NGSM - The new server group in the world, by the Tibetan Master, through Alice Ann Bailey PART 1/4

  • 2011

The Tibetan books

... or blue books, written by Alice Ann Bailey

Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has said:

“Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much teaching for the New Age. In the last analysis, books are for you the work tools and instruments with which you will train your workers. Try to circulate constantly. ”

Who is Alice Ann Bailey?
This famous English esotericist and writer whose maiden name was Alice Ann the Trobe-Bateman; He was born in Manchester (Lancashire) on June 16, 1880. And died at the age of 69, on December 15, 1949. He belonged in his youth to the Center of the Theos Society. physics of Los Angeles, from which he later separated to act more freely according to his own views and the teachings taught by two Masters of the Hidden Hierarchy.

In her Inconclusive Autobiography, one of her books that can be found in Spanish, Alice A. Bailey mentions that she had her first meeting with Master Koot Hoomi on June 30, 1895, when she was counting so only 15 years old and in circumstances where difficulties and suffering surrounded her everywhere. Since then he worked throughout his life for him, becoming one of the most advanced disciples of his group or Ashrama. On the other hand, Master Djwhal Khul, known as DK or The Tibetan, inspired or dictated his books through the faculty called clairaudience, which Alice A. Bailey possessed in a marked degree. The contact with this instructor was maintained for about thirty years.


By Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

(Alice A. Bailey)


Classification of Humanity

The peoples of the world can be classified into four groups, according to the point of view of those who try to guide humanity towards the New Age. Certainly this is a broad generalization, with many linking groups among the four main groupings.

First, the ignorant masses: These, due to poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, hunger, despair and lack of recreation and the means to acquire culture, are enraged. They have enough development to respond to the suggestions and mental control of people a little more evolved than they. They are easily regimented, influenced, standardized and driven to a collective activity by the leaders of any school of thought, who are intelligent and emotional enough, to awaken material desires, love of country and hate towards who own more than them. These people can be controlled by fear and, therefore, driven to act by emotional demand.

Since they know nothing better and suffer so many sufferings they are easily dragged by the fires of hatred and fanaticism, and constitute one of the greatest and innocent threats of this era. They are toys in the hands of those who are well informed, and are helpless against those who try to use them for any purpose. They can be moved more easily by emotional exhortations and promises, because ideas almost fail to impress their consciences, because they are not developed enough to think for themselves. The masses fight and die lulled by fiery harangues, and rarely know what it is. Their living conditions must be improved, but not by exploitation or bloodshed.

Second, the so-called middle class and its two categories, upper and lower: it constitutes the bulk of each nation, the intelligent bourgeoisie - diligent, inquisitive, narrow-minded and essentially religious, although it frequently repudiates the requirements of religion. It is dragged by the economic conflict, and constitutes without exception the most powerful element of any nation, for its ability to read, discuss, think, invest money and support any side. They represent most of the world's supporters, those who fight for a cause and form large groups, either for or against one party or another. They like to recognize and elect a leader, and they are willing to die for the cause and incessantly make greater sacrifices for their ideals, based on the ideas presented by their elected leaders.

I do not establish differences or locate the so-called aristocracy of a group, because that constitutes a class difference, based largely on heritage and capital; modern national readjustments merge rapidly into the great middle class Because this leveling is carried out everywhere, spiritual aristocracy can now arise - based on the understanding of its divine origin and goal, which knows no class distinction, religious barriers or separatist differences. Therefore, we treat human divisions and not class differences.

The second group constitutes the most fruitful field from which the new leaders and organizers are drawn. They form an intermediate group among world thinkers, intellectuals and human masses. In the last analysis, they are the factor that determines world affairs ...

... Due to their intelligence, the greater possibilities they have of acquiring culture, their ability to read, the impact of the new propaganda methods, the press and the radio, they constitute the most powerful group in the world in each nation, and they leaders are directed, demanding their support and partisan loyalty, bringing the triumph of any leader. They are the only ones who contribute the majority of the votes in national affairs. They are dominated by uncertainty, doubt and fear, deeply rooted, and the desire for justice to be done and the new order of things to be established.

Above all, they want peace, stable economic conditions and an orderly world. They are willing to fight for it, fight in all parties and groups for political, nationalist, religious, economic and social ideals. If they practically do not fight in a physical sense, they do so through speech, speeches and books.

Third, the thinkers of the world: they are intelligent and very educated men and women, who capture ideas and formulate them into ideals. These pardons speak, write articles and books and use all known methods to get to educate the general public, and thus harass the bourgeoisie by forcing it into activity, agitating, through it, the masses. The role and role they play is of paramount importance. From its ranks are those who strongly influence the course of world events, sometimes for good purposes, sometimes for selfish purposes. They handle the human mind as a musician manages his instrument, being in his hands the power of the press, radio and public gallery. Your responsibility is huge. A few, perhaps more than it seems, work selflessly inspired by the new era. They are dedicated to alleviating human conditions and improving world affairs, applying (correctly or erroneously) certain lines that, for them, constitute the hope of the future and the elevation of humanity. They are found in every government, party, society and organization, church and religious group. They are today the most influential entity, because through them you reach the great middle class, influencing and organizing it for political, religious and social purposes. His ideas and expressions infiltrate through the upper class and the middle class, finally reaching the ears of the most advanced individuals of the non-evolved masses.

Fourth, the New Group of World Servers: they are the ones that begin to form a new social order in the world. Politically they do not belong to any party or government. They recognize all parties, creeds, social and economic organizations and all governments. They are found in all nations and religious organizations, and are responsible for formulating the new social order. From the strictly physical angle, they do not fight for the best that exists in the old order, nor for improving the conditions of the world. They consider that the old methods of struggle, partisanship and aggression, and the old techniques of partisan struggles have totally failed, and that the means employed so far, everywhere and by all parties and groups (struggles, violent partisanship by the leader or one cause, attacks on individuals whose ideas or ways of life are considered pernicious to mankind), are out of period and are considered useless and inappropriate to obtain the desired conditions of peace, economic fulfillment and understanding. They are engaged in the task of inaugurating the new world order, forming throughout the world - in each nation, city or town - a group of people who do not belong to any party or support a side, but postulate a clear and defined tribune and a program as practical as that of any party. They rely on the essential divinity of man; Its program is based on goodwill, the basic characteristic of humanity. Therefore, they are currently organizing people of goodwill from around the world, explaining a definite program and postulating a platform in which all men and women of good will have a place.

They affirm and believe that their initial call has been of such a nature, that if they are provided with the help of trained minds, which belong to the third group described, and if they are provided with the necessary financial help to perform the required educational work and propaganda to spread goodwill, they can change the world in such a way (only through people of good will) that - without war, without arousing hatred among men, without attacking or supporting any cause - the new order can be firmly established on earth. (15-480 / 3)

Historical background

Around the year 1400, the Hierarchy of Teachers faced a very difficult situation. Regarding the work of the second ray (which had to do with the teaching of spiritual truth) came what could be called a total exteriorization of that truth. The activity of the first ray had also effected an intense differentiation and crystallization between the nations and governments of the world. Both conditions of concrete orthodoxy and political differences persisted for many generations and still persist. There is an analogous state of affairs today, both in the world of religion and in the world of politics. This is true whether it is India or America, China or Germany, or study the history of Buddhism with its many sects, Protestantism with its thousands of militant groups or the many schools of philosophy in the East and West. The situation is universal and public awareness is greatly divided, but this state of affairs marks the culmination of a period of separativity and the end, before many centuries, of this deep division of thought.

After observing and monitoring this trend for another hundred years, the Elder Brothers of the race, around 1500 AD. C., summoned a conclave to all sectors. Its objective was to determine how the momentum of integration could be accelerated , which is essentially the keynote of our universal order, and what steps would have to be taken to produce that synthesis and unification that, in the world of thought, made possible the manifestation of purpose. of the divine life that brought everything into existence. When the neutral world unifies, the external world will enter into a synthetic order. Here it must be remembered that the Masters think in broader terms and work in more extensive cycles of evolutionary effort. The reduced and temporary circles and the insignificant ebb and flow of cosmic processes do not occupy His attention in the first case.

In that conclave they had to do three things:

1. See the divine plan on a scale as wide as possible, and renew Your minds with that vision.

2. Observe what influences or energies were available for use in the great effort in which they were engaged.

3. Train the men and women, then probationists, chelas and initiates, in order to have an efficient group of assistants in due time to trust in the coming centuries.

Regarding these applicants, they had two problems:

1. Avoid the failure to maintain the continuity of consciousness on the part of the advanced disciples, a failure that even the initiates incur today.

2. The Masters discovered that the minds and brains of the chelas were extremely insensitive to superior contacts, and this still lasts. Then the chelas possessed, as now, aspiration, desire to serve humanity, devotion and occasionally a regular mental team, but they lacked peculiarly that telepathic sensibility, instinctive response to the hierarchical vibration and liberation of the lower psyche, necessary requirements for intense and intelligent work. Unfortunately this is still the case. Telepathic sensitivity increases more and more, as a result of world conditions and the evolutionary current, and this (for those who work in the internal plane) is a very encouraging sign, although the Love for the psychic phenomena and ignorance in differentiating the varying degrees of vibrations of the hierarchical workers, still greatly hinders the work.

You will wonder and rightfully what is this plan? When I speak of the plan, I do not refer to the general plan, such as that of evolution or that of humanity, to which we apply the phrase, development of the soul, almost without meaning. Both aspects of our planet's scheme are taken for granted and they are only modes, processes and means for a specific purpose. The plan, as they perceive it today and for which the Masters work firmly, can be defined as follows: It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and a telepath exchange Attic that will finally annihilate time. It will make all the accomplishments and knowledge of the past available to men, will reveal the true meaning of his mind and brain, will make him the master of that team, therefore he will make it omnipresent and, with time will open the door to omniscience. This next development of the plan will produce in man an understanding and intelligent and cooperative understanding of the divine purpose, for which, the One in Whom we live, we move and We have our being, it has been considered intelligent to take it to exteriorization. Don't believe that I can explain the plan as it is. It is not possible for any man of lesser degree than the initiate of third degree, to glimpse it and much less understand it. The development of the mechanism, by which a disciple may be in relation to those who are responsible for carrying out the plans, and the ability to know (and not only perceive tenuously) that Tiny aspect of everything, which constitutes the immediate step and with which it is possible to collaborate, can be achieved by all disciples and must keep it as a goal before the aspirants. With the exception of the probationary disciples, who are not yet firm enough in their efforts, everyone can strive to achieve that continuity of consciousness and awaken that inner light that, when perceived and used intelligently, it serves to reveal other aspects of the plan, especially one that can respond and serve the enlightened connoisseur.

Achieving this has been the goal of all the training given during the last 400 years, so you can imagine the great patience displayed by the connoisseurs of the race. They work slowly and deliberately towards His goal, without apparent haste, but - and here lies the immediate interest of what I have to communicate - they have a time limit, based on the Law of Cycles. It concerns the performance of certain periods of opportunity that logically have their limit ...

Looking to the future, when the Servants of the race met in the aforementioned conclave, they referred to the future entrance of the Aquarian era, with its characteristic energies and amazing opportunities. This was observed, and they tried to prepare man for that period of more or less 2, 500 years of duration, which, duly used, would promote the conscious and intelligent unification of the human race, thus producing the manifestation of what I prefer to call “the scientific brotherhood”, the opposite of the sentimental meaning of the term, so prevalent today.

At that time, it seemed necessary for them to do two things before they could profitably use the coming powers of the Aquarian era. First, humanity must raise its consciousness to the mental plane; it had to expand to include not only the world of emotion and feeling, but also that of the intellect. It was necessary to activate the minds of men broadly and generally, and the entire level of human intelligence must also be elevated. Second, something had to be done to break down the barriers of separativity, isolation and prejudice, which kept men apart and that they planned to grow. Cycle after cycle, they would be more locked in themselves - satisfaction, exclusion and racial pride. The result of all this would inevitably lead to wide separativity and the construction of global barriers between one nation and another, between one race and another.

This determination of the members of the Hierarchy to train the minds of men more quickly, and the construction of a more synthetic unit, led them to a decision that involved the formation of group units and brought the appearance of these groups of workers and thinkers who, through their activities, have governed and shaped our world so widely during the last three or four centuries. Therefore, from the date of this conclave we have the inauguration of specific and defined group work, clearly delineated, each group representing some peculiar aspects of the truth and knowledge of reality.

These groups are generally classified into four main sectors: cultural, political, religious and scientific. In more modern times, three other groups have appeared, in a definite way: philosophical, psychological and financial. Logically, philosophers have always been with us, but most were isolated units that founded schools characterized by partisanship and separativity. At present there are no outstanding characters as in the past, but groups that represent certain ideas. It is of deep importance that the work of these seven groups of thinkers be recognized as part of the hierarchical program destined to produce a certain situation, to originate certain preliminary conditions and to play a definite part in the work of world evolution, as regards humanity concerns.

Under the influence of the different rays that enter and leave the activity cyclically, then small groups of men appeared, played their part in a group, and disappeared, often unaware of their inherent synthesis and their collaborators. As you can see, if we look back at the story intelligently and retrospectively, we will see the work they have done for the race, and their contribution to the progress of the human race stands out clearly. I do not have time to deal with this series of groups, each one who is in charge of a special contribution, nor can I outline the work they did, or the subjective impulses under which they worked. I can only indicate the tendency of his effort and allow some enlightened student of history to draw the golden thread of his spiritual work as the mental level of the race rises and man is placed in relation to the world in which he lived, opening his eyes not only on the nature of matter and form, but also on the hidden depths of his own being. Due to their activities, we now have a humanity that is closely related, not unified, but characterized by three things:

1. An amazing interrelation and intercommunication, whose servers are the radio, the press, modern transport, the telephone and the telegraph.

2. A universal philanthropic enterprise, and the increased sense of responsibility towards our brother, totally unknown in the year 1500. Movements such as the Red Cross, educational foundations, hospitals and the means of economic aid in all countries, are its manifestations exoteric

3. A division of the whole human family, conscious or unconscious, into two basic groups: first, those who defend the old order of things, and are reactionary and separative. They represent separatist nationalism, borders, servitude and servile obedience; They exemplify religious sectarianism and dependence on authority. They are against all innovation and modern progress. Second, those who have the vision of a unified world, where loving God means loving one's neighbor, and the underlying motives in all activities, religious, political and educational, are characterized by a world consciousness and well-being of the whole and not of the part .

The unification to which people who look towards the future aspire does not imply careless of any of the parties, but it does take care of and nurture each one of them, in order to contribute to the well-being of the whole organism. It implies, for example, good governance and an adequate development of every national unit so that it can adequately perform its international duties, and thus be part of the world brotherhood of nations. This concept does not even include the formation of a world state, but the development of a universal public consciousness that realizes the unity of the whole, producing the determination of each one for all and all for each one, as has been said. Only in this way can an international synthesis characterized by political and national disinterest be achieved. This universal state of mind will also not imply the inevitable creation of a world or universal religion. It simply requires the partial recognition, in time and space, of all formulations of truth and faith, momentarily suited to the temperaments and conditions of the age and race. Those who favor a special approach to the truth will nevertheless come to understand that other approaches, terminologies and methods of expression, as well as ways of defining the deity, can be equally correct and constitute in themselves, aspects of a greater and more vast truth of which the current team of man can capture and express. The Great Beings themselves barely glimpse reality and although they are more aware than His chelas, of the deepest underlying purposes, however, neither Themselves can glimpse the ultimate goal. They are also obligated to use in His teachings such inappropriate terms as Absolute Reality and final Realization.

That is why, over the past three centuries, one group after another has appeared, who played their part, and today we reap the benefit of their efforts. For example, in the cultural group, we find the emergence of poets from the Isabelina era, musicians from Germany and the Victorian era. There are also groups of painters, founders of the famous schools that are the glory of Europe. Two famous groups, one cultural and the other political, also played their part, bringing one the Renaissance, and the other the French Revolution. The effects of his work are still felt, because the modern human movement with its emphasis placed on the past, which ends in the present, and in the search for the roots of the team of man, primitive tendencies go back to the time of the Renaissance. The revolution and the determination to fight for the divine rights of man find their main influence and impetus originating in the French Revolution. The uprising, the formation of political parties, the class struggle, so prevalent today, and the separation of each country into antagonistic political groups, although it has always been sporadic, has become universal during the last two hundred years, as a result of the activity group initiated by the Masters. Because of this, men have progressed and learned to think, and although they may think wrongly and undertake disastrous experiments, the ultimate good is inevitable and inescapable. Temporary inconveniences, passing depressions, war and bloodshed, hardships and vices can lead to the thoughtless, to the depths of pessimism. But those who know and feel the internal guiding hand of the Hierarchy are aware of the healthy heart of humanity and the current chaos and, perhaps, because of this, those who are trained to solve the situation and are appropriate for the task of Unification and synthesis. This period has been secretly called the "era of restoration of what was destroyed by the fall." The time has come for the separated parties to unite and the whole to rise again to its primitive perfection.

Religious groups have also been many - so many that it would not be possible to list them. We have the groups of Catholic mystics who are the glory of the West; There are Protestants, Lutherans, Calvinists and Methodists, the Pilgrim Fathers these serious and willing men, the Huguenots and the Moravian martyrs and thousands of modern sects of each group. All served their purpose and brought the man to the point of revolt, separating him from submission to authority. By force of their exceptional example they have impelled man to think for himself. They defended freedom and the personal right to know.

These last groups have acted, for the most part, under the influence of the sixth and second rays. The cultural group appeared under the fourth ray, while the first ray stimulated the political activities that produced so many changes in the nations. Under the impulse of the fifth and third rays, groups of scientific researchers have emerged that work with the forces and energies that constitute the Divine Life, they deal with the external appearance of God, looking from the outside in, demonstrating to man his essential unity with all creation and his intrinsic and vital relationship with all forms of life. The names of individuals in any group are legion and relatively unimportant. What has value is the group and its interrelated work. It is interesting to note that in the scientific group the underlying unit is especially notable, because its members are singularly free from sectarianism and rivalries. The same cannot be said of religious and political groups.

In comparison with the nations and the millions of men on earth, the shaping groups of the different sectors are very few. Its members, their contribution to the aggrandizement of human expression and their place in the plan, can be very easily described. It is necessary to underline the point that all have been motivated from the internal subjective aspect of life, appeared under a divine impulse and have a specific job to do; in the primary stages they were formed by disciples and initiates of lesser degree; all have been guided in a subjective way by their own souls, and in turn have consciously collaborated with the Hierarchy of Connoisseurs. This was so even if the individual himself had been completely unaware of his place in the group and of the divine mission of that group. Remember also that there has not been a single failure, although many times the individual ignores success. The characteristic of these workers is to build for posterity. Unfortunately those who have followed them failed, and those who responded to this work have not been faithful to the ideal, but the initial group has triumphed evenly. This, by the way, excludes pessimism and demonstrates the enormous power of subjective activity.

The three groups that I referred to above require a commenter. Their work is curiously different from that of the other groups and their components are extracted from all the lightning groups, although the members of the third group (that of the financiers) belong mainly to the seventh ray, the of the ceremonial organization. In order of appearance these are the groups of philosophers, psychologists and businessmen.

The most modern group of philosophers are powerfully shaping thinking, while the old schools of Asian philosophers have just begun to exert their influence on Western ideas. By the analysis, the correlation and the synthesis, the power of the thought of the man develops, and the abstract mind can be unified with the concrete one. Therefore, through his work, the interesting sensibility of man with his three outstanding characteristics, instinct, intellect and intuition, is brought to a condition of intelligent coordination. Instinct relates man to the world of animals, the intellect unites him with his peers, while intuition reveals the life of divinity. All three are the subject of philosophical research, because the nature of the topic of philosophers is reality and the means to acquire knowledge.

The two most modern groups are those of psychologists, who work under the Delphic mandate, "Man Know Yourself", and that of the financiers, custodians of the means by which man can live on the physical plane. Both groups, necessarily and despite apparent divergences and differences, are more synthetic in their basic aspects than any of the others. Un grupo se ocupa del género humano, de los distintos tipos de humanidad, del mecanismo empleado, de los impulsos y de las características del hombre y del propósito – aparente y oculto – de su ser. El otro dirige y ordena los medios en virtud de los cuales existe, controlando todo lo que puede convertirse en energía y constituyendo una dictadura sobre todos los medios de relación, comercio e intercambio. Controla la multiplicidad de objetos – formas que el hombre moderno considera esenciales para su modo de vivir. El dinero, como ya se ha dicho, sólo es energía o vitalidad cristalizada, lo que el estudiante oriental denomina energía pránica. Es una concreción de fuerza etérica. En consecuencia, es energía vital exteriorizada, y este tipo de energía está dirigido por el grupo financiero. Es el último grupo, desde el punto de vista cronológico, y su trabajo (debe recordarse) está definidamente planeado por la Jerarquía, produciendo efectos de gran alcance en la tierra.

Ahora que han transcurrido siglos, desde el cónclave del siglo dieciséis, estos grupos externos desempeñaron su parte y realizaron un servicio muy notable. Los resultados logrados han llegado a una etapa que los hace internacionalmente efectivos, y su influencia no está limitada a una nación o raza. La Jerarquía enfrenta hoy otra situación, que requiere un cuidadoso manejo. Debe reunir y unificar los diversos hilos influyentes de energía y las distintas tendencias del poder del pensamiento, producido por el trabajo de los grupos desde el año 1500. Además debe contrarrestar algunos de los efectos que tienden a fomentar mayores diferenciaciones. Esto inevitablemente sucede cuando la fuerza hace contacto con el mundo material. Los impulsos iniciales contienen en sí potencias que tanto sirven para el bien como para el mal. Mientras la forma es de importancia secundaria y relativamente insignificante, la llamamos buena. Entonces controla la idea y no su expresión. A medida que pasa el tiempo y la energía del pensamiento produce un impacto en la materia y las mentes inferiores se apoderan del tipo específico de energía, o son vitalizadas por ella, entonces el mal empieza a hacer sentir su presencia. Esto se demuestra finalmente como egoísmo, separatividad, orgullo y esas características que han producido tanto daño en el mundo. (4-293/301)

Origen del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo

1. Por eso estamos pasando por una etapa intermedia de caos y dudas, de rebeldía y aparente libertinaje. Los métodos de la ciencia se están aplicando a la creencia religiosa – investigación y análisis, comparación y deducción. La historia de las religiones, las bases de la doctrina, el origen de las ideas y el acrecentamiento de la idea de Dios, están siendo investigados y estudiados. Esto conduce a muchas controversias y al rechazo de las antiguas ideas establecidas respecto a Dios, el alma, el hombre y su destino.

…De la miscelánea de ideas, teorías, especulaciones, religiones, iglesias, cultos, sectas y organizaciones, surgen dos líneas principales de pensamiento – una destinada finalmente a desaparecer, la otra a fortalecerse ya aumentar, hasta que dé nacimiento (para nosotros) a la última formulación de la verdad que será suficiente para la próxima era y llevará al hombre al elevado pináculo del Templo y al Monte de la Iniciación. Estas dos líneas son:

Aquellos que miran hacia el pasado y se aferran a las viejas costumbres, a las antiguas teologías ya los métodos reaccionarios de rechazo para hallar la verdad. Ellos reconocen la autoridad, sea la de un profeta, una biblia o una teología. Son los que prefieren obedecer a la autoridad impuesta, en vez de la guía autoimpuesta de un alma iluminada. Siguen a una Iglesia ya un gobierno, se caracterizan por la devoción y el amor puros, pero no quieren reconocer la divina inteligencia de que están dotados. Su devoción, su amor a Dios, su conciencia estricta, pero desviada, y su intolerancia, los señalan como devotos, pero están cegados por su propia devoción, siendo su progreso limitado por el fanatismo. Pertenecen en su mayoría a la vieja generación, y la esperanza para ellos está en su devoción y en el hecho de que la misma evolución los llevará adelante hacia el segundo grupo.

  1. Al primer grupo se le ha encomendado el trabajo de cristalización, que dará como resultado la completa destrucción de la vieja forma; se le ha confiado la tarea de definir las antiguas verdades, a fin de clarificar la mente de la raza y reconocer lo esencial y lo no esencial, por lo que son, y comparar en tal forma las ideas fundamentales con las formulaciones de los dogmas, que lo básico será percibido y se rechazarán las creencias secundarias y sin importancia, porque sólo lo fundamental y causal tendrá valor en la era venidera.
  1. El segundo grupo es todavía una minoría muy reducida, pero aumenta constantemente. Es ese grupo interno de los que aman a Dios, los místicos intelectuales, los conocedores de la realidad, que no pertenecen a una definida religión y organización, pero se consideran miembros de la Iglesia universal y “miembros los unos de los otros”. Son extraídos de cada nación, raza y pueblo; de todo color y escuela de pensamiento, y sin embargo hablan el mismo idioma, aprenden mediante los mismos símbolos, siguen el mismo sendero, han rechazado las mismas cosas no esenciales y han asilado el mismo conjunto de creencias esenciales. Se reconocen entre sí; otorgan igual devoción a los conductores espirituales de todas las razas y utilizan con igual libertad la biblia de los demás. Forman el trasfondo subjetivo del nuevo mundo; constituyen el núcleo espiritual de la venidera religión mundial; son el principio unificador que oportunamente salvará al mundo.

En el pasado hemos tenido Salvadores mundiales –Hijos de Dios que anunciaron un mensaje mundial y trajeron acrecentada luz a los pueblos. Ahora, en la plenitud del tiempo, y mediante el trabajo de evolución, está emergiendo un grupo que tal vez traerá la salvación al mundo y que –encarnando las ideas grupales y demostrando la naturaleza grupal, manifiesta en forma reducida el verdadero significado del cuerpo de Cristo, y dando al mundo una imagen de la verdadera naturaleza de un organismo espiritual–estimulará y energetizará de tal modo los pensamientos y las almas de los hombres, que la nueva era se presentará por afluencia del amor, del conocimiento y de la armonía de Dios Mismo.

En el pasado, las religiones han sido fundadas por una gran alma, un Avatar y una personalidad espiritual sobresaliente, y el sello de sus vidas, palabras y enseñanzas, se ha marcado en la raza y se ha persistido durante muchos siglos. ¿Cuál será el efecto del mensaje de un Avatar grupal? ¿Cuál será la potencia del trabajo de un grupo de conocedores de Dios, anunciando la verdad y reunidos subjetivamente para el trabajo de salvar al mundo? ¿Cuál será el efecto de la misión de un grupo de Salvadores del mundo, no como Cristos, pero todos conocedores de Dios en cierta medida, complementando sus esfuerzos mutuamente, reforzando su mensaje recíprocamente y constituyendo un organismo por el cual la energía espiritual y el principio vida espiritual, pueden hacer sentir su presencia en el mundo?

Este grupo y sus miembros existen en todos los países. Relativamente son pocos y contados, pero su número aumenta y su mensaje será percibido en forma acrecentada. Están investidos de un espíritu de construcción, pues son los constructores de la nueva era; se les ha encomendado el trabajo de preservar el espíritu de la verdad y de reorganizar los pensamientos de los hombres, a fin de controlar la mente racial y llevarla a esa condición meditativa y reflexiva que le permitirá reconocer el próximo desenvolvimiento de la divinidad. (4-238/40)

2. Hace más o menos diecisiete años, (alrededor de 1.916: compilador) …los Maestros se reunieron y tomaron una decisión muy importante. Así como en el cónclave anterior se había decidido reunir a las masas incipientes de hombres, ya grupos de trabajadores de distintas especialidades, para encomendarles la tarea de elevar a la humanidad y expandir la conciencia humana, ahora se creyó oportuno extraer de los numerosos grupos, uno que reuniera (como ocurre con la Jerarquía) a hombres de todas las razas, de todos los tipos y tendencias. (4-301)

3. Si es verdad que se está reuniendo en el trasfondo de nuestro actual estado mundial un grupo de místicos que se caracterizan por su conocimiento, visión y poder de actuar en los niveles mentales, invisibles y no reconocidos por los hombres, también es verdad que este grupo no está limitado a lo estrictamente religioso. Está formado por hombres y mujeres de todos los sectores del pensar humano, inclusive científicos y filósofos. (4-241)

4. Si pudiéramos observar, como lo hacen aquellos que están en el aspecto interno y comparar la luz que posee la humanidad actual con la que poseía hace doscientos o trescientos años, apreciaríamos el enorme progreso realizado. Esto se evidencia en el establecimiento de un grupo de “almas condicionadoras” que actúa con el nombre de Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo, iniciado en 1925. (15-206/7)

Organización del NGSM

1. A menudo hemos hablado del grupo de conocedores que se va integrando y comienza a actuar en la tierra, aunque separados, eslabonados por un vínculo espiritual interno y no por la organización externa. (4-291)

2. Este grupo no tiene organización exotérica de especie alguna, sede, publicidad ni nombre. Es un conjunto de trabajadores obedientes y servidores del VERBO – obedientes a sus propias almas ya la necesidad del grupo. Por lo tanto, los verdaderos servidores de todas partes pertenecen a este grupo, ya presten servicio en el campo cultural, político, científico, religioso, filosófico, psicológico o financiero. Constituyen parte, lo sepan o no, del grupo interno de trabajadores para la humanidad, y de místicos del mundo. Serán reconocidos por los miembros de su grupo al ponerse en contacto con ellos en forma casual en el intercambio mundial. (4-302)

3. El crecimiento del grupo y de sus ideas será lento y seguro. El grupo ya existe. No debe ser formado ni organizado, por lo tanto ninguno de ustedes debe asumir responsabilidades ni organizar actividad alguna designada, para atraer y dar publicidad a los discípulos que han elegido trabajar subjetivamente. Estos no son los métodos qué los Hermanos Mayores de la raza aprueban ni la forma en que Ellos trabajan.

Cada uno de ustedes debe saber si aprueba la nueva posición, la nueva actitud hacia el trabajo y el método subjetivo. Decídanse de una vez por todas si prefieren trabajar en la antigua forma exotérica y ambiciosa, construyendo y vitalizando una organizaci n, y as producir el mecanismo que acompa aa este m todo de trabajo. Recuerden que estos grupos a n son muy necesarios y tiles. Todav a no estamos en la nueva era y los peque os no deben quedar expuestos a las nuevas fuerzas ni alejados y privados de la nursery a la que l gicamente pertenece.

Si este nuevo m todo de trabajo les atrae, procuren subordinar la perso nalidad, dar suprema importancia a la vida de meditaci n, cultivar la sensi bilidad hacia el reino subjetivo y manejar de adentro afuera cualquier activi dad externa necesaria. Eviten la introspecci n puramente m stica o su extremo opuesto, el esp ritu de exagerada organizaci n, recordando que una vida de verdadera meditaci n ocultista debe producir inevitablemente acon tecimientos externos, pero que estos resultados objetivos sean ocasionados por el crecimiento interno y no por la actividad externa. Una antigua Escritura ense a esta verdad en los t rminos siguientes:

Cuando el sol progresa en la mansi n del hombre que sirve, el camino de la vida toma el lugar del camino del trabajo. Entonces el rbol de la vida crece hasta que sus ramas cobijan a todos los hijos de los hombres. La construcci n del Templo y el acarreo de las piedras cesa. Se ven crecer los rboles que crecen; los edificios desaparecen. Que el sol pase a su lugar se alado y, en este d ay generaci n, cuiden de las ra ces del crecimiento .

Peque os grupos surgir n en todas partes, cuyos miembros responden a la nueva nota y cuyo progreso hacia un grupo mundial ser vigilado por uno om s disc pulos activos. Pero stos no organizar nm s tarde los grupos; ellos se desarrollar n cuando los hombres de todas partes despierten a la nueva visi no vengan a la encarnaci n para ocupar su lugar en el trabajo y traer la nueva era. Estos grupos no demostrar n ning n sentido de separatividad, ni tendr n ambici n personal o grupal; reconocer n su unidad con todo lo que existe y permanecer n ante el mundo como un ejemplo de vida pura, creadora y constructiva, de actividad creadora subordinada al prop sito general, de belleza e inclusividad. Tal vez en las primeras etapas de integraci n, la palabra amistad y colaboraci n describan mejor a dichos grupos, pues no son dogm ticos ni doctrinarios, ni utilizan consignas secretas. Su caracter stica sobresa liente consistir en estar libres del esp ritu de cr tica, tanto individual como grupalmente. La abstenci n de criticar no provendr de la incapacidad de ver el error, o de no saber valorar una idea; ser n reconocidas la falsedad, la impureza y la flaqueza, pero al ser estudiadas servir n para evocar una ayuda efectiva.

Estos grupos llegar n paulatinamente a conocerse entre s ya encontrarse en lugares y horas determinados. Concurrir na conferencias sin ning n deseo de impresionar ni de hacer alardes de poder o num rico; tampoco demostrar n ambici n alguna de acrecentar su filas para hacer proselitismo. No podr an actuar as, al reconocerse como miembros de un mismo grupo mundial? No tienen que impartir ense anza de naturaleza doctrinaria ni aparentaran ser eruditos. Se reunir n con el

Gradualmente ser reconocida la nota y la contribuci n particular de cada grupo, y donde existe la necesidad de ese acercamiento especial y la deter minada nota o el m todo de interpretaci n, en cualquier parte del mundo habr un impulso inmediato y unido que facilitar el trabajo que podr desempe ar en tal lugar ese grupo especializado.

Estos grupos, con el grupo subjetivo de almas vivientes y conscientes detrás de ellos, estarán muy ocupados en el servicio e intereses mundiales. No perderán el tiempo en cosas frívolas, no esenciales, ni se ocuparán de los nombres, insignias y emblemas grupales, ni de los tecnicismos de las fraternidades cuando se encuentren. Las necesidades y oportunidades mundiales, el rápido desarrollo de la conciencia del género humano y la iniciación del hombre en las realidades espirituales, absorberán tanto su atención, que no se interesarán puramente por los arreglos del plano físico ni pondrán énfasis sobre su propio desarrollo personal. Serán bien conscientes de que la respuesta a la necesidad mundial, mediante el servicio y una vida de enfocada meditación, fomentará su crecimiento. No tendrán sus ojos puestos en sí mismos ni sobre su buen comportamiento o realizaciones individuales. (4-310/2)

4. Una de las características que distingue al grupo de servidores y conocedores del mundo es que no poseen un organismo externo que los integre. Están ligados por una estructura interna mental y por un medio telepático de interrelación. Los Grandes Seres, a Quienes tratamos de servir, están vinculados de esta manera, y pueden – en caso de necesidad y con el mínimo desgaste de fuerzas – ponerse en contacto entre sí, sintonizándose a una determinada vibración. (11-9)

5. La organización externa es importante, hasta donde pueda conducir al hábil aprovechamiento de la oportunidad y del dinero, pero es también un medio para un fin. No es posible formar una organización con el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo. Sus miembros deben permanecer siempre sin organizarse, sin poseer títulos y estar libres para manejar individualmente como crea apropiado. Me refiero a la organización de los recursos disponibles para que se pueda promover el Plan, lleguen a ser prácticos los ideales y se lleve a cabo inteligentemente el trabajo. (15-505)

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