The key to knowledge is within you by Master Hilarion

Dear brothers, you are earthly beings but you are also beings of light. In you live the teachings that you have acquired in your becoming, throughout so many lives on this earthly plane and in so many others that you are now just beginning to be aware of. These teachings accompany you so that you can access them whenever you consider it necessary. That great source of knowledge that inhabits your soul has always been available for you to benefit from its influence and for you to access it freely. However, only now, some begin to realize its great utility and even its existence.

Healing is in the soul.

Access the knowledge that you all carry inside. Go find answers inside. All the acquired baggage will be shown before you with which you only decide to go looking for it.

If you need answers for your everyday problems, go find them inside. If you want advice to make a difficult decision, go find it inside. If you are looking for a guide, a support, a database to access to develop your projects, go find it inside.

The large universal database has access in each of you. You all have a key. You just have to do one of it. Great knowledge will be shown to you as inspiration, in the form of dreams or revealed knowledge, with which you only decide to make use of that key.

Every time you need to access that large database to find answers, decree:

The knowledge is inside me. I am the key to access it.

Then ask for the information you need and wait. Wait with full confidence that it will be delivered to you at the right time. It can be at that moment, during the night or in the days that follow. Do not stop trusting that it will be so. Do not block the reception of the answer with your doubts. Doubts do not benefit you.

Allow knowledge to come to you naturally. When he does, you will understand the need and the sense of waiting. Everything is right and sometimes you cannot understand why you do not have a global vision of everything that is and everything that exists.

Trust that power resides in you. You can do everything you set your mind to, you can heal yourself, you can love without measure, you can become what you most desire by just proposing it.

The strength of an authentic proposal starting from the bottom of your hearts is unparalleled. There is nothing that can stop it. Be aware of your power and make responsible use of it. Use it for your benefit, but without hurting others. Take advantage of it, but do not diminish the power of anyone to grow yours . That is true selfishness, not loving oneself above all things. Authentic selfishness is one who seeks his own benefit by harming others. You can search for your own good from personal power, from your own resources, and without this entailing harming anyone.

If you act in this way, you naturally connect with the Source and you all benefit, because the well-being of one adds to the well-being of many, and the result is a happy and harmonious humanity, which does not harm itself, nor the beings with whom he lives, or his habitat, or his planet. Do you understand the importance of self love? That's why we don't get tired of repeating it.

Love yourselves. The rest will come by itself.

He who loves himself understands that all the answers are within him, that he is the key to access knowledge and that he deserves the fullness that knowledge will bring to his life.

I offer you this message with the absolute certainty that all of you, without exception, are able to take that key and walk gracefully towards your destiny.

Channeled by Alicia Sánchez Montalbán,

on November 21, 2009.

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