Jesus asks: Do you need your father's love and hug?

  • 2019

Greetings beloved children,

I speak to you, Jesus, your Father. Normally I do not appear to speak with you, but in doing so it is because you require my strength and love, since you need to achieve that superior balance that lives in each of you.

They only need the love and the embrace of their Father!

Beloved children, you must know that you are the messengers of Love in this world, and that each one of you is part of the Mother's missionary team; You are all, who with your presence, make the authentic Essence of the Divine Feminine to anchor to the Earth, while allowing the Essence of the Divine Masculine to be softened and embellished both in you and around the world you inhabit.

But this does not mean that the power of one or another of these divine qualities is greater than that possessed by the other or has to be altered in some way, but must work to balance it and fully understand the purity of its expression .

In the same way it is necessary that they understand and allow the Divine Masculine and the Feminine to begin to work as one, at the same time that they have the possibility of blooming strongly and individually. Many of you continually work within that process, regardless of the physical form you decided to take at that particular time.

Many of you now, while receiving this message, are quite attached to the mission I have been talking about: releasing the Divine Feminine Essence within the planet in the purest form that has been seen on Earth for multiple eons, but There is a reason for this, and it is that throughout this chaos of destruction involved in the dismantling of the old paradigm of slavery and control over the human spirit: the need for compassion, goodness and Love is born.

This is because those beings who were very hurt during their previous lives have come to develop a high level of bitterness and suffering that has to heal completely. And that is precisely what the Mother can and will do through each one of you, since a mother simply knows what she has to do to heal every wound that her children may have.

Any loving human being, whether male or female, embodies this mother capable of feeling the pain that each of her children experiences, regardless of how old these children may have, since the Mother is able to discover that hidden wounded child inside each human soul, whether young or old.

However, beloved children, that does not mean that there are no times when you do not pronounce yourself and say “No” to others. That is why it is necessary that they have both the wisdom and the strength that comes directly from the Masculine being, in order to be able to recognize the signs of imbalance and understand that in their human form there are times where they must rest and go through complex situations to recover and to start over

I know that for many of you it is extremely difficult to find the time for this, so on numerous occasions I have seen you extending and accepting those requests made by others in order to please them, and not make feel they have been rejected, all to avoid further suffering.

And they are not prepared to cause suffering consciously to other human beings, that is what the defect of their creation is about and it is something that can never change. But you should know that this is not your fault, even if you find it very difficult to give yourself and others the opportunity to see yourself as a vulnerable human being when you are not totally exhausted.

Do you want to know what is the reason for this?

Do you want to know why you do not allow your male self to determine essential, adequate and respectful limits despite seeing that they are abused and crossed by others? The answer is simple, and it is something they already know, because we have talked about it on many occasions , it is their lack of understanding about the concept of free will.

But what do I mean by all this? At the moment when the three-dimensional reality was created, each one of you came happily to the planet Earth with the purpose of acquiring human form, but playing as angels while pretending to be away from Me and the Mother . But before your incarnation within this world we set boundaries between your Being and the being of other angels just like you, and yet you were willing, with enthusiasm and joy to come to earth and experience the 3D world with each of the different hard and dense experiences that compose it.

Upon arriving in this world they were really surprised to discover that they had to choose how to think and act, as well as to perceive that there is a great delay in the creative process. And this new experience was so different from what they knew and the way they worked in their previous homes; However, what caused them the greatest surprise was both the negative spectrum that life had within the duality, and the forgetfulness of those other beings who chose to come to this world with you and give expression to unloving principles.

For a while and at the beginning, they managed to remember the game that supposed the existence within the third dimension and allowed themselves to play with free will; however, they quickly immersed themselves in amnesia and since then they have not been able to move between the low dimensions in order to raise their frequency at will and, to truly see the Truth as it is: a whole.

In this way they began to make mistakes, but I don't talk about sins, but about mistakes that meant disrespecting the free will of those realities that make up the third dimension.

I am aware that they have always remained faithful to the purpose and mission that brought them to this world, as well as to the promise they made to the Mother to be only Light and Love ! I know they wanted to experience a harmonious life full of love for their brothers, where there was no discrimination since they are empathic beings who have a great sense of fairness and justice.

So having the opportunity, they have intervened to "save" other beings by moving them away from dark roads and guiding them towards learning paths, especially at the beginning of this experience, when they received great power and strength . And in saying this I can only think of the life they had in Atlantis and Lemuria.

However, that is not the reason why you came to this world, so that karma and various negative experiences became attached to you as a result. You are on this planet in order to learn to deepen yourself, to free yourself from the need to strive and sacrifice.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

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