Message from Master Saint Germain: Let's talk about love

  • 2016

In the silence and in the calm of the senses we find ourselves Let's talk about love

What is love? So many times corrupted and misunderstood, being love the most pure and noble of feelings is the most transgressed.

What is love then? It is a fusion of everything and nothing is the most integral and deep emancipation that springs from the heart.

Without love there is nothing, just a quiet and painful void that destroys the most sensitive fibers of creation. We were born to love, to love everything that appears before our eyes, we come here to expand love and yet we have forgotten it.

Love is not selfish and yet goes through life satisfying egos, forgetting brotherhood, forgetting that we have always been One, that we come from the same place looking for a common goal to unite with the All.

And where have we been? At what point and moment in this story are we? How much cowardice; We have become frightened and today we only seek personal well-being if it can be called well-being. Where has love for your neighbor been? which was marked as an inalienable purpose of this transit through life.

Why does it cost to look with compassion, with sweetness, with respect to our fellow men? and understanding each and every one of the beings who share our time and space on this Earth as similar.

Absolutely we are all the same despite the marked difference of classes, absurd classes that the human has imposed. It is true that some have to live some experiences, but that is not why it is different. Nothing makes you better or worse than the manifestation of love and respect for that love, it is the only condition capable of elevating one being more than another.

Do not make distinctions of any kind, neither by color, nor by sex, nor by race, in the end they are all wraps to transit this space, in the end there is only the light that each one carries inside and yes, that yes shines with more or less intensity according to your personal work during all this millenary journey.

Love yourself too, respect yourself because you are part of an All that deserves to be cared for and protected with the greatness of that God to which we all belong. Infinite is the horizon, infinite is the sea and space and it does not distinguish beings, nor races, they all welcome alike, so with that same vehemence, with that irrefutable truth, it welcomes without bias, without discrimination, without prejudice to every being and Share the love you have inside.

And what more if that being has been wrong, if it is lost, if the dissatisfaction of his being has led him to err the way, that does not stop you to send a ray of love to every being that is lost. If you consider yourself that you are a little ahead of others, then with more reason it is up to you to love and forgive mistakes and circumstances that are surely a reflection of what you have pending to work or walls to tear down.

So, do not disparage anyone or anything because everything comes to you for a reason and that reason is to face a personal work, so thank all that comes, thank everyone with whom you cross because it can be the teacher who It will allow you to pass the lesson. As hard and difficult as this may seem, this is how laws work, this is how the law of love works.

Open your mind, open your heart and let these ideas in, let them nest again in you, let them grow and don't let them go extinct again. Fight to be better, fight to find the true love that is in you and that is only an atom of collective love, of universal love, of God's love, of the source, of our place of origin.

Wherever we go, there we arrive following the footsteps that love left us shaped to find the way back home.

With all my love I wrap you with my radiation staying with the assurance that you will emerge in you, the love that is asleep today.

I am Saint-Germain

Published by Geny Castell editor of the great family of the

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