Saint Germain channeled by Linda Dillon. Eliminate wounds and pain

  • 2017

On January 7, we had the honor of receiving the bi-monthly call every Saturday . In this case, Saint Germain gave us the torch of his Violet Flame so that we can clearly see how to eliminate the wounds and pain caused by the energies of war and negative destruction . Use this wisdom wisely and daily.

Meditation of Saint Germain channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love

Let's start by taking a beautiful breath of Porlana C air . This wonderful energy is like a source of life. It is a source of energetic love that is sent to us directly from our star family. And seeing it curl, it is probably the outer space version of the Violet Flame. Feel his being, from your head to your feet. And if you feel the cracks open yourself, open yourself like an accordion, as if you were the door of a closet, or as the French doors do. Open to the center and let this precious energy enter into you . It surrounds the entire planet, feels like an electric blow and fills everything with its activation of our elevated dimensional self and our light bodies .

So, welcome and let this beautiful breath of deep air, the most vibrant and beautiful, with its purple electricity, that violet you can imagine ... that violet neon ... Breathe it and enter your heart to feel your own Violet Flame in Your own tri-flame . And feel the perfect balance of the Blue Diamond Mother and the Yellow Diamond Father and your Pink Diamond glow. And now, fill them all with the beauty of Porlana C. And let them fill up again with that beautiful violet.

Lower your shoulders, relax your hips, your knees, your elbows, your feet, your jaw ... and feel yourself right there, full of those wonderful energies of our star family .

Channeling Saint Germain by Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Saint Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame . And yes, I come this day ... and currently I come every day, but you don't always answer the door or the phone ... but I come to ask and to help you remember, not only about the Violet Flame, but also for the Flame torch Violet that I have been carrying for a long time and that I am giving you again on this day. Reach your hands, your arms ... I don't care if it's the right hand or the left hand, use your primary arms, your primary hand, your primary fingers, and please receive, once again, this torch of the Violet Flame that is cleaning and clarifying and eliminating and reinvigorating and is a flame of creation .

My beloved friends, brothers, sisters, allies, family. No matter if you are pink or gold or blue or emerald, I welcome you on this day . But more than that, I come to you, yes, offering and pleading, please remember and start using this Violet Flame torch to remove, replenish and bring strength and change .

Yes, I am talking to the channel of this day about how many on this planet of the Earth, this beloved and sweet Gaia, because the human race is crying for help ; some, you can now hear them subtly. You just have to look at their faces, their circumstances, their positions, to see the pain in them, to see that they are in danger, to see that they are in need. And those needs vary from the most desperate to those you think are little; but you are not the people who are in need of help .

Be an equal opportunity granted by my flame, the flame that I hold for the favor of the One, the flame that I hold for the favor of the I ; the flame of justice, the flame really united with the flame of healing ... she is really the source. Yes, I am a small preference for this particular flame, but the reason for being is the power it provides directly from Mother / Father / One .

Light your torch . Let me light it for you right now, take it with your hand, extend your arm towards me and let me light your torch. And then travel to the places where you are needed, whether it is in your own home or if you have to cross the door of your community or the same planet, and share it. Enlighten them to remove how much is not love, how much is not integrity, how much is not discernment, how much is not kindness, and carries true strength . And then, turn it on again to reinstall, to recreate how much love and integrity is and the sacred nature of existence .

You are a moment of very, very rapid extraordinary changes. And yes, it is time for realization as Mother said directly . But part of it, my friends, house cleaning is necessary, and house cleaning at this time is primary for the human race, so everyone is practically aligning.

And now, I come to you this day as one who has walked the Earth and knows the chaos and how he appears and feels like someone who also knows how he feels in the balance and stillness and love I will help you. But this day, together, and tomorrow night in our Peace Meditation, we will light our hearts, minds, and all the fields of those who are affected by the violence of the war; those who act at war, those who are the defenders, those who have been the offenders, those who have been the victims, those who have been the perpetrators, those who have died, those who have lived. Let's touch everyone's hearts and minds.

And you tell me, well, but it is a huge population, Saint Germain . And I say to you, yes, it is. Because, my dear friends, it is every single person on your planet. Because if it is by the means or simply through the air you breathe, all forms on this planet will be deeply affected, injured, decimated, by those energies of war, by those energies as of negative destruction .

So, let's start all together, let's clean up these wounds and pain, and let's start rebuilding and lifting New Earth . Take my torch and use it, use it a million times a day. It is extremely effective and will never be extinguished .

Go with my love and march, sweet angels of light, go in peace. See you soon .

Message of peace from Saint Germain

This is how Saint Germain has spoken recently, channeled by the warm and sweet voice of Linda Dillon. A precious message of peace that seeks to restore the lives of those abandoned to pain. So, let's do everything in our power to give them some of our sacred light of the Violet Flame and bring peace back to the world.

Seen in Council of Love and written and translated by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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