Message Lady Miriam: Discover your Divine Power

  • 2017

Are they able to understand what this entails? What I want to say is that through this peace that represents the divine power or presence that is part of you, which is within your hearts, the revelation of reality is carried out before you. Therefore, we ask you, beloved beings of light, to allow your light, your divine power to shine; because in the face of the times that are currently going through, this power is of great importance, since they are living a period of changes and evolutions, which and not being faced correctly, generates mental disorder and affects their way of thinking, allowing that multiple destructive thoughts, full of fear and anguish, occur easily in you.

May the eternal Peace that I give you with my “Presence” be in the hearts of each one of you

But by discovering your divine power and allowing it to manifest, you have the opportunity to escape from the false reality and understand the divine reality that is within you, which will allow you to continue advancing on your path to evolution until you reach the Wisdom of the Higher Plane. We are aware of the way your world is and currently works ; We are aware of the torments that affect those who are in this world and that is why we constantly come to you with messages that allow you to continue moving forward and understand what is happening around you .

It has been said before, but we will repeat it, since it is necessary that you understand that through the phenomenal awakening that is taking place right now within your world and on the consciousness of a large number of human beings, a great door is opened by which, the energies of light sent to you from higher planes can propagate to a greater extent around the Earth, renewing your divine plan and moving you away from all those shadows that still wish to keep you blinded through the false reality that has been generated in this world.

These shadows are generated exactly, due to the impact and force possessed by the destructive thoughts that take place inside the Earth and therefore, we want to talk about them, since it is a powerful reality, which has remained within their world because you have allowed it to be so.

This powerful force exerts a certain control over the mood and will of human beings, in order to guide you towards a mode of slavery where you do not have the ability to appreciate and understand what is happening around you, affecting not only to the planet but to each one of the living beings that are within it; a kind of slavery that makes a large part of human beings believe, that they must keep certain people on top because they offer their " support " when solving certain problems. However, all that, is nothing more than an illusion, created within the false reality to prevent you from opening your eyes and hearts to the true Reality, so that you, beings of light, cannot discover or use your divine power .

Seek your divine power, it is closer than you think

And the discovery of the divine power that is within each one of you, as well as the understanding of it to finally be able to use it, is what you find, precisely, after the isi prison. n that this false reality supposes, which they leave behind once they open their minds and hearts, freeing themselves and realizing that the power over you should not have someone else, but you same.

It is time for you to discover your Divine Power, that power that has always been in you and is waiting to be released . The resplendent Light that emanates from the Great and Powerful Creative Source, has been divided, giving rise to 2 completely opposite polarities and right now, you are more attached to the darker polarity, that is why we are making a call with the purpose of voluntarily leaving that polarity behind and moving towards the brighter polarity, where they will have the opportunity to appreciate each of the facets that make up the great and beautiful superior plan, which the Source has established for you.

Leave aside those superficial needs that you have developed during your stay on Earth and understand that all that does not have a real importance, since what is really important, is the purpose that has its existence within this world. The enormous wealth of the Divine Power that is within each one of you will allow you to free yourself from everything that is impeding you and preventing you from moving forward.

We have heard you, beloved beings of light, because we are always close to you and as you open your hearts to the Light and accept your Divine Power, we get closer. They no longer have anything to fear, because as we have already said, all those negative thoughts that torment them are only fears generated by their own minds as a result of ancient works, which have to disappear completely and be purified.

Everything is designed, even its future

By having a greater understanding of the reality and divine power in you, as well as your Higher Consciousness, you will be able to access more knowledge about the superior plan designed for each of you, both inside and outside this world that you call planet Earth.

That Higher Consciousness that exists in all of you is about a part of your higher spiritual being, which has decided to incarnate as matter within the world; However, and in certain cases, the Source has decided that several extensions of its spiritual being incarnate in different levels of events, with the purpose that they can learn, understand, experiment and enrich themselves with each of the knowledge provided by the duality that forms part not only of this world, but of many others through which, you are forced to choose the path you wish to follow . But in many cases, several of you choose different paths that move you away from the central route, through which you return directly to the Source .

That is why we present ourselves before you, not only to help you pass through what your existence in this world means, but also to guide you back to that central path that allows you to meet again with the Creative Source. The experiences you live are uniquely yours, so you should not feel the need to judge the choices that others have made or are currently making.

What happens, is that many of you already have a long journey on your path to evolution, you must understand that by accepting your divine power, many of you have already managed to free yourself, however, there are still many others who are in He seeks that internal contact with his own Divinity, so they should not be judged in any way. Open your hearts and consciously accept that divine power in all of you. We thank you for listening to us, reminding you that you are eternally loved and blessed.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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