Mercury in Direct Aquarius I Think Then I Believe Reality

  • 2015

Direct mercury again, at 1st grade of Aquarius. It gives us another opportunity to do better what we didn't know how to do well before .

After thinking and rethinking, revisiting forgotten situations and places of our inner world, looking with curious eyes at the treasures hidden under the cobwebs of some attic of our unconscious, turning things like a hamster in a wheel to things that have no reason or why s; to sigh and scratch our head when trying to fix thinking what is not fixed or doing; Mercury loosens and pushes us out, like a spiral ... ascending.

From the beginning again, by Aquarius, from grade one, creative, returning on our steps, this time direct, just like the planet, with renewed mental forces, wiser, but us. Intelligence, the verb, the Magician, the creator of realities ... asks us: What do you want to live? Think about it.

Who do you want to become? Instead of what Descartes said, "I think then I exist" (although the literal translation of the original will be well I think, therefore I exist), this Mercury would tell us I think later I create reality or I think therefore I create reality. Mercury in Aquarius gives you the canvas and brushes so you can paint it, but the colors you have to put t .

Surely looking inside these last three weeks in their retrogradation you have felt the many nuances of you. Your multi-world Likewise you have also lost some emails, overlapped some document, revolutionized your smartphone, tablet, or computer and others, but that does not mean that retrograde Mercury is always a gift, it pushes us towards us, very inward. It slows the mind, the movements and the communication, but that is not what the magicians do too? Get into the world of mirrors, where what is is no longer? Stop the reality ?

Mercury will remain in Aquarius until March 13 and while it picks up speed, the communication will gradually begin to flow and our thoughts will turn to the present. If you have not yet created that blog, published your website, written that article that you had to write, or cleared up some misunderstanding occurred during the last weeks, you can start thinking about it.

Copyright Margit Glassel.


Mercury in Direct Aquarius - I think then I believe the reality

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