Angel No. 34 Lehahiah

  • 2011

This is the guardian angel of all those born between 9 and 13 September approximately.

This angel will show his qualities with the aptitudes that are related to those who have been born with the sign of Virgo, which is why one of his main characteristics is patience, going slowly, weighing the pro and against them

People who are being impregnated by the program of this angel, can get to confuse the people around them, because on the one hand they are people who can ooze an apparent passivity and calm but in reality what is What he is doing is being keen to take advantage of any opportunity, since he is a true warrior of the light.

The clearest image of what Lehahiah inspires me at this moment in transmitting his gifts to me is that of a cat that apparently sleeps but that in the face of any movement or alteration of the environment starts up with a speed that is proper of the agility of these felines.

To say that his dwelling is in the sphere of Geburah and as you already know there is a regent Mars who in turn represents the god of war. With that I want to give you an approximate idea of ​​who n we are speaking when a guardian appears by Lehahiah.A warrior, but understand that the battles in which these beings are occupied are those that one must wage to improve in all aspects as beings of light that we are and as humans because in my opinion there is nothing more spiritual than being a person ...

It is the angel of opportunities, the one who knows how to understand the processes of each situation, therefore, those sponsored by Lehahiah are called to have a vision of the future, that is, to understand that everything has a logical process, that there are things or situations for which one It must happen. He is an angel who will teach the concept of respect in all its breadth and these qualities make his pupils wise people, with a philosophy of life based on the understanding of mistakes and in favor of granting second chances.

To the question of why a person chooses that his light essence be impregnated by the “aroma” of Lehahiah, the angel responds that above all he carries a message of self-analysis in order to understand what perhaps in other lives has not been assumed, that we must know how to flow with what is happening, have faith in what is to come and know how to inspire those attitudes in others. Especially in the era that we have to live where the judgments of values ​​are the order of the day, Although we know that everything has a reason. We must learn to trust each person's ability to react, that maturity is one of the values ​​and virtues that has been least celebrated by all of us. That if we begin to give the deserved weight to what we have been able to to solve in each of the stages of our life, we should place greater value on ourselves. And believe that we really are "old souls" and that by that simple fact we have acquired abundant experiences in space and time. What will we not have lived and resolved?

For all this, the pupils of Lehahiah can enter that intimate plot that this being offers them and live in them the qualities that I have been reeling from them, but they also have to take into account “the prism” from which the person chooses to learn from that Angelic formation and a “student” can learn by what he feels or by what he can feel… That is, those born on the days run by this genius can be those who grant those second opportunities or give them to they.

That is where you have to come to value if you have asked to have the qualities mentioned because you do not know how to take advantage of the moments of your life or you can do so well that you have decided to be generous and do the same with everyone who needs it.

Another of the qualities that adorn those who are representative of Lehahiah is the ability to bring peace wherever they go. They have a special hand to placate the spirits and avoid anger and conflict.

Now we are going to use this feature looking towards oneself and and maybe you agree with me that one of the best medicine is the one that the soul applies, which when it makes you soften your mood and leads you to not get angry with yourself or with others, it helps you to have a more objective view of life.

All these pearls of wisdom can be developed by the owner of them in several areas but you can find them in people who are doing intermediaries, ambassadors, negotiators, researchers, mediators, trainers, trainers, teachers, housewives, etc ...

It goes without saying that if these natural conditions are not being used, that facility "turns around" and the bearer of those virtues will live between conflicts, quarrels and fights and those situations are what can ultimately put the program of action into action. Angel but from the less sympathetic environment. As an example you could put a person who either at work or at home has a hostile environment.

Angelic programs are usually turned when consciously or unconsciously it is not used consistently and there is a series of resistances to "connect" with that part of yourself or one renounces their own virtues. That usually occurs when one walks through life without knowing who it really is with the consequent symptoms of insecurity, maladjustment, apathy, tiredness, depression and some other illness. There are many symptoms that occur in people when they have altered their angelic programs because it is as if one brings travel a suitcase full of qualities and during the first sections of the trip (when one is a child) it does not weigh but conforms time goes by those “belongings” become a heavy load. However if you take out your luggage and use it that It becomes a lot of beautiful garments with which you can feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.That is why the angels try that in the life of their pupils to They look like situations in which “guests” are seen either in more or less pleasant ways (that depends on our ability to know how to listen to the messages of life) to take out the belongings that each one has in his suitcase.

On the other hand, if we are a little logical, those situations that can be unpleasant have to appear in the life of the person who chose Lehahiah because one does not bring this kind of “luggage” where he knows that peace reigns because obviously there is no It is necessary, therefore it is not surprising to find journalists where their most frequent workplace is countries at war or a housewife where children create irritating situations among themselves. That is where angelic ability must take the reins and break through towards other alternatives or show new opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities, it is good to make reference that we can invoke this angel when we want to get rid of those habits that may be harming us either with issues such as tobacco, alcohol or when you want to undertake a healthier diet.

Because of that relaxed vision that characterizes them, they are excellent listeners, especially with teenagers, because they fully understand the process that involves maturing and will know how to apologize at the same time as guiding those young people who at certain times get lost and pass stages of great confusion, Or quite the opposite and they will accuse them of not attending, of not knowing how to listen and that they are unable to understand what they explain ...

It is important to detect if the angelic program is living towards oneself or others and also if it is being properly assumed as this can cause the tendency to get into trouble of any kind or be in the company of a person with addiction problems and therefore come to assume as a path of knowledge the least sympathetic part of the learning that Lehahiah grants and end in certain addictions, in rebellion. thinking and affirming that the world is a hostile place.

The obedience to which this angel invites is that which refers to the own purpose of the higher ego. They are called to follow a line of behavior where “what has to be done” is done… so they have a lot of firmness, although if the The angelic program has not been received instinctively, without reservations, it would cause the opposite effect and they would pass from any action becoming an influential person and with little desire to do anything.

And finally tell you about one of the most useful features that Lehahiah grants and is to offer his help to any request we make and that this is taken and redirected towards the best possible solution.That is why his human representatives will be quite predisposed to make any kind of favor or to offer their services using their innate knowledge to understand that sometimes one can ask awkwardly and that the solution is perhaps not what you want. Sometimes it can be simply open to other possibilities.

Maribel Bermudez

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