Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 2)

  • 2019

Jeshua, see Pamela Kribbe: The Inner Flower (Part 2)

Let everything you need to know approach you so that your flower can connect to the ground on Earth. Let your flower arrive in your imagination freedom and joy so that it can radiate light in this earthly kingdom. All of you are God incarnate, the One who adopted the human form. You are good and you are complete within yourself. But by connecting with the earthly dimension, where fear and judgment reign, that knowledge is sometimes overshadowed. However, that knowledge is what can help you reconnect with that flower in your heart, and also with the gentle flow of consciousness that perceives it.

In this world, it is really a challenge for you to remember this. Through the judgments, fears and negative emotions that often reign here, you can lose sight of that knowledge of who you are. You may have the feeling that this flower in your heart has been trampled and that you no longer know who you are.

The power to live from your heart

When you lose the connection with this essence within you, life becomes a burden. You feel hesitant and doubt, because you are trying to comply with the rules, ideas and expectations of others. But doing that you are destined to fail, because you don't find inspiration there; There is no true joy, there is no solid ground under your feet.

The power you find when living from your heart lies in connecting with that flower within you: the energy of your soul that is unique and has something distinctive to bring here. Honor that always. When you feel that the force, the vitality of this flower is under the pressure of the negative energies that surround you, or in yourself, head towards that soft and observant consciousness, and from that perspective simply observe how you react to those negative energies.

Watch what happens in you during the times when anxiety occurs, when you are critical of yourself, when you evaluate yourself according to external standards. Watch what happens, just observe it and remain aware.

Some of you are afraid of becoming the voice of your heart; They are afraid of being rejected . You are afraid that your most precious flower will be trampled and ruined, but that is a mistake. You may experience the negativity that occurs when you feel rejected, or when you feel assaulted by the reactions of others, but in the end, only your own judgment affects you .

Look at the flower inside you

Do you agree with the opinions of others, or can you continue to perceive the beauty, beauty and innocence of your own flower ? True inner power is to remain true to yourself, continue to believe in your own innocence, purity and beauty, and remain in the world as who you are. That is what this world needs: dare to bring something new and not comply with the existing rules and judgments based on fear.

No one can really harm the flower of your heart, because it is yours and only yours. It is only through your belief in the judgments of others, in the fears of which you are being convinced, that this flower may be affected, but only in appearance.

Make the connection with the witness that is always present and look at the flower inside you. There may be times when your flower weakens or does not receive enough food from your conscience, your own faith in yourself. But that flower is rooted in the flow of the divine, which is eternal and incorruptible, and always produces new flowers.

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCES: Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe


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