Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion From August 29 to September 04, 2010

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During the next few weeks a lot of activity will be generated in the inter-dimensional octaves of the higher vibrational frequency and this will result in a greater influx of Light into and through each One of you. Many have stagnated in dramas of past lives that should only be observed, understood and released, but instead, they have found themselves trying to transmute and transform each time this drama unfolds in their lives Over the next few weeks, the Ascended Host will be prepared to provide you with assistance that will help you overcome these old dramas once and for all and that is why we remind you again that you, Dear and Beloved, should ask us Do this for and with you.

Our Love for you is unconditional and endless and it is our greatest joy and pleasure to serve you in these times of transition as you pass from a timeline to the Ascension timeline. of reality Ask us that we will help you do it and you will instantly be surrounded in the Great White Light that will raise your vibrational frequency to this new timeline. This is very important, Dear Ones and we cannot fail to emphasize that each of you must have the intention of moving on to this timeline as soon as possible. There is a lot of work that has to be done, because many of your brothers on Earth still need to Wake up and in between they are soon firmly anchored in this timeline, sooner You can start work.

We ask you not to cease in your disciplines and to continually strive to raise your vibrational level every day and maintain it. We can help you with this if you remember to ask us every morning. We encourage each and every one of you to make this your priority from now on. Try to put aside your daily worries from among the situations in which you are in this moment and make a cut towards a higher perspective, the perspective of your Higher Self and your Great I AM Presence. Spend as much time and intention seeing yourself as the Beings of Light and Love that you really are and let go of any other distractions that may arise. Know that your Beloved Beings will follow you when you lead, because you are the ones who break and build models, and therefore are the Leaders of Humanity. By your works, your actions, words and deeds and your personal example, you will rise like the bright Lights that are.

The time to hide your Light is past, it's over. Now is the time to become the pure and bright example for all, so that they can see them, as well as the miracles that occur, and want to follow in their footsteps. You are SO powerful! Let go of everything that does not resonate with this new vision and sustain yourself in that new vision with each fiber of your being. Your Light is necessary now more than ever and by your Light, you inspire others around you to take the torch and follow the example that you will show in your daily lives, which will show you many miraculous transformations that occur within you and that it will be visible to all who have known them before their transformations. This will become evident in the months and years to come. Each one will fit in his part in the Divine Plan and we ask you to remember that you are the Ambassadors of Light and, therefore, you must conduct yourself through the example. Be the Light, radiate your Love from your heart chakra with the Golden Christ Light, and walk in thanks and ease and with a light step on Earth.

We, your brothers who have gone before you, over light and expand each of your auras as much as you can comfortably withstand each and every day, so please remember to ask and manifest your intention to anchor your Light in the timeline of Ascension and keep your energy levels vibrating at the highest possible levels. Ask to align with the Star Ascension Portal and for the daily and constant guidance of your Personal Guides and Teachers. We want a stronger connection with each of you and we have a lot to impart to you. We remain ready to assist you. We stand ready to assist you and impart you much needed knowledge, as events transpire on the Earth plane. They move quickly towards the reality of Ascended Earth and it is there that their focus will serve him for the greatest and highest good of all.

Until next week ...

I AM Hilarion

© 2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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