in this layer will allow you to understand the other dimensions. You should not be afraid, relax to go to wonderful places. You will travel between bright spots. You will see faces, meet people and can receive messages. The vastness layer contains many secrets that will be communicated to you in the future. There is an admirable and extraordinary character that some of you know, it is the Count of Saint Germain who possessed a wonderful judgment and intuition.

He explored forbidden universes during his time, in the 16th century

Always inspired to know about alchemists, Templars and all kinds of Western brotherhoods. He discovered the existence of the chakras and that these energy centers are in us and connect us with the earthly bodies, humans, health, minds and souls. During your investigation, meditating; a form of purple light appeared and focusing and invoking the help of the Lord, that light moved like a living flame and oscillated like live fire.

This is the consciousness of our spiritual being. And it connects with the third eye and opens it to a higher consciousness of your divinity. Since then he dressed Count Saint Germain with a tunic of the same color. The Violet Flame not only gives you knowledge, but also confidence and strength in you . It transmits tranquility and removes negative vibrations. It is a very strong protection.

The following exercise is a gift to learn to visualize and feel the energy of the violet flame:

Breath deeply. Send the air to your base chakras. Inhale deeply. Relax and feel a tingling in your fingers and hands. Send air to your plexus. Visualize it all bright, golden, like a sun emerging from your chest . Imagine the beautiful rays that are projected around you. Breathe, your guides accompany you. Concentrate in the palm of each of your hands, a small violet flame and put it at the end of each fingertip. Feel the energy. You have the flame in your hands, take them in front of your friends, then send your love and positive thoughts.

Resume your initial position. Now you will see a light of intense crimson color about 50 cm high, above their heads. Its base rests on the top of your royal chakra . Visualize it, it is alive, it is your own energy. Practice this exercise for a few moments and try to look inside your forehead with the third eye. Look at yourself Enjoy peace and happiness.

This time, visualize the flame that slowly falls on your head. Lower it towards the throat chakra. Breathe calmly and watch how you now descend to the heart chakra that is wrapped in the sweetness and light of love. Then take it to the solar plexus where emotions rest. Breathe and lower the digestion chakra at the navel level, it will help you digest everyday life. You have been clean, refreshed, fed.

Remain in a meditation position for a few more seconds. Then slowly open your eyes and share impressions if your desire. The violet flame is a teaching by itself, it is purity and wisdom at the same time . When you get used to perceiving its essence, you will look like a huge purple water lily. Appreciate it. Today is a special day in you, where the Lord has given you a gift. A new notion and development tool.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Véronique

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